Friday night let’s go see John Fogerty
at the Wynn theater put in you if I say matter to me would
you stand the win $230 Saturday rebuy but first
we’re gonna enjoy the wind buffet for a breakfast slash lunch thanks to viewer
the vlog and we’re gonna happen though win to 30 rebuy around 1 o’clock there
is another option in town today it is the $400 circuit event at Planet
Hollywood but due to the $70 in rake and probably slightly tougher field full of
miserable circuit regs I think the wind 230 is a much better metagame choice and
I’m here anyway to eat the buffet so let’s do some work hopefully I’ll win
all the chips in about 15 hours it’s a marathon not a sprint
let’s stay focused for the tournament with blinds edged
100-200 – lamps under the gun on the gun plus one under the gun plus three shoves
all in for 7800 big shove I’m in the small blind with ace king offsuit we rip
it in there for like 12,000 original limper calls it off for 3300 we got a
3-way all in under the gun lemper has ten seven suited and Shover has ace
queen we’re in great shape let’s hold we got video 10:7 makes a pair and we win the side
pot for a slight profit that was the only exciting hand except for a little
verbal altercation between two regs and we’re back to 15,000 two more hours of
play before re-entry is over with blinds at 300 600 my 15,000 stack is dwindled
to 8700 ships how you ask I folded for one hour in 45 minutes that’s right zero
pots played just blinding away fun games sometimes a 40-year old Indian man
comments hey bro why don’t you play any hands the very next hand John Turner aka Pearl
Jam around my right opens to 1,400 and I looked down at pocket kings what great
timing I shove all in everyone folds pearl jammer calls with ace-queen the
board runs out all blanks and we double up it’s 4:20 sitting on 15,000 chips
optional $100 add-on for 7,500 I declined because didn’t get much sleep
last night not feeling so good so if it was meant
to be it’s meant to be we’re in for 230 dollars let’s do it for the retweet
contest and the boxers adopt a boxer rescue adopt don’t shop save a boxer
today with mindset 400-800 i could move to a
new table probably a good thing a couple rigs in my past table with Pearl Jam
around my right sit down in the 8th seat and we look down at East King always a
nice sight I make it 1802 Go button flats and we’re heads up the flop comes
King 9 for rainbow put in a C bet live Pro move same bet 1800 he doesn’t call
he puts in a race not a normal raise a small raise he makes it for 20 42
hundred to go what the hell is going on is he repping a set pocket nines King
nine I don’t know but we’re not going anywhere I put in the call if he wants
to bluff good luck to him we got top top I got tap tab oh oh you said top yes
atop the turn is a deuce I checked to him and he bet seven
thousand he’s setting up a river jam I got about twenty five thousand behind
once again I’m not buying what he’s selling we put in the call the river
isn’t ace if he did have the king nine we now got him no reason to lead here
we’re still going to check it to him let him continue with all of his Bluffs as
like Queen Jack Queen ten etc we check a did he snapchats top twos good and we
take down a nice pot we’re up to about forty thousand with barn set four
hundred eight hundred we make it eighteen hundred again with King Jack
offsuit middle position the button calls and were heads up to the flop flop comes
King Jack nine top two feeling good we put in the same bed again eighteen
hundred we got the backdoor flush draw the only thing we should realistically
be afraid of his Queen ten he doesn’t call he puts in the raise a very small
one again to four thousand a real humiliation raised does he have King
Queen trying to find out where he’s at is he trying to buy a free card with an
ace high flush draw I don’t know but we’re gonna put in the
call let’s see a turn the turd is the eight of diamonds giving us the backdoor
flush draw still in the top two I check it and each exit behind the river is an
off suit six I think he still has a one pair type of hand so we’re gonna put out
a blocker value bet hopefully a little hero us if we happen to have like a Miss
flush draw or a returning bottom pair and do a bluff
I’ve got 4,500 any snap calls he shows pocket deaths what a cooler could have
we broke on the flop luckily a diamond came on the turn to save my tournament
loss was minimized but we still lost a decent power now down to thirty thousand
ships with blinds at 600 1200 I looked down at Ace King in middle position a
beautiful hand I make it twenty six hundred to go action folds to a woman on
the button who I’ve been pre warned likes to really spaz it in there so I’m
gonna take that with some credence because I got a lot of good information
and what do you know she snapped jams one second she’s all in from over fifty
thousand chips I have just over 60,000 chips and the action is back to me forty
blind saw what she rabid a low pair ace Queen haste Jack we got her covered I
didn’t come here to race fall to East King I got some info I put in the call
she shows pocket bores not like this like this and I’d like this
the flop is although the turn is low and we got video miracle ATS on the river
they counted down we got her covered and we now have a hundred and twenty
thousand ships feeling really good about this one just enjoy a great dinner with my buddy
here the guy from the pocket jacks hand love
free dinners my second free dinner of the day at the wind that’s got to be a
record a good stuff at goodies the best choice for a quick meal let’s get back
to the action blinds are about to be 1,000 mm let’s
get to the final table with blinds at 1,000 mm mm big blind ante I’m under the
gun plus two with pocket ESA’s ace of clubs ace of diamonds I make it 5k to go
add controls to the short stack about 10 blinds into cutoff and pushing the call
strange and the big blind is the 40-year old approximately Indian American fellow
who was at my table earlier it was very mean to a nice old
lady so he puts in the call for three ways to a flop which is 9 6 5 2 hearts
slightly worried about the big blinds range here he does have us covered but
when he checks to us we got to put it in that sea bed can’t be scared of monsters
in the closet I bet 7,000 stack folds maybe had
something like king-queen and then Indian in the big blind puts in the call
it turns an off suit 3 a brick as far as I can tell he checks and it’s time to
size up charges 9 X type hands and flush draws about 18,000 any quickly calls
let’s get three streets of value the river is a deuce putting a one-liner do
a straight out there any four makes it straight and the big blind quickly cuts
