Wizarding World Fans Take The Magical Mischief Challenge

It is Magical Mischief Month!
I did get a very exciting delivery via Owl Post… Here we go!
Look at the top. It has a little Niffler. Oh my god! I have this scorecard.
Oh, okay it’s a game. I’m a Hufflepuff so I’m a little nervous.
I haven’t revised enough for this! Okay number one… I would make up a new dance routine that’s like specific for the cloak. I would go to theme parks…
I’d go on an airplane. Skip class.
Go to free concerts, yeah! There you go, less than 10 seconds. Babbling, bumbling, bands of baboons… Well I can’t even say it once. Oh this one’s really cute! I want to open one and eat it right now. Alright, here we go. Alas…earwax. That tastes so bad! Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen! Come get your Skiving Snackboxes here! So you can get out of tests, and your N.E.W.T.s! What’s five minutes of puking your guts out when you can get out of over an hour of class time? Buy one get one free? I’m not very good at
sales… This I can do. I don’t have any tea leaves…does that mean I don’t have a future? I see what appears to be a cat. It kind of looks like a tree…maybe some broccoli? Maybe my tea is telling me to eat a healthy snack! You have…the grim. I think one turn should do it. I got this. He does a bit of this, bit of that. Any true Gryffindor will always give it a go. This is meant to be his tail… …and this is meant to be his head. Yes, that does look like one! It doesn’t really look like a dragon… I’m afraid I’m going to eat one of your legs now though, sorry. I’m going to turn you into a cup of water, yeah! It worked! Vera verto. Alright, so here’s my pet owl. I simply just go like this…and there we have it. What a win. Outstanding! Just go out of Dreadful. 56 – Exceeds Expectations! You guys are Outstanding. I Exceed Expectations in every way. I got Acceptable…does that even get me
into Potions class? And there you go, challenge complete! Let’s finish on a Bertie Bott’s Every -Flavour Bean, shall we? Oh, I actually think that might be earwax…

  1. Why did harry potter cross the road ?

    For no reason , but someone will write a fan fiction about it !

  2. I feel like people who are really empathetic to animals would be wizards/witch’s in the Harry Potter universe

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