What to Include on Business Card

even though we live in a digital world a
business card is still important to have regardless of whether or not your
business is entirely online you never know when you’re going to strike up a
conversation about your business while you’re out and about and when you have a
business card on hand you’re able to easily share your contact information
with potential clients and referrals keep watching because in this video I
will be sharing more information about what you need to be including on your
business card stick around until the very end because I have a free download
that will help you attract more of your dream clients hey there I’m Holly Meyer the brand
designer and creative director behind Holly Meyer design on this channel I
share a brand tips and tutorials that empower online business owners like
yourself to purposefully define design and develop their brand so they can
captivate their dream audience and stand out in their industry a business card
may be small but there are many creative ways to make it interesting and unique
so what kind of information do you need to include on your business cards number
one your logo your name and contact information if nothing else make sure
you include your website address your email address your phone number and any
other method you prefer people to contact you number two
social media handles if you’re on social media quite a bit this is a good idea to
include on your business card so other people can find use there as well
whenever I made a new friend at a conference or a networking event I like
to follow them on social media so that we can stay in touch if you have space
on your business card to write out your social media handle that will make it
easier for other people to find you as opposed to hunting and searching for the
correct Jane Doe on Instagram number three let’s
face it not everyone is great at remembering faces and names I’m
definitely not one of those people like myself some people are
usual and when you include a headshot on your business card that will make it
easier for them to remember who you are and what you do well after at the moment
you first met and if you use the same headshot on your business card as your
website and social media handle you’ll receive even more brand recognition
number four is face for note I have seen this on a few business cards I’ve
received and I thought it was pretty genius by having a defined space to
jot down where I met the other person or highlights from our conversations I was
able to remember exactly who that person was and what they do when I was flipping
through this stack of business cards I collected these are just several ideas
of things you can include on your business card but the possibilities are
completely endless but do you currently have a business card comment below and
let me know what kind of information you include on your card as promised I have
a free download – thank you for sticking around in the description box below
there is a link for you to download my free brand improvements cheat sheet in this cheat sheet i share 7 improvements you can make to your brand to help you attract some
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next time

  1. I need to get some business cards printed and this video really helped me figure out what I need to put on it! Thanks Holly!

  2. Such great tips! I went to a networking event and realized that I didn't have any business cards to give to the people that I want to connect with the most, so I just got their number and texted them instead. Now I realize at the very least, you should have a business card with your social media, your name and your email (and ofcourse, a headshot).

  3. This is such a great point! I had business cards made after I was kicking myself for not having one in the grocery store when someone seemed interested in what I do!

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