Hey, this is KB. I’m pretty sure y’all know who I am by now, so I won’t go into any formal introductions. This episode is dedicated to Lady Andrak. All you need to know about her is that she’s a precious cinnamon roll and an amazing builder. In fact, she built Maya’s house in Sulani, and Simmer Boi’s gonna use another one of her builds in episode 3, so stay tuned! She has a YouTube channel and she also does streams on Mixer. Oh, and she’s a fan of Stevie Nicks! I don’t know why Simmer Boi wanted me to mention this. Episode 1 was pretty wild, now that I think about it. Sure, we didn’t see much of Josie and Amber, but the things we did see? Damn. And don’t get me started about Evanna. She sure didn’t waste any time getting in bed with the shifter, did she? Not that I blame her. I mean… Nicholas might not be an Adonis, but have you seen Nicole? Kelly sure did. We finally saw a little more of Balzac, Josie’s best friend, who just left the Elemental coven to go on a mysterious mission. Katja was all over the place. First she challenged Siegfried to a duel to avenge the death of Elyas. She obviously lost, but did that stop her? Nope. After Viktor finally told her what happened to him, and how he escaped the hunters, she went to the mausoleum and brought Elyas back to life! WHAT!? The die-hard fans will probably remember what she said about bringing people back from the dead in episode 3 of season 1. Spoiler: it’s not good. At all. But I guess we’ll have to see how that goes… Elyas: Ugh, something’s not right. Katja: Are you okay, dude? Elyas: What happened to me? Katja: We were going to mess with some spirits and you… you hit your head pretty bad. Elyas: You’re back from your mission. I don’t remember you coming back. Katja: Short term memory loss, eh? Elyas: I should probably get some rest. Katja: Wait! Elyas: What’s wrong? Katja: You can’t go back there! Elyas: Why not!? Katja: You… uhm… you just can’t. Elyas: Stop messing with me. Katja: Oh, for fuck’s sake!What are they looking at?Siegfried: Well, would you look at that. Elyas: Did you know Katja’s back? Siegfried: Yes, we knew. What happened to the boy? Katja: He hit his head. Doesn’t remember much. Siegfried: That’s convenient. Elsa: Katja, would you come with me for a second? Katja: I’d rather not! Elsa: I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but this is reckless! Even by your standards, Katja! Katja: I couldn’t just let him be dead! Elsa: Well, you should’ve! Katja: What, now? Are you gonna punish me and kill him again? Elsa: Just… keep an eye on him, okay? Siegfried: I was just telling Elyas the news. You’re both going to Glimmerbrook. We have a mission for you. Elyas: What is this thing you have to show me? Katja: Just follow me. It’s not safe to talk here. Katja: Don’t freak out. Elyas: Who do you think I am? Viktor: So, what is it that you wanted to tell me? Oh! Elyas: VIKTOR!? Viktor: Katja, you’re unbelievable. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. Zeno: I never thought we’d ever experience such a betrayal. We’ve always been loyal to each other, united in the face of adversity. And yet there’s always been an enemy hiding in our ranks. One of our youngest and seemingly purest ones. Amber. She killed Dorothea. She was jealous of her power. Krystal: Are you being serious right now!? George: Where is she!? Zeno: She ran. I couldn’t stop her. She seems to have befriended a fae! Retha: A fae!? Erin: We must find her and give her the punishment she deserves! Zeno: I know we all loved Dorothea very deeply. And I promise we will find Amber. In fact… Sophie: This doesn’t sound like something Amber would do. Zeno: Everyone, get to work! I want to know her location by tomorrow! Zeno: Sophie, come to my office. Zeno: Is there something you’d like to tell me? Sophie: What? No. I barely talked to Amber when she came back. Zeno: You know her well. Your connection is very strong. Sophie: I swear I don’t know where she is. Zeno: Don’t ever disrespect me again! You hear me!? Now get to work like the rest of us! And if no one finds her by the end of the day, I’m gonna blame it on you! Maya: This is where I leave you. Amber: Wait, you’re not coming? Maya: Never really liked covens, I prefer to do magic on my own. Good luck. