1. Forever? Nah. I don't believe that, there has to be a spell to break that. Elyas like "where's my girl Josie at". There's the demon and Elyas was feeling real funny when he saw him. Amber found out that Maya is Josie's mom 😪, I'm sad now. All those girls were taken away from their parents. That music when Viktor was on the bed 😂😂😂. Scorpios will never admit they're wrong (NOT ALL)about something even when they know their decisions are stupid. Elyas dream 😮, poor baby. That castle is gorgeous ❤️, I really need to get realm of magic. Balzac, there he is. Balzac and Morgan 😮 getting it in? Well..😏 you do what you gotta do right? Zeno? Oh h*LL no! Poor Josie, my little lamb. Pregnant?!?! These fools are trying to create some sort of perfect child, a powerful child to take down witches..my theory of course.

  2. That tower!!! 😻 We may have seen it already and I'm having a brain fart but OMFG it's GORGEOUS! I absolutely adore it ❤

    Josieeeee 😿 poor baby is so brainwashed omfg – YOOOOO that whole scene – I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS, you set that up so well oh my guaccccccc 🙀

    Alright – Elyas looks good in the shower I SAID IT 😹 AYYYY he got the new look!! Eeeekkkk 😉 "I smelled like death" I'm cackling 😹 UGH Siegfried stfu – interrupting turd lol WOAH WOAH WOAH WTF JUST HAPPENED TO HIS EYESSSS….DAMN DADDY…. BUT SERIOUSLY LMAO

    I love Maya, she is so nurturing and kind 😊WHATTTTT???!!! OMFG – THE TEAAAAAA – I'm so shocked rn like WHAT 🙀

    Andrea's houseeee 😻💖 Poor Katja she has to deal with these two buttheads lol OMFG I'M DEAD – YOU AND THAT SONGGGG LMAOOOOO "Get your shoes off the bed" All that tension geeezzzzzz 👀

    OMFG that whole scene with Bury A Friend was INSANEEEEE 😲😻- okay nowww I feel a teeny weeny bit bad for Elyas lol poor babeeee 😔 – I love how he's teasing them in the am lmao what a doucheeeee hahaha, my sympathy lasted 5 secs 💀

    THE HQ!!!!!! OH MY GUAC! 😻😻That is sooo freaking STUNNING! It's so ethereal and looks like it should have came with ROM 💖💖

    I KNOW that look – that's the look of ADORATION! Viktor lovesss Katjaaaaa omfgggggg 💕




    Katja is smart afffff – I love Balzac BUTTTT Katja & Evanna are always first 😹

    Every time I see Maya now all I can think of is baby Josie screaming at Genevieve "I want my mom's fish and chips" 😔😅

    Waiiiiitttt….ummm I don't know if I like that Leilani doesn't like Maya…what does she mean '..people like that…' – turd business…


    NOOOOOOOO….Josieeeee 😭😭

    This episode was so WILD, oh my guac. I'm still gathering my wits lol Wow! Okay I am in utter shock that Amber was sold out…at least that's how it seems rn…BALZAC – damnnnnnnn 😈….I'm proud of Katja lmao sneaky witch 😹 I hope Elyas doesn't go to cray with Levithan messing around in his cabeza buttt idkkk those were some creepy demonssss 🙀 I wish I could save Josieeee 😩 I JUST REALIZED WE DIDN'T SEE EVANNA THIS EPISODE 👀 I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode, you manage to get more creative as each week passes! 💖

  3. For real… They could've chosen the bed a few steps away 😂 and why do i have to think of alien when thinking of Josies child 👽😭 Can they finally save herrrrr pleaseee

  4. I tried to type out my thoughts as they occurred while I was watching so here they are:

    Uhhh Frederick.. SO gross. idk what he really did to her but I'm afraid he knocked her up. And someone better be able to break that curse because.. poor Josie.

    OMG SHOWER ELYAS. My favorite scene hahaha and he def loooks amazing with his new style! He needs to save Josie! His eyes are black!? omg! I knew something would be off when he came back from the dead…

    Amber finding Josie's childhood bedroom – so heartbreaking! Poor Maya 🙁

    Viktor lying on the bed hahahaha And Katja's reaction.. "Get your shoes off the bed!" LOL Also love that they're arguing even though there IS a third bedroom!

    His soul belongs to a demon? NOOO. He's too beautiful to be possessed by a demon. His 'nightmare' sequence though, wow! The imagery and the music – AMAZING. Aww he makes breakfast!

    Love the panning shots over Glimmerbrook, it's SO beautiful. HOLY COW the headquarters! WOW. I am also now shipping Viktor and Katja.

