Z Box Pop-Up Card

Hidey ho stampers, Deb Valder here, your Fun
Stampers Journey coach. Today I’m here to show you how to do a Z-fold box card. It’s
actually 2 types of cards combined into one to make this technique on steroids just pop
beyond belief. Let me show you the card when it’s closed. It’s a cute little card with
a lot of dimension. When it opens up it has an amazing look to it. See all the depth that
it has. When you look at it from the top you can see the box card, but it is actually inside
a card. It’s 2 cards in one – it’s the Z fold card and a box card, and I just combined them.
I’ll show you how to do it – it’s very simple. We’re going to cut a few pieces first. Your
card base is going to be cut at 4-1/4″ x 11″. Score at 2-3/4″ and 5-1/2″. There is a strip
that lays straight across here, which I call the outer strip. That is 2-1/8″ x 11″ and
is scored at 2-3/4″ and 5-1/2″. The next strip is the inner strip, which is z-folded in
the middle. Your card base consists of these 3 pieces which you can embellish any way you
want. This card is for Easter. I have another Easter card. I did do a Valentines Day one. When it lays flat it has a lot of dimension but when you
open it up, wow – look at all the elements to this card. With this one I used window
sheets. I have a video on this one also. I just wanted to show you that you can do so
many different things with this card. Imagine this as a birthday card. Let’s get back to
the mechanics of the card. Let’s start with our card base. We’re going to turn this into a z card so it does have to be folded in the middle at 5-1/2″, then folded backwards. I
scored here at 2-3/4″ and I’m going to fold backwards. A crease tool will make your card
go together so much better. There is our z fold card. The next piece is the layer for
the outside that goes all the way along here. We’re going to fold that one next. Fold it
in half like we did the card. If you fold this backwards, don’t worry – when we put
it on the base you can fold it the opposite way. Here is the z fold for our long card.
Let’s put these 2 together. We don’t want it this way because they would be together
– we want to put it together the opposite way so we get that box in there. The long
piece is over here and the short piece is over here. Any tape runner you have will work.
Adhere that to this side of the card – make sure you get it straight and even on the bottom. I kind of eyeball the other side but you don’t want the tape runner to walk over onto this
part because you will glue your card shut before it’s even started. Adhere that to this
side over here. I’m going to close it to make sure it is nice and straight and flat. We
just made our little box here. It folds nice and flat, and opens nice and flat. Let’s make
the inside now. I’m going to use white liner tape. This one is scored already. I want to
show you how to fold this. The first fold is going to go this way. The next 2 folds
are going to go in the opposite direction. This one went this way and this went the opposite
way. These 2 have to go the opposite of this one. I’m going to fold this one that way,
score and fold this one that way and score. Our last one is going to go opposite. It will
all make sense when you open it up and see that it goes like this. Now to make sure you
put the tape on the right sides. We need tape on this side and this side so it adheres to
our box. When you open it up those are on the opposite sides. We need tape here. Skip
this one and put tape here. I like to put it on both sides – toward the cut side and
toward the crease – so it holds really well. Skip this one. This one only needs one because
it’s not as big. Flip it over. Put it on this one, close to the crease and the edge, skip
this one, and here. I’m putting these on the ones that are popping up. When I look at this
– yes, no, yes, no. It’s opposite on the other side. Burnish these and pull them off. Same
with this one. Be careful not to stick it to your mat. Do the same on the other side.
We’re done with the tape and we can add it to our box. It doesn’t matter whether you put this one in the front or this one. Watch what I do when I put it
into my square here. Carefully put the piece inside there. Do not press on this one or
this one. Press the end tabs all the way down so they’re even with the top and square. Do
the same thing on the back. Push it down to the bottom then burnish it. I did not adhere
the middle ones. I’m going to make sure they’re loose, and let them close by themselves. When
I close it, it’s going to adhere itself. Lay it down and press. When I lift it up, it’s
perfect. Let me recap again. This one I pressed in. This one I pressed in also. These 2 were
very loose. I closed it and when I laid it down – voila. Perfect box. Now we have our
z fold card and box – we’re ready to decorate this. You can use any theme to embellish this. I stamped a bunch of egg stamps and colored them. I have 2 of these. I took some designer
paper and cut a bunch of eggs. This set has a egg die with it. Now I have a bunch for
other cards. You know we multitask in our crafting world – that’s exactly what I did. The paper is double sided so you can mix and match. I have a total of 8 eggs. I stamped a bunny in Black Licorice ink. I cut him out and colored him with Pan Pastels. I used the Mother Nature and Cocoa Powder colors. This is such fast coloring. I’m going to lightly
color around him, then I’m going to go back and blend with the other side – see how it just blends in? Blend his face here and around, then take the opposite side and blend in.
You can color as much or as little as you want, or blend as much as you want. I just
wanted a little bit of color on him to make him pop and not look super flat. For the grass
I used my Border Details and cut it out. I used 2 of these. I used 2 of the smaller cloud
dies and cut out a bunch of clouds – 3 large ones and 3 small ones. Now that we have all of our pieces, we’re ready to put the whole thing together. First I want to add my grass,
with a tape runner or white liner tape. I’m going to add it to my card starting at the
very end. This is going to wrap around a little bit, so you can do one of 2 things. You can
wrap it around so you don’t have an open spot right there. Do the same with the second piece.
Make sure you’re very even with the bottom of the card. Trim off the ends. Crease this
here. I’m going to flip this over and cut it off. I’m going to cut off this side
too because we do want it to fit inside our envelope. You can trim these off too. Next I want to add my little bunny. He is popped, so I’m going to add foam squares to this piece. Now I’m going to add some adhesive to the backs of my clouds and randomly put them here,
there and yonder. You can add more, or less,as far as you want with clouds. All we have left to do is to add our eggs. When you’re adding things, you want to be careful which
side you put the adhesive on. Sometimes the things will be glued straight on and other
times they’re going to be glued on the back. Sometimes I’m going to need my glue on the
back and sometimes I’m going to need it on the front. That’s a very important tip. I
just glue as I go along. This one is going to be
put on the front, so I’m going to add my tape to the egg. I want my egg to look like it’s
inside the grass. Then we’ll take one of the ones from designer paper and do the same thing.
The next one will go on the inside. For this one I put it on the back edge. I’m going to take one that is from designer paper. Be careful not to put it on the top – you only want the adhesive on the bottom because the top will stick
and close your card. I like to close the card to make sure they will run nice and smooth
when the card is closed, and so it looks pretty when it’s closed as well as when it’s open.
I’m going to add that one there. The next one will have adhesive on the back. I’m going
to put this one right over here. You can put them at different heights and angles. That’s
over too far, so lift it and push it over. The next one I’m going to put the glue on the front and I’ll show you why. Instead of adhering it to the back of this
little thing I’m going to adhere it to the front. That one’s going to go over here like that. It’s actually on the same panel as this yellow one. You can add as many or as few as you want. That’s up to you. That one goes right here on the back of this one. You see all the dimension this has when it’s open
and when it’s closed. I have 2 more left. These are going to slide behind the grass. You don’t want anything hanging out which means we need to get this little guy over. When it’s closed you want this to fit into
your normal sized envelope. Now when it’s closed it looks like this. We forgot his tail! I just took a little
cotton. Isn’t that adorable? And that is your z fold box card. I hope you enjoyed my post. If you have any questions you know how to get hold of me. Thank you to Splitcoast for inviting me to
be a guest artist today.