out 41,000 and chips and puts it in the middle
what’s he reppin five four six four nine four these hands
don’t make much sense so eventually I put in the call and he shows King eight
of Hearts and we scoop a very nice power up to two hundred thousand that’s a good show we’re now on break it’s 9:30 at night 27
players remain 23 pay most $18,000 for first and were sitting on about 300,000
chips well above average blinds are about to be three thousand six thousand
tables pretty tough a lot of decent regs at my table but we’re gonna stick to the
plan and put on a bubble pressure let’s get it other heroes all right we did lose the player that
here with blinds had four thousand eight
thousand we made it the money sitting on about three hundred thousand under the
gun the local rag limps for eight thousand I’m next 2×8 handed ace king of
clubs we make it thirty thousand action folds to the button the gentlemen that
took me out to dinner and has been very generous in the past he effectively
shoves all in it for just over two hundred thousand chips action folds back
to me we have them covered and we have a scheme suited we’re in the money you
know we’re not folding this shit I put in the call and I’m up against pocket
queens the classic race situation and we have video under the gun Asian male local reg makes
it 18,000 at four thousand eight thousand I’m next act with ace five
suited the Nueces I may get fifty five thousand off a six hundred thousand
stack action folds to the big blind who puts in the cold for bet that’s right a
hundred and seventy five thousand dollars chips whatever action folds back
to us is this the moment we’ve been waiting for is this the hand of the
tournament is this where we draw a line in the sand sometimes in order to live
you have to be willing to die if I shove it’s over three X’s full floor bed and a
warm five ball is very rare and very strong we got the ACE blocker soon at
age five of diamonds I eventually randomized my decision and
it lands on a fold it appears he had it he wasn’t folding so might’ve dodged a
bullet there it’s 11:30 at night barely got any sleep
I’m sick I’ve been at the wind for 12 hours but I’m not giving up I end up
losing about seven small pots which could be considered death by paper
cutting but we’re still in it 13 players remain
400,000 ships going to 8,000 16,000 to do it for the boxes you we reached the final table after being
card dead losing many mini pots small pots frustrating pots a lot of
discipline holds no spewing waiting for good spots we make the final table of
nine pay jumps are very flat so we’re gonna take some spots and hopefully get
some shoves through or double up as the final table progresses I fold a lot a
lot of folds and slowly but surely people get knocked out and I lighter a
few hundred dollars at a time eventually the blinds at fifteen
thousand thirty thousand or five handed Caucasian male from Austin opens the
button to 80,000 what she’s been doing with any two cards opposed to being the
big blind and I looked down at King Jack of Clubs
looks like aces I’m all-in on he wants a count it’s 150,000 I got my thirty
thousand in the middle as the ante he eventually puts in the call and shows
three high and we got video the double-aught brings us to almost
400,000 chips over ten blinds I feel alive again
there is one shorter stack than me that eventually it shoves dark under the gun
for a hundred and twenty thousand for blinds plenty of good luck sir but I
don’t mean it you’re a great guy action folds to the big blind who has pocket
jacks and we got video for that too and we are now four handed
I am the shortest stack with nothing to lose so we’re gonna play to win very
top-heavy you only live once let’s play for the
glory we have less than 10 blinds let’s pick up some good hands and win some
races also if this video gets 2,000 likes I will bring back the porn stash
in January smash that like button if you want the
porn stash back we want these there’s the chip leader on my left good
spot for them there’s my stack there’s a lawyer stack
there’s crazy guy from awesome check you can think we can fill meet with it 20
into 2014 with it 20 empty alright good four-handed were short retarded we’ve
been patient we’ve been disciplined it’s time to be rewarded aggro guy from
Austin makes it 110 on the button at twenty forty twenty Lord auntie I’m in
the big blind with King Jack suited at 350,000 easy show
he eventually pushing the call with 10 9 offsuit and we got video let’s hold blinds at twenty forty twenty hem on the
button with east ten off 760,000 could open Jan here but I think it might be
better to induce not sure with ICM it is very top-heavy so I’m trying to win all
the chips also make it 90 thousand chip leader in the small blindfolds and crazy
guy from Austin puts in the jam from the big blind
oh we snap ball and we got some video enjoy with the treatment five six seven seven six the next 10 or 15 minutes is very
frustrating try to win some pots and end up losing all the pots we whittled down
from 1.6 million to 800 900,000 around the button with the king 10 off suit I
could limp here could open Jam but I decide on a min race just to balance my
been raising strategy chip later in the small blind folds and crazy guy from
Austin jams all in for 650,000 we do have them covered there’s a significant
pay jump if we do Boston and just by the way he Jam the speed of it and then when
I asked for account he was hesitant to put his chips into the pot and get an
actual account like he was kind of frozen so in general you don’t want to
raise colic in 10 for 16 blinds but four-handed against the maniac I think
it’s good enough we put in the call and we’re racing what’s it with around 250,000 the blinds are now
or 2550 k25 ante folds us the small blind we got that ace three of course
we’re gonna shove all in big blind wakes up with East King of clubs
let’s flop a three dealer we need to win this hand to stay alive or the wheel seventy-six pubs are good there is the bounty 230 into 49 and 51
play of the wind and I am out of the win over 200 people
entered fourth place for just under $5,000 not gonna live feels bad man it’s
3 o’clock in the morning it hurts more that I ran my 250 K stack up to 1.6
million and all the way down to zero without any pay jumps but hey we’re
playing to win we’re playing for that almost $18,000 and all the glory not
much I regret I had to win some races had to get lucky played real nitty very
patient and that’s all you can do thanks for watching 2,000 likes and the
pornstache comes back hope you guys enjoyed my journey it’s
been a hell of a ride until next time play it the win
tell them Jeff sent you

