What is Card Counting (and How Does it Work)?

Colin Jones, at blackjackapprenticeship.com teaches players just how it works Our next guest is what you might call an expert on the issue of blackjack Colin Jones who ran a blackjack card counting team that won more than three million dollars during its four year existence, Hi, I’m Colin from Blackjack Apprenticeship and I’m gonna talk about what is card counting and how does it work. So before we talk about what card counting is, let’s talk about what card counting is not. First off card counting is not illegal. that’s probably the most common misconception but card counting you’re actually simply using your brain in the casino which currently is still legal. Secondly, card counting is not get rich quick there are people out there that say it’s easy, quick money and is not quick, easy money. You can make serious money with it, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme also card counting does not involve memorizing cards you’re not having to keep track of every card that’s been played as far as memorizing what the cards are and finally card counting is not simply for geniuses. You don’t have to have been from MIT or be Rain Man to do this. Definitely not. Let’s talk about what card counting is. Card Counting is a mathematical system. Blackjack is the only game in the casino where the previous decisions actually affect the future. Because blackjack is a set number of cards and set number of decks being played, when those cards have been played it actually impacts what cards remain to be played and that changes the advantage for the player So, how does card counting work? Well, there are three things that you must master if you want to be a profitable card counter. The first thing is called basic strategy. Which is the proper playing decision for every possible hand you could have against the dealer. Secondly, you have to master how to count cards and we will teach you that later. Third, you have to have a winning bet spread and proper playing deviations. So my story is that I actually have been a successful professional card counter. I started almost 15 years ago. I played thousands of hours and averaged about 300 dollars an hour for my career. I also had the opportunity to play on and run blackjack teams that are responsible for winning close to four million dollars through card counting. There’s actually a documentary about one of the teams that I ran. It was called the church team and the documentary is called Holy Rollers the True Story of Card Counting Christians 1.58 million dollars taken out of casinos this year. I’m excited to take more money from casinos. I have also for nine years now been a part of Blackjack Apprenticeship where we teach other people how to beat casinos through card counting and we’ve had students that come through our training that have literally taken millions of dollars from casinos. So, if you’re interested in learning more about card counting you can sign up below for a free mini course where we’re gonna walk you through the initial steps of what card count is, the thought processes and all that stuff. In the first video, I’m going to tell you why gambling and investing are completely different things And how card counting plays into that and how to tell the difference between gambling in a casino and investing. So, if you’re interested sign up below. It’s completely free and you can get started.

  1. Could you list the books behind you please? I am new to blackjack and really interested in card counting

  2. Thanks man I have been playing blackjack for a half year now every movie or documentary inspired me to count cards thanks and I was first really bad I thought that I ain't going make it but you have to train your self all day. Again thanks to share this to all of us. Greetings form the Netherlands

  3. you guys need to make hidden camera videos play in a casino! i'm still in the process of learning to count cards and just more practice i'll be making money! lol but yes!! some hidden camera in casino is a MUST!!

  4. I'm at a professional level on counting ability, however it's hard not to get off track in the real environment. plus in order to get a game with good odds you have to play high stakes to get double deck and the dealer stays on a soft 17. all I need to win is 500 a week to replace my income but I'm not sure if it's possibel

  5. Not illegal is not the same as being impermissible in casinos, who can eject you for whatever reason they like. So while they can't arrest your for card counting, they can ban you and confiscate your winnings if they determine you were counting, right?

  6. "What is card counting and how does it work? We have no clue, but check this guy showing videos of himself for 4 minutes…"

  7. Today I saw one of the worst plays I have ever seen in my life. A player instead of splitting 2's doubled down on 2's. The dealer made 20 and we all lost on the table.

  8. For even more on card counting, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O35_FmBuSsg&list=PL4HeBZsaiIf4ZDiG_IqRto0ZZbKS1Xo6Z

  9. I have created voidjack, which uses 100 deck of cards. Have fun counting.
    EDIT:I forgot to mention that I restock and reshuffle cards every 80 decks.

  10. The bible says you're not allowed to gamble, so that makes you a hypocrite. You're also a cheat because you lead people into thinking this video will teach them about card counting and it doesn't. You're selling a package further down the line, that also makes you a time wasting manipulating twat. Above all you are Satan himself. You're not only disobeying the bible you are actually teaching other christians how to follow what's written against. We reap what we sow ..
    Good luck.

  11. And what is wrong with turning the tables on those who make a profession out of stacking odds
    On the customers and cheating them out of their money.

  12. In my casino after the hand ends they put all the cards into the shuffle machine, and now what? And i don't even know how many decks they are using

  13. so, how basic strategy and counting combines? lets say i have a +15 or a real +5… what shoud i do if i have an ace and a three, and the dealer has a ten. The strategy tells us to hit, and i know big cards are going to show up. I hit and i get a big one, so i got 14. Dealer hits and gets a big one, he has 20.. how do i win with big cards? whats the strategy? sorry for my foolish question. i m rookie.

  14. In most of casinos…cards are shufeled after every hand by a machine. Does that make card counting useless?

  15. I have learned a system through a team in my city where 8 is the only 0 value so 9 would be -1, 7 would be +1 . is this way of counting worse in any way to the traditional high low. and if yes why? thanks

  16. Your getting to big Collin, your channel is Two large I feel like this channel is going to jeopardize the future of card counting. .
    Think about it what’s keeping casinos from Always using continuous shuffling machines? Certainly not the fear of the public demand lol, if casinos implemented this or even a 40% deck penetration the public casino guests who stick to basic strategy won’t care! CSM machines give the basic strategy “only”player more of an edge than a 6 deck game lol come on man. Take the channel down keep your website if you care about the future of the high low counters…

  17. You won’t have a boot camp to run, you won’t have 1 on 1 mentor training if there’s no beatable game Collin.. the casinos are noticing your channel and by god they are going to protect there game..

  18. If this is the first video your watching on the channel, I just wanted to say that, aside from being a really great guy, Colin’s program is BY FAR one of your best resources as a beginner. Trust me, I already owe this guy a ton of money! 😂

  19. Ask a Jehoba Wickedness pseudo christian they know everything ++ YEA RIGHT !! Number 666 for them – imperfect Ha HA

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