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.What am I even doing here?Leilani: Nice you meet you, Amber. We were expecting you. Amber: You knew I was coming? Leilani: Of course. We always know when someone’s in need of our help. Welcome to Sulani, my child. And welcome to our coven. Amber: You talk as if you’re expecting me to stay. Leilani: You’ll stay here until you no longer need to. Leilani: This is a safe haven. The island takes care of us, as long as we take care of it. Our strength originates in the fires of our volcanoes. Our wisdom comes from the sea. And they are both things that you’re lacking, right now. Things that we’re willing to teach. Evanna: Ooops? Saoirse: I’m so proud of her. She’s grown so much. It seems like yesterday that she was just a little girl.I need to get my shit together, or they’re gonna find out.Kelly: So… did you have any fun last night? Evanna: Who, me? Nope, no fun. Kelly: Oh, is that so? Kelly: I always thought you were gross, Evanna, but this is too much. Even by your filthy standards. Evanna: What are you talking about? Kelly: I saw you having sex with that man. Evanna: Whaaat? Nicole isn’t a man… Kelly: Not all the time. But would Eilise care about the technicalities? Kelly: Don’t worry. I’m not gonna tell a soul. Evanna: You’re not!? Kelly: No. All I want is for you to stay away from Rhiannon. You clearly don’t deserve her. Leilani: I noticed you’re having nightmares. Is something bothering you? Amber: Oh, where do I start? Leilani: Take my hand. Amber: You know psychometry? Leilani: Windenburg witches think they’re the only ones who know divination. No offense, but what they can teach you isn’t even 10% of what you could learn from us. You are different, though. You have talent. You could be the greatest psychic that ever lived. Amber: And how could I do that? Leilani: You need to learn to control your visions. Focus on what you want to see. Katja: Ugh, fine! I’ll do it. Leilani: What did you see? Amber: I saw nothing but trouble. Amber: What are you doing here? Simon: I just wanted to check on you. Amber: Why don’t you tell me why you brought me here, while you’re at it? Simon: You must figure it out by yourself. Amber: Of course. You’re just like everyone else. Simon: What do you mean? Amber: Everyone always finds a way to keep the truth from me. Simon: I’m sorry. I’ve done everything I could. Amber: We both know that’s not true! Simon: Faes can help humans, from time to time, but only to a certain extent. Everything I did for you is way more than I was supposed to. Amber: And what would happen if you crossed the line? Simon: I would die, Amber. Simon: You should probably talk to Maya. Nicole: You’ve been avoiding me. Evanna: Oh, have I? Nicole: Look, it’s okay if you don’t wanna see me again. I realize what we did last night might’ve been too much for you. Evanna: No, it wasn’t! Evanna: I… I really liked it. That’s the problem. Rhiannon: I see! You’re with her now, huh!? Is that why you’re not talking to me!? Evanna: No, Rhiannon. The reason I’m not talking to you is because you’re a bitch! Nicole: Wow, that escalated quickly. Rhiannon: Oh, I’m the bitch!? You’re cheating on me! Evanna: How am I cheating if we were never together to begin with!? Rhiannon: What are you talking about!? You’re my girlfriend! Evanna: That’s something you decided! I never had a say in that! I’m not your property, Rhiannon! I never was!Evanna’s old bedroom…Frederick: The girl is still uncooperative. What should we do? Alistair: All in good time, son. Don’t you trust me? Frederick: But I want her, father. I want her now. Alistair: And you shall have her. Frederick: You haven’t eaten anything in days. Josie: I’m not hungry. Frederick: Get up, Josephine. Josie: I said I’m not hungry. Frederick: And I said you need to get up! Frederick: There’s something I want to show you. You ever wondered what happened to that fae’s parents? We killed his father right away. Useless sack of shit. But his mother… oh, she screamed for days. This is what happens to disobedient bitches. Are you gonna disobey us, Josephine? Frederick: Now, please, would you eat something? The nuns are gonna help you look pretty for dinner. Luke: You’ve found yourself a nice candidate, Fred. Robert: Such a fine specimen! Congratulations! Frederick: I know you must be scared. And you must think I hate you and that I want to hurt you. It’s actually quite the opposite. I thought you were beautiful from the first moment I saw you. And this is why I chose you. Frederick: Will you do me the honor of being my wife? Josie: Nothing in this world could ever make me happier.

