Tuesday Card: Two of Pentacles

Hey everybody, it’s Anna. Welcome to the
Tuesday card in this week’s Tarot Story. We have the Two of Pentacles. Pentacles are connected to the physical realm. They’re about our jobs, our hobbies,
our energy and also our physical well-being and vitality. When this card
shows up we understand it’s about balancing our lives so we have good
physical vitality and energy. This man is standing on the seashore and he’s
juggling two Pentacles. He’s keeping them balanced. The idea here is to remind
us that in order for us to be creatures on the planet we have to pay attention
to not only things that are exciting to out minds, our hearts, our souls; but also
what’s going on in our bodies. This could be a balance between our work life
and our home life. It could be a balance between work and play. But basically it’s
about realizing that you are a full creature on the planet and you have to
be mindful of all aspects of that. The reason I think this is coming up today
is because yesterday we had the Page of Swords which is a young zealous energy
which is all about expanding the mind, learning something new, which is really
great. But that energy is so young and adventurous that it can also overdo it. It can be overzealous and fixate on
something, and I think it’s likely that when we get excited about something, and
our minds are sort of keying into something new, that it can block out
everything else. It could almost become a new religion to us which,
instead of being enlivening and exhilarating and expansive, it becomes
another way of locking ourselves down – because we forget that we’re in a body. We forget we have the rest of our lives. If, instead of just letting ourselves go
fully into that kind of mind meld with something new, we can do other things to
balance that – to stay connected to other people, to have fun, things we’re doing to
relax, to go swimming, whatever it is – it reminds us that we are
engaging our minds not so we can just learn something new but so it can be
brought back to enhance our entire experience as human beings. Then it stops
becoming a doctrine that our mind’s locked into and instead it becomes a
tool that we’re using to enhance the rest of our lives. So today if you’ve
noticed you’ve been zeroing in on something and focusing on something
really strongly, try to back off a little. Try to relax a little. Give yourself some
time off to do something very different that also speaks to you
and who you are as human being – whether that’s hanging out with somebody you
love or watching a silly movie are going for a walk in the woods. Something that
feels like a break for your mind. When you do that not only do you give your
mind a break so it can come back to it fresh, but you’ll also keep the mind
connected to the rest of the body. See you tomorrow for our next card. Bye!


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