Volcarona + Vespiquen + Diancie? Pokemon Card Design Challenge #9

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
It’s time for another Pokémon card art challenge. I have some unfortunately counterfeit XY Ancient
Origins booster packs. I’m going to open one, I’m going to reveal all of them for those
of you who are just here for that, but three of them will be randomly selected before I
know what they are, and those will be my prompts to combine into a brand new Pokémon.
Alright, so the ones that didn’t get picked, we have: Registeel, Beldrum, Spinarak, Quagsire,
Flareon, Metang, all the familiar faces, basically. And picked are: Volcarona, we’ve done that
one, Vespiquen, we’ve done that one, and Diancie. Interesting. I haven’t done Quagsire yet,
but he’s not going to work out… So I looked up Diancie, and we’re going to go with it.
I think I can make it work. I think this time I’m going to start with a Vespiquen base shape
and add in Diancie’s decorations, her jewels, and probably get some Volcarona characteristics
swapped out. I think it’ll be very easy to basically merge these two and add in some
decorations. So I’ve got a starter Vespiquen here. I just
looked up drawing a Vespiquen that I could copy as my base. I usually get my reference
Pokémon pictures off of Bulbapedia, so if they’re not official photos, if they are fan
photos, I am very sorry for the credit issue! I’m not trying to steal your art, and it will
be very, very different, but if you recognize it, feel free to comment and I will credit,
because you know, fellow artists here! Anyway this is Vespiquen. I am going to mostly focus
on adding Volcarona characteristics right now, because for Diancie mostly I’m just going
to be adding bling. Definitely this jewel piece is becoming Diancie’s jewel piece. Okay,
let’s continue drawing. As I said I started with Vespiquen, and I
have kept pretty true to the Vespiquen layout. I guess you would say still that basic Vespiquen
pose, still put features where they are on Vespiquen, and definitely kept that really
interesting honeycomb skirt that I haven’t done yet in other combined pokémon involving
Vespiquen. From Volcarona we’ve changed the head shape, gone with Volcarona’s very distinctive
eyes. I kind of took inspiration from these little fin things and part of Vespiquen’s
pincers and horn things, I don’t know what you would call them, have become this. Part
of them have become the jewels… gems… crystals, whatever, on the back of Diancie’s
head, and of course I’ve got the giant forehead crystal from Diancie. We have Volcarona’s
furry torso, and Diancie’s wings exactly where Vespiquen’s wings do join up. I’ve already
used Volcarona’s wings when I did Volcareon. I think that’s what I called it. The 2 Eeveelutions
with Volcarona together, and I really liked it. We’ll see how colouring it turns out.
I’ve also got Volcarona’s bottom sticking out where Vespiquen has the piece that looks
like the bottom of a spaceship or something, and I think we’re going to take some coloring
cues from Diancie, but also keep it a bit fire-type. I think although this is a bug
base, and this is definitely a Pokémon that would come out in Pokémon Go when the bug
pokémon are on the go like they are while I’m recording this (that kind of gives you
an idea of dates on these Pokémon videos). For a move set, I think that this is going
to be a fire-fairy combination. I’m going to go ahead and colour this.
At any point during the video, if you have a name suggestion for this Pokémon, if you
would have done different characteristics in your combination, different types, different
move sets, let me know! I will give my final decisions on name, type, move set, all that
kind of stuff at the end, and yeah, going to colour.
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blow up! Anyway, colouring time. Alright, so, here we are, just adding some
final touches with a gel pen. I’m going to call this Volpiquecie. Yup, Volpiquecie. It’ll
be an interesting spelling because the “pic” part in the middle is Vespiquen. Vol-pique-cie
(“Vole-pick-see”). Looks like 4 syllables, pronounced with 3. Nice and complicated! I
don’t normally put that in the video, but I think for this one I’m going to have to.
This is a dual type fairy and fire, and I think I did a good job of keeping the Vespiquen
base in here but completely overriding the grass/leaf type entirely, and that’s okay.
That’s what we wanted to do. I have a lot of fun with the honeycombs here. These honeycomb
bottoms here, they really remind me of rockets on a spaceship, so I kind of had a lot of
fun putting texture in there. Kind of trying to make it look like they glow a bit. You
know bugs, so I kind of figure this is a bit wet, nice and nasty isn’t it?
Anyway, comment down below, tell me what you think of my design here. Would you have done
anything differently? What would you call this? And I guess I will see you next time.
As I said, I upload every Tuesday and Thursday, sometimes I have bonuses. Do subscribe and
ring the bell for notifications if you haven’t already. I think that’s all I’m going to do
to her. Volpiquecie, fairy-fire type. Thanks guys!


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