  1. Congratulations Brother on you placing in the tournament! I know you wanted 1st, but all the hands you went over was played right. Rock On!!

  2. Good Game Boski! Congrats! Seems the Wynn is the best place to play poker for you. I love CCR by the way, nice songs like …have you ever seen the rain…..

  3. So glad you didn't 5 bet shove with A5! Such a savage! Thought you were about to get chip happy and have a Boski blowup.

  4. Epic job Boski! Woulda been nice to move up but an almost 5 k sac of nuggets is fantastic. Time for that Dirk Diggler Duster to make a comeback.

  5. why don't you play any hands Bro – ya NIT Boski! get in there with any one of those hands like J/3 off or T/4 s – lol 🙂

  6. “Hello….I would Like to Play the Tournament!!!!”…..”Why Of Course Mr. Boski….We have Seats For You and The Whole BoskiNation!!!!”….Enjoy!!!….😎♥️Zro♠️Fux♦️Gvn♣️ “nice Hit!!”

  7. Good run, too bad the A/3 didnt improve, nice pay jump if so!! Wonder how that maniac finished? I'll be in Vegas the day after Thanksgiving, look forward to playing at Wynn/Encore. Porn Stache Re-do in the making!!!

  8. Say Boski!! U a pretty solid dude man. I like your style and your sense of consistency. I enjoy your content big time. Thanks a ton!!

  9. I was so happy for you during the classic race and you flopped those 2 A's. Nice A on river to boot. Good score Boski!

  10. Hey Jeff, I have a serious question for you. You seem to be a successful tournament player but I’m pretty sure you have a backer as does the majority of tournament grinders. What percentage of tournaments are you backed for? Also would you or the other tournament grinders be able to make a living grinding tournaments without backers?

  11. Mustache rides in 2020!!! Coming to a massage parlor near you!! Was a 4 way chop discussed? I know 2 guys had stacks , but they gotta give you street cred. and a chop is damn near 2nd place money! Congrats on the decent run….you'll Wynn it next time!!

  12. I have been following your channel/vlog since the day you have created this. Keep on grinding on ICM and keep running good. Loving your game play all the way, much love all the way from Singapore!

  13. The length of the video told me you were in the money. 15:44 nice 15:52 nicer – I would smash that like button 50 times for the 'stache. Congratulations

  14. Boski I've been watching you for quite awhile now and have to say I feel like you throw it away at times; that KToff call, even with your live tells, don't see being +ev; better to use your pro edge in other spots than be racing at best
    maybe a trip to the DR is in need like Jorge Masvidal? little break from the action and some soul searching then back to soul crushing

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