Win at cards with simple card trick that will never lose!

roll up roll up I have a guard game that
you cannot possibly lose the deck is shuffled randomly you pick cards from
the deck randomly in fact I will give you the cards for you to pick there is
no way that I can influence the outcome of this particular game do you take me
up on my bed if you want to find out if you will and watch this video so in this video we’re going to play a
card game anybody that knows me well will know not to play a game of chance
against me for the interesting thing about this video is we’re going to play
a game of chance it’s completely random the chance of picking a card there’s
going to be black or red is completely random and yet somehow I will
mysteriously win now the thing to do on this video is we’re going to show you
the first few games and we’re going to go through them step by step and will do
them at normal speed so that you can see exactly what’s going on and you can see
that there’s nothing unusual happening keep watching the video because will
deal a number of different hands so you can see that that isn’t an influencer of
the outcome of the event and then we’ll speed things up a bit as we get towards
the end of the video and then summarize what’s happened right at the very end so
yeah watch the video right through so that you can see everything in its full
detail and see if you can work out how it’s possible that i’m winning a game of
complete chance anyway let me talk to you about this particular game so i have
a deck of cards here that are a normal deck of cards apart from this wonderful
imagery on the back and the logo you can see if i flip them over there’s nothing
unusual about them they’re just standard deck of cards but what i’m going to do
is give this stick to yourself and you need to pick three cards from that stick
you can shovel them if you want because you’re about to shuffle them so you’re
welcome to shuffle them if you wish it’s okay I’ll trust that they’re shuffled
just going to take them from the top so you have three cards here red red and
red I’m just going to move those across the center a little bit there we go I
have to pick something to go against that and but I can’t choose the same one
so I’m just going to go pick the next three cars off the top and it’s black
red red so what we need to do now is start drawing the cards and whichever
sequence comes up first will win a chip so if I draw the first sequence read
that put to you in plain black suddenly my sequences started red so black red
black black red black and red black start again red so take that card and
deal that red for me and it’s a red fantastic boom so we can start sequence
again now but I’ll give the cards to you on this occasion just so that you can
see that we’re not cheating black black red right to know and yep and we just continue the
sequence going on so black red what do you think the next one’s going to be all
right I think it’s gonna be a black because you’ve fallen for pattern
recognition there you go yeah black red I’ll let your deal if I know card read
and go so it is now three nail to me so I think at this point I should hand it
over to you because this gives you the opportunity to come back and win just
check your cards so black in a red I actually had my hand on that chip before
you drew that last card oops black black red and if it’s a red I win again which
it is so let me see how many are now you haven’t got any so deal the next set
black red black black black red red so six to me and zero to you so you can see
based upon the number of cars we’ve got got left there’s no way that you could
possibly win with the remaining cards we’ve got like well we’re deal the cards
quickly anyway so that we can see what the outcome would be there’s another one
to me and the last card nobody can win because
it’s black black and whatever the last card is doesn’t matter so 7 nil when people gamble the problem that they
have is they look at a number of different things so there’s a sequence
of three Reds which in the pack looks and there’s another sequence of three
Reds and there’s two and there’s one two three and other three now if you draw
those cards out then it feels like there’s going to be another black or
another red but whatever you deal next is irrelevant in the lungs if you use an
unlimited deck it’s irrelevant which card you’re going to deal next and
there’s a thing called the gambler’s fallacy which most commonly is witnessed
in roulette where if you draw a sequence of reds or blacks people think for some
reason that the next one is more relevant for the fact is the next
roulette ball has no memory of what occurred before and so people very often
get patterns wrong and I’m sure we’ll see some patterns in the card as we
begin to deal them despite the fact it’s completely randomly shuffled them okay so you’ve shuffled the deck and all
you need to do now is just pull off the cards and lay them across here pick pick
the sequence probably off the top would be the best thing to do okay so we’ve got red black red and then
I need to choose sequence to going into that so I’m going to choose I can’t
choose the same sequence so I’m going to go red red saree Madrid but I can’t even
see the color of the card black print black I’ll do the opposite sequence to
you just so that we’ve got a completely different set up and then it’s just a
case of dealing the cards so red gives you a chance red we’re still on you
blank means that you need a red I could do with the something else black black
red so if i get black my hand but it’s a red started sequence again black and did
you see any point I almost knew you were going to get that one black black black
red red back to you black black back to me to me to you read and hopefully this
is black and I can draw level but it’s a rich so it goes back to you black so if
it’s a red you win that you want to draw that on ITA back to me black black this
is a long run black red please be black it’s a red this is an incredibly long
sequence without either of them coming in red it’s back to you red red black so
red black and if this is a red it’s your hand but it’s a black black red and this
