Katja: I hope you bleed to death! Katja: Tell me you got some healing potion on you. Josie: No. And you need to look for the others. Katja: Are you insane!? I’m not leaving you here with him! Josie: Find them and bring them here. So we can leave together. Katja: I’ll bring you with me! Josie: I can’t move. You have to go! Josie: Elyas is dead. I don’t know how it happened. I… I’m so sorry. Katja: You couldn’t just stop talking to him, could you? Nicholas: Please, Evanna, let me turn, so I can help! I’m useless in human form! Evanna: What if you decide to turn into a bird and fly away!? Nicholas: I’m not gonna do that. You saved my life. I want to repay you. Please. Francis: There she is! The bitch who killed Mark! What is a pretty little girl doing all alone in the forest? You’re such a pig! She could be your daughter! But she isn’t. Lucky me! Katja: How am I supposed to find them!? Did Alistair Blackwood just use magic on me!? Alistair: You have no idea of how pleased I am to meet you, Katja. Do you think Elsa would listen, this time, if I took you hostage? How do you think she’d react, at the thought of losing you? So what’s wrong, little girl? Are you lost? Look how she trembles in the face of God! I can’t do this. I just can’t. Not alone. Robert: Give us the shifter and we might let you die quickly. Nicholas: This might be a good time to give me back my powers! Evanna: Fine! Alistair: You know, I think talking to Elsa would be a waste of time. Women don’t understand diplomacy, do they? But there are ways to make them understand. Even the strongest woman can be forced to bow down, in the end. No one’s coming for me. Everyone left me. I’m the only one who can do something about this. Francis: HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE! Alistair: I’m sorry for killing your friend, by the way. If Elsa had listened to me, your Viktor would be still alive. It was a necessary evil. Just like burning this forest. Or using magic. I’m sure God will forgive me. Katja: So you have no idea, huh? Alistair: About what? Katja: Wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy. Alistair: What is it!? Tell me, you stupid bitch! Tell me! I will fucking kill you! Tell me what you know! Amber: Where are the others? Evanna: I haven’t seen them. Amber: Then we have to find them! Evanna: Get the fuck away from her! Evanna: Didn’t you say she was here? Katja: She was. She took a bullet for me, and I treated her like shit. Rhiannon: They just told me about your arrival. Why didn’t you come and say hi to me? I’m so happy to see you. I was afraid that you might… Evanna: …what!? You thought I might not make it!? Rhiannon: I’m sorry for doubting you. But there are some things that I heard… Evanna: Oh, I know all about those “things”! Your little conspiracy! Thanks for warning me, by the way! Eilise: I’m so proud of how you handled your first mission. You brought so much honor to our coven. Eilise: You’re different. I feel a slight change in your aura. Evanna: I’m fine. It’s just that I saw some really dark shit. Eilise: I heard that you decided to set the shifter free. Evanna: Yes. It’s flying to Champs Les Sims as we speak. Eilise: That’s good. The hunters won’t find it there. Evanna: I need to get some rest, now. Eilise: Sure, go ahead. You had a rough night. Saoirse: Wake up, Evanna. You need to come with me. Evanna: Why? Did something happen? Saoirse: Just follow me downstairs. Evanna: Where is Nicholas? Saoirse: She’s just arrived and is looking for shelter. Can she sleep in your room? Nicole: Nice to meet you, I’m Nicole. Nicholas!? Viktor: Don’t do anything dumb, Katja. Sometimes dead is better. Katja: As if you’d know! Zeno: You saw it, didn’t you? You saw the truth. Zeno: You’re so powerful. I knew you’d figure it out. Amber: All this time I thought I was seeing the future. Turns out I was seeing the past. I remember everything, now. They were my friends. You separated us and you stole us from our families. Zeno: Yes. And I’m sorry. We’re all truly, deeply sorry. But it was necessary. The three of you… you’re going to rid the world from all evil. Amber: There’s four of us. Zeno: Not for long, from what I’ve heard. Amber: I don’t understand! Why is this happening? Zeno: Me and Electra are going to explain it to you in the morning. Now you need to get some rest. Also… I know about the boy, Simon. I saw you. Amber: Nothing happened between us. Zeno: I don’t know about that. And I don’t care. The only thing that matters is that you’re back. Amber: I can’t stay. I have to find Josie. Zeno: NO! You can’t leave me again! Dorothea: It’s over, Zeno! Your spells don’t work on me anymore! You shouldn’t have done that to Amber! I’ll tell Electra about what you did! Amber: It was you all along! You killed Dorothea! And you used your powers on me, so I would love you! Too bad your spell stopped working when I left! Maya: What is this girl doing in my bedroom? Genevieve: There should’ve been three of them. Not four. The Rule Of Three is very specific about this point. Electra: Three witches, deeply connected, will save our world when it’s nearly gone. Their power will triple when they come together as one. Eilise: What should we do, then? Take the others and leave one behind? Elsa: You wouldn’t have called me, if that was the case. Electra: And for their power to reach a new high, before the night comes, we must all wait for the Sacrifice of the Fourth. Eilise: That doesn’t even rhyme! Genevieve: And it’s not ethical. We can’t just sacrifice one of them! Electra: You, of all people, should know how important this is. I’ve seen your future. I know the evil you’re going to unleash on this world. Elsa: Then it’s settled. One of them is going to die. Don’t get attached.

