Vellum Overlay Card + Altenew Ink Layering Combinations

(soothing music) – [Voiceover] Hi there,
it’s Jennifer and I’m back. I am sorry I had to take some time off. I’ve been slowly trying to get
back into the swing of things and I’m hoping I’m there now. Well today I am going
to show you how to do a vellum overlay card. This is a fun technique
that allows you to use any of your stamps along with vellum, which many of us have, to
create really unique cards. I’ll have lots of tips
for you along the way but be sure to stick
around to the end also, where I’ll give you a closer look at the beautiful color combinations that you can get from Altenew Inks. So I’ll have that at
the end of this video. Okay, for these cards, I’m actually using two
different stamp sets. The first one I’m going to
use is this one from Altenew. I really like these Altenew sets because it has these pieces that you can layer on top of each
other to create a unique, very realistic looking flower. It also has the top layer
which is an outline image, which we’ll use for the technique. Okay, I have some white
cardstock that I’ve cut, scored, and folded, and this is folded at
about 2 3/4 by 4 inches, so it’s a small little card we’re going to put inside
of our vellum card. Now this is the bottom layer of the flower that we’re going to stamp today. We’re going to stamp several
inks on top of each other to create that realistic flower. I’m using Altenew inks, and I like that they
come in combos of four so that you can have a
light, a medium, a dark, and a super dark that you can
layer on top of each other and it’ll match perfect. I’m not actually using the
light on today’s cards. I’m skipping that and just using the medium, the dark, and the super dark. Now I went ahead and also stamped that same background flower
onto some masking paper, that’s what you see here,
and I’m cutting it out. I like to cut it kind of inside the edge of the stamped image. So you’ll see that when
I put this mask down, the mask is a tiny, tiny, bit smaller than the stamp image itself. I find that this gives me
better masking results. So I have that mask ready
using that base image, now it’s time to go ahead
and build up that flower. I’m taking the second
image, the one that has a little less solid area to it, stamping that in the next darkest color, that was Dusk, and now I’m coming in
with the third layer. You can see ’em all over there
on the left in the stamp set. This has even less solid area to it, and I’m stamping that
with the darkest blue. You can see it’s a very realistic flower. Now I’m putting my mask on, and again you can see that the mask is slightly smaller
than the stamped image. That’s so that when I go
to stamp this leaf on top the ledge of that mask doesn’t keep it from stamping completely so by having it cut in a little bit, it really gives better results. I have found that over time, this is the best way for me to do this. Now I’m stamping the leaves and I’m using the medium shade of green, I think this is called Frayed Leaf, and I’m just stamping lots of leaves kinda coming out from the flower. Now I’m coming in with
the next darkest color to do the layer on top of those leaves. The reason I skipped the lightest color in the Altenew color combinations is because I wanted this color
to show through the vellum, so a super light ink would
probably not be best. There you can see how
realistic these flowers look when you’re done. And by the way, you could
use any inks for this. You can use any light, medium,
and dark inks you may have, or you can double and
triple stamp a lighter ink to make it darker each time. So here I have some vellum that I’ve cut and scored
to 4 1/4 by 5 1/2, and this is a heavyweight
vellum, it’s about 40 pounds, and I like that heavy weight vellum because you can use it for a card base. Now I’m temporarily gluing
our little mini card inside of the vellum card, floating right in the center there. I’m just temporarily gluing it just in case I need to move it later, but I coulda glued this
down if I wanted to. Making sure that I get that
centered by using that gridline on my background paper that I have here. Once I have this in place, I’m going to do some embossing
on the front of the vellum that lines up perfectly
with the stamped images inside of the vellum. So since this Altenew stamp set has those outline images I talked about, I’m gonna use those on the top. But first I always, always, always, especially on vellum, use
my anti-static powder tool. That puts a little
powder down so you don’t get powder where you don’t want it, and now I’m stamping that outlined flower with VersaMark ink right on the vellum, right over top of the
colored flower underneath. You can just look right
through your clear block and stamp it up nicely very easily. You could use a stamp positioner if you’re not good at lining ’em up, but I really think if you get your head right above the block
and look right through you’ll be able to line
it up with no problem. These are pretty easy to line up. Now when heat embossing on vellum, you wanna make sure your
heat gun is super hot before you bring it to the vellum, and I just bring it in little intervals and I pull it away when it gets to hot, and slowly cause that
embossing powder to melt. This prevents warping of the vellum. Now you could use any vellum here but I really think a
heavyweight good quality vellum is one that works best and I highly encourage
you checking that out ’cause it really makes a big difference to have that better quality. So you can see that flower lines up with the solid image inside of the card. Now we need to go ahead and put the mask on top again, use my anti-static powder
tool one more time, and then I’m going to stamp the outline of the leaves over this also. Every time I’m using the VersaMark ink, looking right through the block, lining up that outline stamped image with the solid image that’s
inside the vellum card. So this stamp layering set
that I used here from Altenew worked great for this technique. However, if you don’t have one like this, what you could do is heat
emboss an outline image on the front of the vellum. Then that little mini card inside, stamp the same outline
image and color it in and line those up. So you can use any stamp
for this technique. Check that out, with that beautiful outline
bouquet embossed on the front and the color behind it. Now I wanted to heat emboss a sentiment that matched perfectly to
that blue flower underneath, but I didn’t have the right
color blue embossing powder. So I’m going to mix two to create my own. These are WOW embossing powders. I like them ’cause
they’re super inexpensive and very high quality and
come in beautiful colors. I’m mixing some bright
blue with some silver, and that kinda tones down
