They found me.I traveled so far, just to get away from them.But I had to come back.San Myshuno is my home.And now they found me.Amber (narrating): The problem with tarots is that they only tell you what you ask them.We’re the worst judges of what’s best for ourselves.Client: So? Am I gonna earn enough money for the baby?Amber (narrating): This will be her third miscarriage. But I don’t have the heart to tell her.Amber: I wouldn’t worry about the money. You’ll have plenty.To spend on yourself.It’s almost time.Sophie: They said you’re leaving. Why didn’t you tell me? Amber: I was waiting for the right time, but I never found it.Dorothea’s old room.I can’t believe how empty it is.Sophie: You were supposed to teach me everything. And now you’re abandoning me. Amber: I will only be away for a few months. When you’re 18, your time will come as well. You’ll get out of here, face the outside world. Then you’ll come back as an adult. A true witch. It’s part of the initiation. Sophie: The witch who lived in this room… was she going to be initiated too? Amber: No, she was 35. One day she just disappeared. We never saw her again. Usually, when a witch goes missing, it’s at the hands of a hunter, but we can’t be sure. Now you should probably go to sleep. Sophie: Wait. Can you stay with me? Just for tonight. Amber: I have to get ready for tomorrow.Where the hell did she go?Rhiannon: Sorry, I was getting tired. It gets boring, when you win everytime! Saoirse: Evanna! You should be taking care of the sheep! Evanna: Why is it always my turn? Rhiannon: It’s because you’re still an apprentice, Evie. Evanna: Not for long. Rhiannon: Just promise me you’ll be careful, out there. Evanna: I can take care of myself! Rhiannon: You don’t know what it’s like. I hated going on my first mission. All those men… you can feel their negative energy just by being around them. They’re predators. All they do is kill, and destroy, and… Evanna: Stop patronizing me! Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean I’m stupid! I’ve lived 18 years of my life without even speaking to a man, and I don’t intend to start now.I wish I could warn her.Balzac: Are you ready for tonight’s ritual of good fortune? Josephine: I still can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow. Balzac: Are you scared? Josephine: This is the first time I ever leave the coven. And I have to do it alone. I don’t know if I can do it. Balzac: I feel you. You know how my initiation went. Josephine: But you’ll get a second chance next year. I’m sure you’ll make it this time. Balzac: See? Was that so hard? Same goes for you. Our coven is very tolerant, when it comes to initiations. Everyone gets a second chance. Josephine: That’s if I don’t get killed. Genevieve: Come with me, honey. I have something for you. Your first grimoire. It’s about time you got one. Josephine: Really!? I love it! It’s like it was made for me! Genevieve: It was, but be careful. Always check how many pages you have left. It’s bad luck to finish a grimoire’s pages. Elyas: I thought you’d be sleeping on a bench tonight. Wouldn’t be the first time Elsa has locked you outside. Katja: I’d promised you a rematch. Since you suck! Elsa: You shouldn’t waste your time playing chess! Why aren’t you getting ready? You don’t want to end up like Viktor, do you!? Elsa: Now move! The ritual is at midnight! Katja: Midnight, really? Who knew? Eilise: Today is a very important day for all of us. Our last apprentice is about to leave. This means we will all be true witches when she returns, and our coven will be complete. Kelly: If she doesn’t fail, of course. Eilise: We all know the world is a dangerous place, Kelly. But we also know our Evanna, her strenght and her loyalty to the Goddess.This speech sounds more like a threat than an encouragement.Evanna: Why don’t we kill all the men, if they’re so evil and dangerous? Eilise: Because that’s not what we do, in Brindleton Bay. Some spells are sacred and some are blasphemous, my child. We’re only interested in spells devoted to self improvement. That’s what female energy is all about. Men hurt, destroy and force themselves upon this world. We can’t get down to their level. And now, let’s all cheer for our Evanna!When I was a child, I thought this would always be my home.Now I know that’s only true as long as I do what I’m told.Necromantic oil… chicken