WTF Impossible card Trick!!!! By Lazarus Benson

Alright guys what’s up I’m going to show you
Something cool. Haley you’re going to say stop somewhere. Stop
Right here? Okay we’re going to push the card forward. Okay I’m going to push it up a little bit. You got it? You got it? Okay. They go back in the box. They go right here. We’re going to put the deck right there. It stays in view at all times. Now we’re going to try this. Do me a favor open up your hand. Bring it low right here. Open up more like a table. There you go. Perfect. Okay look! Watch. It’s pretty cool huh goes from there to wherever
right? How’d you do that? We’ll check this out here. Watch. The boxes been in view at all times. Look. Check this out. Grab the card out for me. Grab that card. The whole thing out for me. What was your card relay quick? Six of hearts. Six of hearts. Turn it over. Thats Awesome!


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