    Balzac! Morgyn LOL.. some definite sass there. OMG.. Balzac and Morgyn! Unexpected! I'm kinda here for it though LOL

    idk how I feel about Leilani…

    .. and now I think I'm right in being skeptical LOL

    wtf are they doing to Josie. omg why are they so gross.. I want to vom every time I see Frederick's stupid face. OMG I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT.. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. NO. NOOO.

    As always, amazing episode! <3

  5. Woah I’m so blown away that you dedicated this to me! I genuinely couldn’t stop smiling throughout KB’s voiceover. By the way, KB especially killed it with this voiceover. One of the best ones I’ve seen so far. And BILLIE FREAKING EILISH!! WHAT??? I literally love her so much. And the heavy metal covers were everything! There was so much digging into Katja’s storyline this episode and I loved it! Idk if it’s just me but I’m definitely (not so) secretly hoping her and Victor (I don’t know how to spell his name, I’m a fake fan) end up together 👀 I’m sad we didn’t get to see Evanna though, I’m really loving her storyline. Poor Josie, I hope she gets out of there at some point. Great episode as always, and thank you so much for dedicating it to me!

  6. D-Aaaamber… Zeno has got his little fish hooks into everyone, doesn't he. I can't believe they would be all high and mighty in episode 2, and then just sell her out like that now. Yes I can, I mean, obviously they have something against Maya. They probably had something to do with Josie being taken away when she was little. Damn piranhas.

    This mess with Elyas is getting serious. He's going to do something crazy any minute, I can feel it. I'm starting to think Katja's pact with Leviathan will be something utterly stupid like swapping her own soul for his. And who would pass up a chance to have one of the chosen. Leviathan's probably been plotting something like that for a while now. You just can't trust a demon. And Viktor, I'm thinking maybe he actually has something for Katja… just a little bit.

    Poor Josie. I have no doubt they're going to find a way to break her from the curse she's under, but the curse growing inside her is one that will haunt her for the rest of her days.

    Damn you Simmer Boi! Why do you have to pull me in so. 😉

  7. Loved it!
    Katja's the best and everything, but omg poor Balzac and poor Elyas…
    Josie and her muuuum that's so sad… and that stupid coven siding with that creepy guy… and the hunters are grim.

  8. OOH for some reason I didn't expect the Josie connection! (probably was obvious? But that was such a good reveal). Omg Katja at 12:00 cracked me up, not going to lie. Though she still scares me, it made me laugh. Wow the dreams/ visions 14 min are really intense omg. I actually am not sure about Viktor with Katja? (i see shippers ) haha am I not always a skeptic? 🙂 But they do definitely have an intersting dynamic. Why did I get really strong Harry Potter vibes when they were standing in front of the portal…Okay, okay that luke Viktor gave Katja was really adorable, not going to lie…think I'm softening haa. Ugh Morgyn is kind of irritating! (in a good way; I love how even minor characters have distinct personalities) . ah nice getaway. WHAT WHAT NOOOOO Josie better not be pregnant omg this is awful. Wow. I'm going to need some recovery time

  9. First I apologize for beeing too late. Second, I have to admit that I don‘t understand every single word because I am not a native English person but most of the scenes are speaking for themselves. And of course I loved how you included my favorite character from Rom, Morgyn. So awesome! And it‘s seemed to me that a person of profession arranged every scene, every sequence so well. Especially that nightmare scene. Wow! Simply wow. Admit it. You are a secret famous movie maker! The Story itself become more and more interesting for me. I so hope the curse will be taken from her. I heard (there is a ) cure. ☺️ You are awesome! 👏

  10. Sorry for the late comment, but I needed to catch up with episodes. KBSimmer's voice over is always soooo awesome! I love that at the beginning she does something like a commentary and at the same time reminds us of previous events. I love the shots in this episode, settings and sims. Sooooo marvelous! ♥

  11. The episodes keep getting better 💗
    I loved that steamy scene between Balzac and the sage while Katja stole THE wands. I Laughed so much 😅. The build up is being amazing. And I hope that little piece of sh*t of Zeno doesn't do anything to my girl Amber or I also will send my simself to end him. 😅

  12. Gah! I'm sooo late!!! Been busy with work, sooo sorry but omg! Opening freaked me out a little but it was well done because instead of viewing everything as pretty while she's brainwashed (like most movies) we get to see what is really going on outside her delusions.

    Did not see the Morgyn scene coming! I was partially hoping that instead of seducing the wands from Balzac would have forced to be a double agent or something as drastic as being forced to leave his coven and join Morgyn. And lol Katja got away too easy with stealing those wands. I was also anticipating that they'd have to fight for it or they'd find out that Balzac was an ally.

    And AJFNHIAEUHFOIWENFOIEFDOIELDHC WHY DID HEEEEEEEEEEEE HAVE TO SHOW UP IN SULANI!? I can't believe he has people wrapped around his fingers like pawns!!!! Seriously this plot is thick though. : )

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