  1. Such an amazing end to the first season. I don't think I have ever held my breath for that long. I cannot wait for season 2 to come.


  2. The fact that Nicolas changed into a beautiful black woman 😩? I can't- I. Hear me out…I know I'm straight but πŸ‘€ Nicole. know Evanna is feeling conflicted now πŸ˜‚ but I know sis likes her some chocolate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. This ending was soo good. I hope Josie made it 😩, precious lamb. I thought Amber was done for, thank goodness Simon saved her. I can't wait for season 2 love.

  3. Whoa! That was intense! Amber and Josie … 😒 What tangled webs were weaved all those years ago! Cannot wait for season 2 and to find out who and what the newcomer to the story will be doing. Brilliant! ❀️

  4. Oh my god, this was amazing. Possibly the best episode yet!
    I knew Zeno was evil. The most evil of the whole season imo. Hunters are obviously a close second.
    You are incredibly talented at storytelling and directing/filming (is that the right term for this?!). So thank you so much for sharing it on t'internet, it's been an absolute joy to watch, even if the subject matter hasn't been 100% joyful.

    Only (tiny) critism/feedback with this episode is that you may as well have added subtitles for the introduction/voice over at the start. Since you went to great effort with the other subtitles, you may as well add a bit more at the beginning to make it more inclusive & expand your audience (e.g. deaf viewers, people who want to watch with low volume and subtitles, Italian speakers who don't understand the English intro etc.).

  5. Haha at KB, what the guac?! Pulls out the munchies for rest of video!! Excitement! When your baby goes to bed well is quiet enough for you to enjoy this finale! Yay!!!

  6. The Devil was on a rampage eh… Damn don’t get attached is right… great finale…. I’ll be waiting!

  7. Lol I was so confused when Krystal started speaking but I loved it. Honestly the review was not only helpful but well done and entertaining. So awesome you too collabed on it. This is breathtakingly intense, amazing so emotive, I literally am so scared for Josie right now and everyone, and omg these scenes are just so much!! Wow! lol. I paused it around 13:16 thanks for including a random cameo of my simself haha I thought I just imagined it! The music, every song you selected is so fitting! And the editing is just excellent. Nicolas really surprised me, wow. Oh the dream sequence/ vision is beautiful. And the reveals and plot twists are excellent, I see why you are a published author! Omg that murder on the beach! WHATT!! NOO!!! And now we're going back 10 years!! Not sure what to say, this was so emotional and I cannot tell you how much I admire you not only as a film maker but also as a story teller. I feel you must plot this all out way ahead of time, no? Excellent

  8. I know Im super late to the party, but I LOVED every bit of this series!!!! From the explanations of all the covens to the personalities/traits of each character that shows positive & negatives. The attention to detail is AMAZING! The builds WOW! Watched this on my TV was like watching a real life television series. Your story telling is wonderful & creative. You have chosen some very talented Simmers to join you in the crafting of the series as well! Hats off to you all & a wonderful wonderful job well done!!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘Œ Manifique 😘😘😘😘

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