Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 5 | That’s Amazing

I did it! Triple tower – oh my goodness I just did it! oh! We’re that’s Amazing and welcome to bottle flip trick shots 5! oh no way! Comment below how many tries you think this took me and the closest comment will get pinned – a little
hit is this shot took hours Oh yeah! that’s how that’s amazing plays ping pong no way it took me 14 hours to do that in
bottle flips one but only one of them – just doubled it I can not believe it. Owen did
you see that what do you think people should give the video a like all right guys you
have to give us a like a like like like like like – got to
give it a ton of likes cuz that shot was impossible
when Colin was three years old he made his first cap flip and now Owen is three
years old are you ready Owen? yeah – lets do it bang a world record Oh bang guys we did it – how do you know
because I heard a: longest bottle filled we’ve ever done – no
looker yes guys I dedicate this shot to Bango
hopefully he’ll show up later in the video maybe if I can score the shot on
to that skinny pole Oh Oh three four three we’ve already landed
the first four towers and now it is time to take it to the next level – oh my goo dness that took so long
Wow my goodness I can’t believe it- I did it
this is 2500 bottle flips in a row I know you guys don’t want to see 2500
bottle flips in a row so we’re just gonna speed it up and skip to the end
but if you want to make sure that it’s all real you can click the link in the
description to see the regular video regular speed all right serious all right don’t shift table or
not a bottle yeah really and also big thanks for helping us hit
what billion subscribers that is crazy if you haven’t already subscribed smash
it right now and let’s get two million and also make sure to hit the like
buttons and also check out some more of our videos right over here and we will
see you guys next time thanks for watching

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