definitely has to be a black yay yeah so the remarkable thing about this
is that is actually quite a long sequence to occur without any of those
sequences coming up in succession that’s quite rare so we do it again it’s one or
and we’ve only got a few cards left red red black mmm black red and this could
be a black or a red we have no idea what it is but I’m hoping it’s a black red
red black black we’ve only got three cards left so either you win or I went
red is this the one no but of course you can’t win now because the sequences you
need to get red black red and there’s only one card left so it’s 21 to me since it’s a normal deck of cards are
not doing anything unusual apart from shuffling them in between goes and I
have no idea what’s going to come out on the top here but if you can pick the
three cards off the top of the deck and incident you can choose them from any
part of the deck if you wish it’s entirely up to you how you want to do it
works whether you pick it off the top the bottom the middle whether you get
stranger in the street to do it it’s exactly the same and then I need to put
some other cards down I can’t choose the same one as you so I’m going to go with
this set and we’ll see how things end up from here so you draw to start with as
long as they’re good okay Oh what the chances of that I’ll know black black oh
yeah to but um 10 black black black black black anything
else Oh red thank you and then hopefully a black yay so this is a bit suspicious
because we’re both to be dealing our in winning ads hey don’t you dare doc yes you win and I’m sorry going to give you a
winning hand hairline you know oops I could know okay finger momentarily confused for a
second there so as I am well if you’re doing it without counting it out
sometimes as easy to her read read don’t tell me black lat don’t tell me black
red black red red red red red red black black yeah so we’re now down to the last group
accounts black red thank you I’ll be so four cards left anything happen here
I’ll give you the honor of deciding who wins this black red red let’s draw so we’ve used this slightly off screen
here wonderful automatic card shuffler and we have to deck here which you can
then pick three cards from can I pick them from anywhere you can’t pick from
any way or you can just pick from the top if you want it’s easier how’d it fit read read what to resinate like so I
need to pick something that isn’t the same as that so i will go black red red
and we will deal these cards and see what happens so we’ve got no influence
over what happens with this deck we’re just going to deal the cards as they
come out and we will see how it go so I look let you do the honors i’ll let you
give you the chance of me going several ships up implementing red black black
black red I need red please black black black would you like to do something
other than a blank read read 31 milk incidentally if you if you’re doing this
trick you can reshuffle the deck take them from different portions of that
however you want to do is entirely up to you black red which is black red sequins
down here and a red thank you very very much let’s turn on Smee black black red would be nice thank you
an another red thank you how are you doing there black red black I thought I
was gonna be a red red black red rocky and address it there for now what read read yay not only can i play
cards i can predict them to which of course you can’t do see ya carry on
dealing or you can shuffle the cards but we just go straight from the top yay i
love to you see me pause for a second then I’m thinking this can’t be
happening don’t you need a chip for that you just need another four to catch me
up that’s not gonna do that red violet bread they go I give you one hey black
like black red black red red black black I’m down for the
last cut now so neither of us can win so that’s 52 and that was a black so at this point in the video I would
just like to reassure you that there’s nothing weird going on this is the
standard deck of cards that have been shuffled randomly and we’ll pulling the
cards out of them randomly as well so you can pull it from the top the bottom
the middle it would make absolutely not a blind bit of difference to what is
going on here but not only that we’ve actually given the cards to our opponent
so that they can choose the sequence and that way you know they’re the only ones
that can influence what’s going on we have no ability to choose a sequence or
to force them to do something else and in fact we have to choose a sequence
that isn’t the same as this because obviously if we chose the same sequence
we would end up with exactly the same result so everything that’s going on
here and everything that’s gone on in this video is completely random there is
no way that we can actually tell which card is going to be dealt next but
somehow we are continuing to win on each of these particular hands as we go
through the liquor cards you so hopefully as you’ve seen in this
particular game we’re dealing these cards at random was shuffling them at
Brandon I’m giving my opponent the cards for them to choose they can influence
what happens next but somehow mysteriously I’m winning all of the time
and yet we know it’s only a 50-50 chance that the turn of the next card is going
to be a black or red so what is going on how is it possible that i can continue
to keep on winning and the amazing thing is if we continue this game we could go
on infinitely and things will just get worse and worse i will keep on winning
and at an astonishing rate way above what you would believe charts could
possibly bring and yet we know that this is a random game there’s no influence
over the deck of cards how the cards are turning and all over our opponent their
opponent can choose any combination and yet we will still continue to win so
something unusual is going on in this particular game if you want to learn how
this is happening have a guess comment below give me your thoughts on exactly
what’s going on and if there’s enough interest what I’ll do is a follow up
video where I can do the reveal and show you exactly how I’m winning a game of
complete chance