livers… graveyard dirt…Katja: Where are my coffin nails? Elyas: Do you need something? Katja: I can’t find my coffin nails. Elyas: I can lend you some. But only because you’re leaving. Katja: If it weren’t for that you wouldn’t lend me a used napkin. Elyas: I know it’s stressful. I mean, your first mission. I’ve been there. Katja: Last year. I know. Elyas: So I guess I won’t be hearing from you for a while. Katja: You know that better than I do. I can’t have any contact with the coven. Elyas: And you’re coming back… Katja: …before the Winter Solstice, yes. Elyas: Well, what can I say? I’m gonna miss you, you little asshole. Katja: I sure won’t miss you.Whoa. I feel weird.What’s happening to me?That’s the High Priestess tarot.Wait… is that me?And that must be the Strenght.But who is that girl?The Star. A symbol of hope.And that’s Death.Please, make it stop. I don’t want to look at her.If there’s something I’ve learned, from years of divination……is that no message is sent from beyond the Veil without a purpose.Josephine: Balzac will take care of you. He promised me. Balzac: Don’t get in trouble! Don’t look at me like that! I’m only telling you because I know you’re tempted! Josephine: I never “get” in trouble. It’s trouble that always comes after me. Balzac: Sure! Go tell that to somebody else! Genevieve: Honey, we can’t wait any longer. Balzac: Enough with the sadness, Josie. You won’t be away for that long. Josephine: It’s a long time before the Winter Solstice. Balzac: Than use that as motivation to complete your mission as soon as you can! Josephine: Why are you always right? Balzac: One of us has to be. Genevieve: This is your new home. Josephine: This place is so colorful. I always thought San Myshuno would be too grey for me. Genevieve: Oh, it can be.Well, that’s reassuring.Electra: Your mission won’t be too hard. But the situation is more serious than it seems. Amber: What is it? Electra: There’s been a shapeshifter sighting in San Myshuno. It was seen hiding in a book shop in the Arts Quarters. Amber: And what would my task be, exactly? Electra: Find it. But not just that. A human boy was involved in the accident. He’s the one who saw the creature. Zeno: So not only will you have to find the shifter, but the human too. They might be a hazard for our coven, and for the others as well. If someone else sees the shifter, or if the human speaks to anyone about it, our secrecy could be corrupted. Amber: And what should I do with them, when I find them? Electra: That’s up to you. Zeno: The test is designed to evaluate your judgement as well. We value a witch’s ability to make her own decisions. Amber: Very well. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish packing my bags. Zeno: Are you okay? You seemed a little upset. Amber: I’m fine! Zeno: You know I can’t do anything about that. Electra is my wife. We founded the coven together. If we separated… Amber: I know that! Zeno: You don’t know how hard it is for me to see you go. You’re my rock. You’re the only one who understands me.I can’t say no to him.I can never say no to him.Siegried: We’re in the Fashion District. I love this part of the city. There’s a nice karaoke bar, not far from here, called Planet Honey Pop. You should check it out. If you’re interested in that sort of thing. Katja: Nah, that’s not for me. Siegfried: Oh… that’s too bad.Who left the lights on?How much money did they spend on this place?And why would I need a two-storey apartment all by myself?Katja: Do we know each other? Josephine: Uhm… I don’t think so? Katja: Then what the fuck are you doing in my apartment!? Katja: What the hell is going on!? Evanna: You might not care, but I’m here on a mission, so if you’ll excuse me… Amber: I think we are all here on a mission. Evanna: Wait… are you witches too? Katja: Watch out, she’s a smart one! Evanna: Excuse me!? Amber: We all need to calm down. Josephine: Why didn’t Genevieve tell me about this?

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    Absolutely incredible, as always! This time last year, I never would've thought a Sims 4 machinima could keep me entertained for more than 20 minutes. It must've been an absolute pain in the butt writing all the captions out! If I get time, I'm going to re-watch videos with Italian captions too, maybe I'll pick something up!

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