Impossible. Hello guys! My name is
Y and as you probably noticed I recently started
doing English videos in order to promote my magic all over
the world and show everybody my magic. But I wanted to show more, I wanna
show you our beautiful country – Poland. And I couldn’t imagine a
better way to show our beautiful country than
to show its talents. Today I’m gonna meet one of the top
Voice Kids Poland’s talents and I’m gonna show her some magic. Today I’m gonna show some
magic to Zuzia Jabłońska who, by the way, is celebrating
her birthday today. So I’ve got a present
for her, a balloon but there’s a prediction attached to the balloon, in which I wrote what I think that will
happen during this video shooting. If you want to see if I managed to
predict it, watch till the end. Good morning! – Hi! – Good morning. Happy birthday! – Thank you! – It’s a balloon but it’s
not an ordinary one. It’s not? Will it burst? – It won’t, don’t worry. There’s
something attached here… and it’s an envelope. You can’t open
it till the very end of our meeting. So, shall we do some magic? But it’s your birthday so I’ll
give you another little thing. Watch!
– Oh man! That’s the light. Where’s the light? Are you afraid of fire?
Light the lighter up. You’ll do it like that. Hold it. – No, because I’m scared. – Do not be afraid. Take this. – Watch closely.
– My hands are shaking right now. – There you go. – Thank you. – It’s warm, isn’t it?
– Yeah, it is. – Do you know why? – Because of the fire…
Show it to me. Since it’s warm, you can do that.
And now there are two of them. It’s your birthday, you know. You
can eat two lollipops today. A pretty box, isn’t it?
– Nice. – Do they suit you?
– Yes, they match my clothes. – They match your clothes’ colors.
– They match this, match that. – Do you want to shuffle the cards?
– I can’t shuffle cards. – Oh, that’s great. Go on. – And the rest on the top. People usually get excited at this moment. But… They’re shuffled.
– OK. – Do me a favour, and hold out your finger like that.
Left hand, the side of the heart. Put it on any card you wish, just put. Oh, you’re changing…
You’re a hard player, good. This one, right?
– Yep. – I’ll show you, remember it. Actually, you can take it if you want. I won’t look. You could’ve taken whichever
you wanted, right? – Yes, that’s right. – You had like a sextillion options to choose from… Look. When we put the card inside… Did you place it?
– Yes, yes. – You know, people lie. Look.
– It disappeared. – If you take the card and shuffle…
– Yeah? … than your card can be on the top. The
two of clubs. A great choice, right? – Not really. Well, almost but… You’re not proud of your choice.
But this was your card, right? – No, not this one. – Well then, now, seriously, I can joke sometimes
but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Hold your hand like that. Lift your thumb, we’ll put it there. Put it in the place where you think your card is. Just mark the place. – I’ve got it.
– Hold it if you want to. – I’m holding, OK.
– That was the card. – No.
– OK, We’ll give you one more chance. – Fine. Thank you. – Go on. – Here.
– OK, hold it. – I think this card won’t be mine…
– Was that yours? – No. – Which one was your card, tell me. Because that’s really interesting. – It’s not here. – So what are you holding in your hand? – No! – That is my card. – How did you do that? Nice?
– Yes, great. – So, now that you’re here Zuza… – I’m here.
– Jabłońska Zuza. – Jabłońska.
[ Jabłoń – apple tree ] – Would it be a bad pun if
we do something with an apple? I have an idea.
Can you take the apple for a second? – I can. Will it burst? – No, don’t worry.
Check the apple from every side. Don’t eat it just yet. I’ll give you a marker, write Zuza on it. Ooh, a heart!
– That’s my signature. – Do you put a heart in all your
signatures or just for me? – In all of them. – Grab the apple like this.
– The apple? – You’re tearing your own cards? – Hold this to make sure I’m not replacing it. – Enjoy your meal. – Thank you. You’ve signed your card.
– I did. – You’ve randomly chosen it.
– Yes. – And I’ve ripped the corner
out of that signed card. – Yeah.
– The corner is gone. – Yeah. – Were you holding
the apple all the time? – Yes. I was. – Put your card in here.
I’ll help you. There’s nothing in my hands.
– That’s right. – I’ll help you cut the apple in half. – No! – Since it is your birthday, you do the honors. Open the apple. – Is that a joke? It’s that piece from my card. It’s so wet. It worked out. – Let’s check if it fits. – I guess it does. That’s magic. What if I told you
I can get inside your mind? – Oh no! – That I could predict your decisions somehow. Even if you were to do it unconsciously. Do you remember there’s
an envelope by the balloon? There’s something written inside.
– And I was to open it at the end. – At the end. It’s not yet the end.
– OK. – I’d like to ask you to choose a song and to sing it.
Would it be possible? I’m asking nicely. – OK. – Here’s the deal: You can choose random songs, you can sing something from
Disco Polo genre to surprise me. OK? You know, you may want to outsmart me. On the other hand you might want
to choose something obvious. For example, right? – Alright.
– Ready? – Yes, I’m ready. -So grab the mic. Now I don’t quite… You know what?
Take the balloon with you. To make sure I’m not messing with it. – Come with me, balloon. – Keep an eye on it there all the time. OK. – Oh, damn. – Look, I couldn’t, I can’t possibly
know what you’ll chose, right? – That’s right. – I don’t want you to look at it right now. You’ll check it after you sing. – Okay.
– Now, just for the technical reasons you have to tell me the song and I’ll try to find the right music for you. You do have the headphones, OK. – Shall I tell you the song?
– Yes. – ‘7 years’. Now you can check and see what’s inside. Well done. So… yeah. That’s impossible. – I have to stop this now. I mean you can still film it but somebody
has to tell me how to save this. I’ll cry if we lose it. I hope you liked it. Click somewhere here to see
Zuza’s great new music video. It’s worth listening to. In the meantime,
while you’ll be listening to it, probably yet another time,
click here to subscribe, actually, you can do it right now,
click on Zuza to subscribe. You can also do it
while watching her music video. I’ll see you very soon, and as always, stay magical!

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