  1. Hi, I really love the idea of this Z Box pop up card. Unfortunatly because I am viewing this on an android tablet not all the measurements were there for the inner layer. what comes after 7 3/8 please. Regards Liz.

  2. Hi some of the measurements for the outer strip was not shown on the screen and could not see. Please tell me what the other score measurements are after 7 3/8 for the outer strip. Thank you

  3. Oh YES!!! I am sooo DIGGIN this card!! It is Crazy Cool, Fun and esp EASY to make. I am definitely going to give it a try. New subbie for sure!! Can't wait to see more of your vids. Thanks so much for sharin and the inspiration! Taylor:)

  4. Mrs Deb, loved your card. I've been thinking about getting the explosion box one I know I really will enjoy using it. Thank you for being so inspiring!

  5. Hi Deb….. where can I find the tool ( bloom tool ?) that you are using to burnish and remove the backing from the tape?? Thanks for the tutorial..!!

  6. Beautiful card with easy to understand instructions. I really enjoyed your professional video. I am so impressed with how you teach with specific instructions. You are very talented.

  7. I ate it when you stop a video to write down dimensions etc but then it starts all over again from the beginning, Nice card

  8. i normally dont give negative comments but i had to dislike your video due to you are talking way toooo fast for beginners or for someone like me and someone else that was notating the measurements to recreate the card. When you make videos you may want to take it into account that beginners are watching these and would like to notate this in a reference for future use. I did watch the video til the end and not once did you slow down when speaking. Other than that I love your cards and know i will recreate it.

  9. You are a wonderful teacher !! Thank you so much…my daughter and will try this for a birthday card for a neighbour. Cheers and warm wishes.

  10. I really like all the " Z Box Card and a pop-up card " , too. Then I watch the " Pop-up Box Card " and I like it to. Thank you all for sharing some of your creativity to all us crafter like me that like to learn something new to make with paper, ink and temples.
    I hope you have a Big Celebration for Easter Day and I hope the Easter Bunny hide some great Easter eggs for you to find. 🐇 🐣
    Delama Starling

  11. Seems like such an easier way to present a box card! I've had issues with recipients not being able to figure out how to open a traditional box card. This one seems idiot-proof! LOL Thanks for the detailed instructions. Definitely going to make one of these sometime! 🙂

  12. If you have made sure your pieces are scored in the right place, it is even easier to put all of it in place when flat, using simple strips for the inner box bits. They are great if you put lights in too!

  13. I had so much fun making your Z box card adapted for my granddaughter's birthday. I am totally addicted!

  14. Loved this card! I found everything to make it but the bunny bum stamp, so disappointed, is there anywhere else I can find this bunny stamp and die?

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