  1. you get to look at the cards after jade has chosen hers, because you have to turn the deck face up to choose your different sequence, you then get the chance to glance at what the top card will be after both sets are on the table, so after seeing what the top card will be, you then choose your three, accordingly. I think this gives you the advantage.

  2. Hello Peter. Nice trick! Opposing her color for your first card choice, then different color for your second card choice, but I think your win rate would improve if you picked the color of her first card for you third card. This would limit the times your opponent regains the hand and further reduce his/her chances of winning to 1/8. This is why you're doing so well in hand 1, 4 and 5! Please correct me if I'm wrong. Best regards.

  3. Certain selections by Jade will result in a 50/50 chance.  However, if Jade chooses Red, Red Black, (or BBR or RRR or BBB) and Peter chooses Black, Red, Red, (or RBB or BRR or RBB respectively) the only way that Jade can win is if Red, Red, Black comes up with the first three cards.  If not, she will lose.  Although Jade's choice will come up in the first three cards, it will do so only one time in 8 (on average).  Of course, Peter's choice has the same chance of coming up in the first three cards as Jade's but if neither wins in the first three cards, then Peter will always win when four or more cards need to be dealt.

  4. Let opponent pick first. Then your sequence is as follows: (1) Opposite of opponent's first (2) Opponent's first (3) Opponent's second

  5. First card on second line must be opposite colour to top line first card. second card colour bottom line must be same as first card top line. third card colour bottom line must be same as second card top line.

  6. A better way to make this random would be for Peter to place 3 cards down after Jade at random and if the sequences match then shuffle and do his 3 again. By Peter picking his sequence that's his edge over Jades. If a game is to be random then Peter should have no choice on his sequence either.

  7. Well quite a few are pretty close I think! When are you going to put us out of our misery Peter and let us have your thoughts of how it can be related to BF sports trading?

  8. Hi Peter, nice trick. Yes it must be to do with the fact that they chose first and you can tailor your selection around theirs. Im sure you will lose some though but overall Im sure you'd win. Certainly if they pick 3 of the same colour (red or black) you would just need to pick 2 of 1 and 1 of another and you would have the advantage. If both sides have got 2 of 1 and 1 of another then, its difficult to see the advantage – but Im sure you will Peter 🙂

  9. I think you sort of mislead people in saying that everything was random. Yes it was except for the fact that you got to choose your cards. Your sequence never started with the first 2 cards being the same colour. Hence why it was close those few times when she drew 2 different colours in her first 2 cards of the sequence, because it was more evenly matched and actually RANDOM.
    However when you came up against her with her having 2 of the same colour cards as the 2 first cards of her sequence, you would bitz her. This is because if she missed her 3rd card during play then you were immediately on your first or 2nd card and if you miss then you are still back to having your first card in front and her not having a first card yet because if her card came up then you would have won.

    I hope I explained this well enough 🙂

  10. Very good. This relates to sequences and the information available. She can never get to three reds once a black arrives because by definition once she's on two reds the sequence is B,R,R.

    Why is this related to betting? It's like saying a tennis player has won his last 3 matches. In reality that means he's won 3 and lost 1 out of his last 4.

    She can only win 1:8 games maximum and no hand once a black has arrived.

  11. to have a great edge basically you take the opposite color of second card of you opponent and place it as your's first followed by his first&second as they are. from time to time you play casual (fair). btw the inventor of this game has same initials as yours Peter only reversed: W.P. 🙂

  12. I really have no idea how you are winning but I think it might be because you are sitting opposite so the sequences are back to front. I. E the sequence red red black from your point of view would be black red red from jades point of view. I dunno how that could influence it but I think it must be something to do with that

  13. I really have no idea how you are winning but I think it might be because you are sitting opposite so the sequences are back to front. I. E the sequence red red black from your point of view would be black red red from jades point of view. I dunno how that could influence it but I think it must be something to do with that

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