Wizard Dave.

Hello bitches. Colin hehe that is naughty. Hello everyone! I am a wizard. You may not know this, but my spirit animal is a slug I want a spirit animal. Will you help me find one Dave? Of course I will Colin. Stare into the crystal Colin and your spirit animal should appear behind you. when I cast this spell. North, South East and West Colin is a bloody pest. izzy ,wizzy woooooo SHIT! The spell has gone wrong. Oh no! Dave! you turned me into an insect. You idiot Colin ! You didn’t stare into the crystal properly. I told you! Am I an insect now forever? Can you turn me back, Dave? See you next time everyone. The end. Ooops.

  1. I just found out about a little scam.
    It Involves micro pigs, sold to stupid woman and man.
    You see there sold as micro pig's, so small and cute of face.
    Yet still they grow large and run out of space.
    So please consider this story if you do think, Oh that cute micro piggy can bath in my sink.
    Pigs should be outdoors running wild and free, not stuck in a house eating biscuits and drinking tea.
    So just think a little just like you should. And leave pigs alone to wallow in mud. The end. 🐷
    That ones for Soozie Snake.😆✌

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