that bright blue a little bit. I’m using a little container
that I use to store my sequins. It doesn’t seal perfectly but I’m only using it
to mix a little bit here and I can always stand it up so it doesn’t spill in the future. Okay, so now I’m using a
sentiment set from Altenew. This is a great one because
it has a lot of different thoughtful greetings on it. I’m using the Missing You, and I’m stamping that with VersaMark ink, and now I’m going to mix that
embossing powder on the front. Or put that mixed embossing
powder on the front. So this is the blue and
the silver together, and it kinda looks speckled
when you heat emboss it, but when you look at it from far away it just looks like a deeper
blue than what I started with by adding that little bit of silver to it. Mixing embossing powders is a great way to get exactly what
you need for your card. And check that out. It’s just beautiful and it
matches the inside nicely. I really wanted to have some
small little embellishments that perfectly matched the sentiment that I had just heat embossed. So what I did is I created my own, you can see on that blue
card there on the left. I took some Hero Arts pearls and I just smooshed some
VersaMark ink on top. Then I added that same
mixed embossing powder that I had left over on top of it, and then I heat set it. So basically I created my
own little embellishments covered in that textured embossing powder. It’s really pretty in real life. You can’t really see it
well here on the screen, but they’re just really
unique embellishments. You could take any gems or pearls, or enamel accents you have, put some VersaMark ink on it, any embossing powders
that you want on top, and heat set it, and you get these really unique
one of a kind embellishments that are always a perfect match. It takes a little bit of extra time but sometimes it’s just what you need. Okay so now I need to glue this together and make sure it stays put, so I’m using some Be Creative
tape, this is super strong. I’m gonna adhere this into
the center of my card. Then I have cut a piece
of white cardstock, just, not folded, just a
piece of white cardstock, to that same 2 3/4 by 4 inches and I’m gonna glue that
to the back of the card just so you can’t see that
adhesive on the other side. Also this will give me
a spot where I can stamp my Handmade by Jennifer
image on the back, too. Here you can see how
the card comes together, you can just open up the overlay, then open up the little mini card inside to write your little message. Now I did wanna do one more thing to this, I wanted to add some shimmer, and this is really easy to do. I used my Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer Pen and I’m just filling in the outlined image on
the front of the card. Now this will be wet on that vellum, it doesn’t really dry real well, I just let it sit for a few minutes and then I dab any extra
moisture away with a dry cloth and it leaves lots of shimmer behind. You can see a little bit of that shimmer inside the outlined flower image and it really makes a big
difference in real life. I enjoyed this technique so much I went ahead and made six more cards using the other Altenew color families. Now I promised I would talk a little bit about these Altenew inks, and at the end of this
I’ll link to a video that talks more about the
properties of these inks. But here are the eight
color families that Altenew has available now. In each color family
there are four shades, so you have light, medium,
dark, and super dark inks in each of the color families. This takes the guess
work out of figuring out which colors layer together nicely to create beautiful flowers or images. You could use any inks
for these type of stamps, these just really make it easy, and I like that they’re also
available in mini ink cubes in sets of four, so it’s a great way to save some money. Now these are just a
great dye ink, but again, you could use any inks for
any of these techniques. Let me just show you a little closer look at each of the color families. Here we have the Cool Summer
color, that kinda pool color, and the green that I used for the leaves. This is a beautiful combination, and I really like the Ocean
Waves color in that blue set. Now, for the next card I used
the Red Cosmos combination. In here my favorite is
the Coral Berry color, it’s just a really nice
kinda coral pink color, worked great for this technique. Now here is the Summer
Afternoon, I believe it’s called, yeah, Summer Afternoon. It’s hard to find good
yellow inks but I really like the Buttercream and Warm
Sunshine in this combination. By the way, for the rest of these cards I switched the stamps that
I used to this stamp set instead of the one that I
showed you in the video, just for a variety. I really like this set,
I’ve used it in the past and I think it’s one of
those all-time favorites. Okay next we have the Glacier Caves, this is more of a true blue color. In here I really like the Caribbean Sky and the Persian Blue. And then we have the gray. I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t sure I needed the
Warm Gray from Altenew. I went ahead and I bought
it and I am so glad I did, because this Warm Gray combination, it looks kinda platinum, especially if you put some,
like a, Wink of Stella on top, it makes it shiny. Look how elegant that looks,
it’d be a good wedding card. So I am really glad that I
went ahead and got these grays. The Evening Gray in here
and the Morning Frost are really beautiful. Okay now we have the Red Sunset. This is more of a peachy color. Beautiful, the Blush
color here and the Crimson are just gorgeous. This is one of my other
favorite combos of these. Then here we have the Shades of Purple. In here I like the Lavender Fields and the Deep Iris quite a bit. So there are the different
Altenew ink combinations. I do have these free downloads to create these little
swatches if you want them, and the individual Altenew
swatches over on my blog, so be sure to check that out. Here are all the cards that I created. This is a really fun technique and a great way to get
more from your vellum. I hope you’ll give it a try. If you are interested in
the products I use here, I link below to lots of sources, or go over to my blog where
I have much more information for you to check out. In the middle are three other videos that are related to this one. The first one shows stamp layering using the misty stamping tool, which is a great time saver. In the middle is an information video about the Altenew inks
that I talk about here, just more information. And the last one shows some more tips for creating vellum cards. I appreciate you watching
and being patient with me as I get back into video making, and I hope to see you again soon.

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