  1. I saw Erin 😍! Katja didn't have the heart to tell Elyas 😢, poor thing. What was her coven leader afraid of? There must be some side effects (consequences) for bringing back the dead. Zeno is gonna get jumped 😡! Putting all the blame on the child, straight trash! The Temple in Sulani is so pretty! I like Leilani, she's cool. They're mermaids 😍! Kelly is a b*tch for real, what ever happen to minding your business? That's right Evanna! Be yourself and be free. No Josie 😢😖😫. I want to jump through screen and save Josie myself. Fredrick is gross asf 😡! Whatever spell they did, I hope it can be broken.

  2. OMG firstly, I teared up a little at the beginning! I feel very honored! And so appreciative that you like my builds enough to use them in your AMAZING work! <3

    My comments are going to be a little out of order because I'm scattered haha

    I need to start typing out my comments as I watch because I was so shocked (and sort of repulsed) at the end that I completely blanked on everything. But OMG Frederick so grosssss. Whatever spell/curse/thing Josie is under, I hope it can be broken because.. NO. Honestly, I'd rather see her dead than in the hands of those people! I wanted to reach through the screen and stab them all at that dinner table. My stomach was actually feeling kinda queasy, so awesome job haha

    And Elyas.. beautiful Elyas… I feel so conflicted. I want him to be alive, but also I think it's best just to let the dead be dead.

    Rhiannon is one of my favorite songs <3 and that cover is gorgeous so I'll be looking that up when I'm done typing hahahaha plus it fit so perfectly with the mood

    The temple is absolutely gorgeous and the scene with all the mermaids.. loved it! I'm curious to learn more about them in Sulani and why Amber is there!

    But yes, anyway, awesome job as usual! It didn't even feel like the episode was 30 minutes, it flew by haha


  4. Like I'm just in awe of all the creativity in this. The Sulani build OMG to have the Jungle build items mixed in with Sulani items totally took me to Hawaiian vibes!!! It's sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm now receiving my punishment as I have to wait for ep 3 instead of being on the edge of my seat waiting on YT to play the next part. 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 I'm so loving this & you for continuing the story. I'm just so eager to see what happens to Josie. I was like noooo don't eat its poison you naive little girl. Katja my favorite why girl why SMDH but I get it too. Evanna girl your so confused LOL & I'm rooting for Amber to basically save them all from themselves. That girl is going to be a force to reckon with if she lets Mya & the Sulani coven to teach her!!!
    Again thanks to you & your team for putting out such wonderful, amazing content for us to watch!!!!💖💖💖

  5. This touches me in a kind of way I can’t explain now and it scares me in a way I can’t explain too. But I will keep on watching anyway because you are simply awesome. 👍💫

  6. Okay lol I hate to say this, & I am sure this is an inside joke I didn't know but when you (Krystal) said she is a precious cinnamon roll I just cracked up. Every time I take to her I'm going think of that ahahah. She is though! Also keep up that AWESOME narration I love it. And the reacps are great too! Omg hahah yes I am in this episode and all the simselves… OMG I am an awful person !! OMG Zeno I seriously gasped when he hit her! OMg the coven of Sulani is so so cool (forgive my awful descriptions as i watch). The scenes in Sulani were so so gorgeous and I loved the change in mood and the music. OOOH I cannot stand Kelly wow. And I feel so bad for Evanna right now. I'm getting uneasy about Amber's situation–it would be good for her to control her visions, but I hope this isn't some kind of trap…Oh goodness Rhiannon!! You tell her Evanna! Okay so now you're adding some depth to Kelly omg these scenes really play with my emotions! Ok but Frederik is just evil , wow that dinner scene was so well done and also horrible WOOOAH WHAT???? OKAY NOOO. Was that real???? Was that a spell? A Vision? I hope it wasn't real with Josie omg omg

  7. The heartbeats in the beginning really set the scene! Freaking Elyassss, back from the dead for reallll. KATJA ALREADY LYING I'M DEAD LOL

    Lmfao omg poor Elyas, he has no clue that he's the one who is actually "back" I'm cackling haha & Katja is really trying to get them to go along with this lie hmmmm pfsht SKLBJS

    Everyone has flippin missions again…that's not SUSPICIOUS at all.

