Evanna: This must be a mistake. Josie: All my stuff is here. I bet yours is too. Doesn’t look like a mistake to me. Evanna: Unbelievable! I knew they didn’t trust me, but this is too much! Josie: What do you mean? Evanna: All the members of my coven went on their initiation alone! Even that bitch Kelly! Why would I need someone to help me, when they didn’t? Katja: Okay, she’s insane. Amber: We weren’t sent here to help you. Not that I know of. Josie: I have to be initiated too. Katja: Same. Amber: I wonder if we’re here for the same mission. Evanna: The shapeshifter. That’s it, right? Evanna: But what the hell does this mean!? I don’t even know you! Katja: I say we should speak to our covens. I know we shouldn’t, but they owe us an explanation. Amber: Since we shouldn’t be contacting them, I bet none of us brought a phone. Evanna: SHIT! Nice to meet you, Josephine. I am your messenger, at your service. Josie: What does it mean? Could it be more clear? Josie: Does this mean you can send a message to Genevieve? I can try. Josie: Ask her what’s happening. Who are these girls? Why am I not doing my initiation alone? Genevieve refused to answer. Josie: No, she would never do that. Call me again if you need me.I bet Elyas would laugh, if he saw me.Trapped with a hippie, a fake feminist and a self-proclaimed prophet.Amber: Why is there no coffee in this house!? Katja: I see you’re both in a good mood! Evanna: Mind your own business, necromancer. Amber: Oh, there’s the coffee! Josie: I’m very worried, girls. Amber: What happened now? Josie: I tried sending a message to my High Priestess, but she refused to answer. Amber: And how did you do that? Josie: A messenger manifested itself to me. After a brief research I found out messengers are gifts from the changelings. I don’t know why it came to me, but… Evanna: Uhm… what’s a changeling? Katja: Just a disgusting fae. Amber: Changelings are creatures who swap their newborns with human babies. They’re raised by the unknowing humans, while the human babies are eaten. Katja: Exactly. I wouldn’t want a gift from them. Josie: It doesn’t matter! What are we gonna do now? Katja: We can try sending a message to my friend, Elyas. Elyas: That’s insane! I’d love to see you discussing with an Elemental and a Dianic. They’re out of their mind! I know nothing about this, by the way. Elsa and Siegfried are very secretive, but they look like they’re plotting something. Not that that’s anything new. They always look like that. I should go now. I don’t want Elsa to find us talking. We know how that would end. But let’s talk about this butterfly, for a second. What kind of a messenger is this!? I had higher hopes for you, Katja! Josie: Just so you know, butterflies are very hard-working insects! Also, Elemental Witches are not crazy! We bring peace and prosperity to the world! And what is it that you do, huh!? Apart from sacrificing animals! Not to mention disturbing the poor souls who live beyond the Veil, of course! Are you sure this is the message you’d like to send him? Josie: YES! Maybe Balzac was right about me. Josie: Your friend answered! But he had nothing useful to say. Katja: That dumb fuck. Evanna: Can I try sending a message too? Josie: Ah, uhm… no. The messenger is occupied, at the moment. Evanna: Occupied how? Amber: Maybe if no one’s explaining this to us, it means that we’re not supposed to know. Evanna: Well, I know something. I need a beer. Katja: I’m heading out too. There’s something I need to see.I wish Zeno was with me, right now.But also, I don’t.The abandoned San Myshuno coven. The hunters killed everyone who lived here.Genevieve: I shouldn’t have sent Josephine to that place. Baptiste: You couldn’t have done otherwise. You said it yourself. Genevieve: I know I said it. But I was wrong. There was another way. I could’ve… Baptiste: …pretended everything was fine? Left everything the way it is? Genevieve: I could’ve kept her with me. He’s there, Baptiste. He knew what we were going to do. He always knows. Baptiste: He’s just trying to torment you. Don’t let fear get the best of you, my love. Not again. Kelly: You need to get a grip, Riri! She literally just left, and you’re moping around already. What’s so special about that little girl? Rhiannon: You haven’t heard what Saoirse and Eilise said about her. When they thought no one was listening. Luke: We should’ve burned this place down when we had the chance! Frederick: Alistair ordered us not to. We need a place to stay while we’re here. Robert: I wonder where those four whores are hiding. Rhiannon: For days I wondered if I should’ve warned her about what I heard. But I couldn’t betray our High Priestesses. My loyalty to the coven must come first, always. Kelly: Then tell me. Tell me what’s worrying you so much. Let me get this weight off your chest. I can’t see you torturing yourself like this. I miss you, Riri. The real you. I… Kelly: Riri, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s going on. Rhiannon: They said one of the girls is going to die. Josie: Evanna’s back. She said she saw something. Amber: What happened? Evanna: A man died. I thought I’d be happy, but I wasn’t. And there was another man, with him… but it wasn’t a man. He did something to the body. I think he stole its soul. Katja: Sounds like really dark magic. I wish I met the guy. Evanna: I’m telling you he wasn’t a “guy”! And not a warlock, either! He was… something else! Josie: First the shifter, then the human, and now this “something else”. Amber: I don’t think it’s our job to worry about this. Let’s focus on our mission, that’ll limit the damage. We need some info about the shifter, so it’s time to find that damn human. Katja: Oh, I almost forgot! I saw the hunters, earlier! They’re at the old San Myshuno coven. And they’re looking for us. Evanna: Better late than never, Katja! Katja: Well, if we need info about the shifter, that’s where we need to go. I saw some ancient tomes about magical species that could be very helpful. Evanna: And why didn’t you take them!? Katja: Why didn’t you have a chat with that lovely, soul-stealing guy you met? Because I had to run, dummy! Amber: I think we can all agree that we need to keep a low profile, for now. This city is a dangerous place. We should stay inside and come up with a plan. Elyas: Okay, I have to admit you’re not too bad for an Elemental. But you do seem a little crazy. Who are you, by the way? I bet you know who I am, so it’s only fair that you tell me your name.I can’t believe we’ve been locked in this apartment for more than one week.I need some fresh air. I’m not used to this.Josie: I was thinking… what if we went out to celebrate, this evening? Since it’s Samhain and everything. Amber: Sounds like a bad idea. Josie: But we’ve been here for more than a week and we haven’t done anything! Evanna: She’s got a point. We’re nowhere near to completing our mission, either. Katja: Whatever. I’m cool with everything. Amber: Fine, let’s go out. Maybe the situation has improved. Amber: Samhain is the time of divination, of introspection and of remembering our dearly departed. But it’s also the time of leaving our old weaknesses behind, and making plans for our future. This is why we write our greatest weakness and toss it into the fire. So that it can be understood, before being eradicated. Evanna: I don’t want to be angry and afraid all the time. I want freedom from everything that’s stopping me. I want to live by my own rules. Josie: I don’t want to live to make others happy. I don’t want to fear loneliness. I don’t want to need a mother to guide me. I want to be the mother I’m looking for. Amber: I’m getting rid of my clouded mind and the secrets clawing on my chest. I’m getting rid of the doubt that I feel when I’m looking at him. Katja: Viktor. Josie: Nice costume, Katja. Katja: What costume?Wait, isn’t that……the boy from Electra’s crystal ball?

