What To Bring To a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament!

  1. Thanks for getting me to over 90,000 Subscribers, everyone! It's very much appreciated! Hopefully we can get to over 100,000 this summer!
    Anyway, what do YOU guys bring to Yu-Gi-Oh events that I missed in this video? Let me know, because I might be packing too light…

  2. From personal experience, bring pain pills( for yourself And others) and personal medication like insulin if you are a diabetic. It may seem strange to mention it but seeming someone at an event almost bottoming out because of their blood sugar is not fun. Also candy of our blood sugar does get low

  3. i bring 2 binders with me when i go to an event. one binder is traids and the other is decks that i am working on. because i like to play alot of non competative decks with my friends, i am always building something, so i have a binder with just decks that i am building. i bring it with me that way i dont overtraid for stuff i already have for X deck. – Danger!

  4. Bring an accounting calculator! Has paper in it so you know where you left off. Hate to say it but you need the stuff you kill with hand sanitizer.

  5. Also make sure u shower and put deodorant on before going to regionals i hate sitting next to someone who smells like my rubbiah bin hygiene is important!!!

  6. Everyone I’ll be posting some Yugioh content on my channel please give me some stuff that you guys would like to watch

  7. 1 shoe box to store your decks in .
    2 trade binder filled with crawling dragon #2
    3 hand towel that doubles as play mat
    4 ninja turtles headband
    5 3/4 length pants with shit stains on the FRONT of the pant leg .

  8. Do they play the mobile app Yu Gi Oh Duel Links by any chance? I love it and I've been looking for Youtubers who do.

  9. two things id add to that list: your decklist printed and ready to go so you dont have to stress out and wait in those lines and chapstick. For whatever reason my lips get dry as hell whenever I go to regionals, probably due to stress and dehydration.

  10. I never been to locals, but i hope to do it someday. I may even bring my minature t-rex and spinosaurus figurines with me. There my unofficial mascots of my dinomist deck!

  11. What to bring to a Yugioh tournament:
    1. A clean ass
    2. Febreeze
    3. Soap
    4. More Febreeze
    5. Deodorant
    6. Did I mention febreeze?

  12. Please make a video where you create your own cards and effects! Preferably making some generic support.

  13. Hey Lord Beerus…. oops i mean Paul I think you forgot to mention deodorant it gets pretty stank at tourneys.

  14. Love these videos Paul! So weird, I was literally looking at your last Tournament preparation video like 2 days ago 😂

  15. What about using life point counter apps on your phone? I use a good one with calculators for both players and a log, but are they forbidden regardless at professional events? I know it's somewhat of a stupid move to keep your phone out on the table where someone could easily steal it but more of just asking out of interest.

  16. This video was spot on! I'm going to my first regional. Glad I'll be prepared because of this video.

  17. You know you already made this video Right??
    It's Called 10 Things to Bring to a Yu-Gi-Oh Event! ( & the Thumbnail says ; TOP 10 THINGS TO BRING TO A YUGIOH EVENT )

    & To be Honest The the other video was better, more detailed, showed a better deck box, More facts, etc
    (the only part that was better with this one was the backpack & pen & paper discussion & that it was always in focus)

  18. Just wondering, where did you get the Play mat? I run Magibullets and I really like the Zone indicators.

  19. Finally got My Belated Birthday Present from 2 of My Closest Friends it was a Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries Playmat ^^
    I Love it soooooooo much

  20. I feel like I do this on every “what to bring to an event” video. If you use a wheelchair DO NOT put bag on the back of your chair. If it is on the back of your chair you cannot feel if it is taken. Place the bag around your neck so that the bag itself rests on your lap. For this reason compartmented tote bags actually work best for us. Also go with a friend. Able-bodied have working legs and can be of great help to you when it comes to food and and other things. Finally ask for a table. Yes you can get a table so that your opponents come to you. It lowers mobility demands which means you have more fun because you aren’t as tired. Arrive early and ask the tournament organizer. I know you didn’t purposely leave us out Paul. No worries. I got you covered.

  21. But what about your Duel Disk? We don't use Battle Boxes or Duel Arenas anymore, we aren't barbarians!

  22. Can someone tell me how I can get my hand on that konami ID card…
    I am register on Konami lD list, but don't have any ID card from konami …. what is that thing ?

  23. Thanks! I went to my first locals after watching your old one, and this one is even better! I took your suggestion to get a sidewinder and I got the chromiaskin 100+ one and I love it!

  24. I'm bringing my Yusei plot armor XD. I'm going to my very first tournament at my locals and its my first time there as well. I'm bringing my Stardust Dragon deck and I'm a lil nervous. Wish me luck for tomorrow!!

  25. I think another good item/s would be a print out of cards that you run that have been errataed in case you have original copies and not updated text cards.

  26. Also might want to remind someone or something on your bed that if you don't return to assume you've been sent to the shadow realm

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