Zapier – Send an email when a card is charged in your Stripe account

In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to
make a zap on your Zapier account which will send an email to you every time a card is
charged within your Stripe account. Now before you begin, obviously you need to have made
a free Zapier account, you need to have a Gmail account – ‘cos that’s what we’re gonna
use for sending the email – and you also need to be using Stripe as your Payment Gateway,
so you’ll have a Stripe account as well. Once you’ve got all those bits together, what you
need to do is log into your Zapier account and then from the Dashboard, click Make A
Zap in the top right-hand corner, okay? So down here, at the first step is looking for
Stripe, so click the Stripe icon and choose the Trigger Event and the Trigger Event for
this one is New Charge – it triggers when someone’s card is charged. Now this is very,
very useful if you’ve got a Stripe account – you can actually set up subscription payments
via your Stripe account, so as an example if I was selling a subscription item on my
EKM online shop, the customer would pay for that item through Stripe, I could set them
up with the subscription on Stripe’s side and then every month when that customer’s
card is charged again – or every week or whatever the subscription was – I could set Zapier
to send me an email to say ‘you need to process that customer’s next order, ship out their
next subscription’, okay? So if you’ve not linked your Stripe account to Zapier yet,
at this point when you click Continue, it’ll ask you which account do you want to add and
you’ll have to log into your Stripe account in a wee window, okay? When you’ve done that,
click Continue and then we’ve got Include Failed Charges? So if you’re going to set
this up for the same purpose I’ve just used in my example – so for processing subscription
orders – you would leave this as No, because you don’t want to ship out some stuff
if the customer hasn’t paid for it, okay? So then click Continue and then you need to
click Test & Continue, so Zapier can ring through to my Stripe account, check that’s
everything’s legit and then come back, okay? So the next bit we need to choose is Gmail,
so we click on Gmail and the Action Event would be Send Email and then click Continue.
And again, if you’ve not linked your Gmail account to your Zapier account yet, you’ll
be able to open a window up at this point, log into your Gmail account and that’ll link
the two together. So I’m gonna select my Gmail account from here and then click Continue.
And then I get to customise this email. So what I’m going to do is send it to my friend
Mark downstairs to let him know that I’ve got a new subscription order. In the Subject
Line, I’m going to put ‘New Subscription Order’ and then in the Body: ‘Hi Mark, A customer
has just been charged for their subscription. Please process the order on the shop as normal’
– for example, okay? And then we scroll to the bottom of the page – there’s lots of other
fields on this page, where you can really customise this Gmail email, but I’m just gonna
keep it simple, so we’ve got To, we’ve got a Subject Line, we’ve got a Body – keep it
simple, okay? Then I’m gonna click Continue and then I’m gonna click Test & Continue,
so Zapier can check all this out for me, and that’s it – your zap is ready! All you need
to do is press the blue button, turn it on, and then when a customer’s card is charged
a second time for a subscription item, Mark downstairs will get an email and he’ll know
to process that order through my EKM online shop, okay? For more of our Support Guides,
you can check out our Support Centre which is or alternatively, if videos
are more your thing, then come and find us over on YouTube. Just bob over to,
type in EKM and you can find us on there as well.

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