  1. This is so awsome 🙂 I love how you used the build. and I'm super excited to see what will happen next!!

  2. This is beyond amazing! Putting the info about the captions in the title was genius! I need the next episode ASAP! <3 <3 <3

  3. Amazinggg, as usual! <3 Also, the multiple caption warnings at the beginning hahaha I'm just so excited to see moreee!

  4. First, I want to say: Message received. I have turned on the captions 😀
    Second, WOW! Loved every moment! The girls definitely had a rocky, and emotional start. Evanna has got some serious anger issues, and I really expect Katja to be the one to go off, but she's the most chill there (for now). It's looking like they might be working it out a little bit, but that may change when Elyas and Josie's budding relationship gets out. My curiosity is definitely peaked about this strange guy Evanna saw, and I'm wondering if he has anything to do with the person Genevieve and Baptiste were talking about.

    Last, I am the most badassed hunter around, of course! She may have escaped this time, but I'll get her… Oh, I'll get her.

  5. I really feel for Josie–she def seems very alone but still strong in her convictions , she is my favorite character right now and the one I most relate to. Wow I didn't see the murder scene coming. The transitions are just fascinating to me, the way you weave story lines and scenes so seamlessly, you are incredibly talented but I don't have to tell you that. Katja definitely makes me nervous! I can see things building up but right now I'm not sure where they're headed. The scenes around 18 min are incredible-the effects and how much you've packed into them. Getting rid of your greatest weakness is a really interesting concept, it's actually a deeply philosophical one–to what degree do our weaknesses also shape who we are? What does it mean to "get rid of them" lol I'm off on a tangent, but it's a sign you have a thought provoking story. The costume part added some levity, I really enjoyed that, but I also still got a sinister tone…wow great job once again

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    Oh my sweet Josephine!! I felt for her when her messenger came back. But at the same time…poor Genevieve! Something is going on! Everyone is a bundle of nerves!! 🙁

    I love how you add in little scenes of humor to break the tension…like Amber struggling to find the coffee lol super cute!

    OMG Katja hide!! I got sooo scared! Lol OMG the hunters!

    Ughhh Kelly!!! She irkkssss me! Go away lol (BTW my stomach is in a ball of knots rn – I literally had to pause the video to type because I was swept away lol)

    Noooooo one of the girls will definitely die?? No I refuse lol in tarot readings we usually say that we can always change the outcome by our choices! I will firmly stick to that logic for my sanity lol

    OMG the girls looked so adorable for Samhein!! I loved Katja's "costume" lol

    I seriously couldn't keep my eyes off of the screen! WOW! Such an amazing episode, I mean every episode is amazing but holy guacamole! You blew me away!

    I love the butterfly messenger and how Josephine seems to be finding a new ally in unlikely places 😉

    Absolutely fantastic storyline and character development so far. You're amazing…and even though you're in the Plumbob awards for your Harry Potter remake I hope you enter next time with this series! Well with all of your series really!! Love youuuu xoxo

  7. Please tell me that is not Luke (SelfishSimmer) playing on the wrong side?? Eek! Is he a baddie or … it's not him? Tell me ………

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    I'm not ready for any of these girls to die. 😭

    Is that guy a demon or something? Wtf!

    Have the feeling Evanna is going to fall for a guy!

    Love the butterfly messenger.

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