    Lmfao I would like to submit 5:46 into submission as evidence as to why Elyas is NOT good enough for Josie. He gets surprised easily and faints – W E A N I E

    Can I throw Zeno in an incinerator? Because these LIES! What the guac…rude turd man….Erin NOOOOO don't believe the liessss lmao But seriously where is all of his evidence to corroborate this fairy tale?! THANK YOU SOPHIE


    Sophie noooooo >:-(

    The temple is sooo beautiful!! Oof I felt that scare I thought Amber was alone lol The Sulani covennnn <3

    Yo Simon came throughhhh for Amber – I'm legit crying – he loves her so much he brought her to Sulani to heal in more than just a physical way – THAT IS LOVE! <3

    THEY'RE MERMAIDS?! I freaking love this! (Those camera angles thoughhhh – perfectttt)

    LMFAO OOPS…OOPS…That's what Evanna says… I can not. It's unhealthy how much I hate pixel Kelly – wtf – she's such a dillhole. Just go awayyyyyyyy.

    Damn Leilani is spitting facts…it sounds like the Sulani coven may be the strongest coven we've been introduced to?? Hmm


    I'm sorry but I'm CACKLING at Rhiannon's mad butt standing there being a freaking CREEP and a half watching Evanna and Nicole but oof to the whole situation :-/

    HE WANTS HER?? – UH UH I DON'T LIKE THE SOUND OF THATTTT. I knew Frederick was a pile of turds omfg JOSIEEEE 🙁

    SPECIMEN – WHAT THE GUACCCC. They better not be planning what I think – I will vomit


    Okay this episode was absolutely INSANE in the most wonderful way possible. I'm still like wtf did I watch at the end but lmao DAMN ITTTTT lol Amazing work! 🙂

  8. Ok can I just say- holy shit! Poor Josie! I’m really loving Evanna’s character development, seems like she’s becoming softer almost (in a good way). Amazing job as always, I cannot wait for the next episode!

  9. Hole-E Crap.

    First, I apologize for the delay. Today has been a royal pain in my butt. Even as I finally get to watch the episode, I've been interrupted multiple times.

    I'm really concerned about Elyas. Poor guy, doesn't even know what he's in for. Katja should have heeded Viktor's words, sometimes dead is better. And then she has to point out to both of them, that the other is alive?! I'm predicting whatever this pact she makes with Leviathan will have to do with keeping Elyas somewhat normal.

    Is Electra finally waking up to the pig that Zeno is? I'm thinking maybe she's had her suspicions for some time, but seeing act this way toward a child is the final straw? She's just so passive though. She needs to grow a spine and kick his butt! And how quickly the rest of the coven turned on Amber. I feel like maybe he is secretly sleeping with all of them!

    Maya definitely intrigues me. She took Amber to the coven, who said they could help her reach great power, but Simon brought her to Maya, and keeps nudging her toward Maya. There is much more to her than just a magical being who likes her solitude.

    I was NOT expecting Evanna's blow up. I was certain she would choose to split from Rhiannon, but the things she said, that was pretty harsh! I was honestly expecting Rhiannon to do something drastic at the end. She still might?

    I don't know what to say about Josie, that I didn't already say in this episode. To quote me, You've found yourself a nice candidate, Fred. That ending had me a little freaked even. Wow!

    I'm starting to wonder if Alistair's fascination with Elsa and the Necromancers, isn't a desire to bring someone back from the dead himself?

    I chewed off half my nails through this episode, and I am sincere when I say thank you for that 🙂

  10. OMG!! WHERE DO I BEGIN?! SERIOUSLY OMG! This was really good!!! I hope the hunt for Amber makes her coven realize she wasn't the culprit! I can't believe they're using magic to brainwash Josie!!! Evanna is starting to have some interesting character development. I still can't believe (although justified) that Katja brought Elyas back to life but I'm worried about his potential end again. This series is just too good!

  11. Wow! So I didn't manage to watch it in one go, but I'd recommend not watching it in two halves as I forgot the first half by the time I watched the second (TOO MUCH HAPPENS)
    Well done, Simmer Boi, fantastic stuff as usual.

  12. Just getting caught up… and 😳🤯🤬 You storytelling and cinematography are out of this world and I’m HOOKED!! 💜💜

  13. Omg no !!! What are they doing to Josie 😱😱😱 I can't wait to see what it's going to happen to Zeno thought, I hate that piece of sh*t. He is as worst as the hunters. 🤢

  14. Beginning thoughts…I’m so freaking scared for Elyas being brought back, I know a price must be paid🥺 where is Evanna’s heart and mind now?

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