War Card Game : War Card Game: Benefits for Kids

War is a common family card game. You know,
I learned it from my mother, and I’ve been playing it since I was three or four. The
funny thing about war the card game is that unlike most games you can play in life, and
unlike all real wars, if you play war the card game with strict rules then there is
no strategy that I can think of. But it’s a lot of fun to play with your kids, to teach
your kids; teach em’ how to count with it, and if they fall in love with that game they
might fall in love with all games like I did, and grow up and be a game playing expert on
the Internet. So, war is a lot of fun, and it can teach kids about counting, it can teach
kids about the difference between suits, which can aid them with colors, you know. The of
course, the suits share red or black, but still, you can differentiate between shapes.
And I say, without further ado; let’s play some war.

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