Trickpedia : Frontside Mojo Flat Spin – Marcelo Supertramp

Translated by Marcelo Supertramp
Synced by Marcelo Supertramp The Mojo Flat Spin is a very difficult trick That you usually learn it after the Mojo Actually it IS a mojo 360, it’s all about the same idea People who want to begin learning this trick, usually get the Mojo Backside first because it is quite easier (for most) So people try it a lot the Mojo Flatspin Backside as a first try But the backside, spins in this direction The issue about it is that your leg has to go above the line is the back one If you spin it backside, only at the end of the spin you will pass your leg above the line And if you want to do it 360, you will have to go above the line at the end of each half spin You will have to spin much higher so you can pass your leg above the line the second time That’s quite a big problem, it will hit your jaw a lot 🙂 So usually people do Mojo Flat Spin Frontside Because if you are here, if you spin in this direction The first thing you do is get your leg above the line So a lot before the end of the spin you are already at the right side of the line you should be So you finish your spin a land a chestbounce easily without getting hurt, not risking your jaw Another hint to get the right alignment is to land a chestbounce holding the line like this Because there are some people who learn it this way And when you need to push your body in this direction This hand position is much more instable to do it in this direction So I see a lot of people not spinning it aligned when holding the line like this Or they do it with a little help of the other hand (I STARTED LIKE THIS :p) Which limits your move speed and height and it’s ugly 🙂 To spin it easily land your chestbounce like this
Stretch your arm to get higher and move your head over your shoulder to spin You are almost half way there, push the line, finish spinning and grab the line again before the chestbounce Remember to go high and tuck your legs to spin faster And then it’s important to train the Mojo Flat Spin is get your Frontside Mojo perfectly And then try this two things: First, do it higher and consequently slower… Then do it shortly, so you have to spin it faster, for example: And then, it will happen a lot when you try your Mojo Flat Spin for real is Go higher and faster, it will happen something like this: Notice, that the first leg to hit the ground was the leg that should be on the line If I have to go from here, the floor, to the line, I still have a long way to go, right? What I recommend you to do after you are already getting your Mojo Flat Spin wrongs like this is to try, even if it is still wrong, try to land on the other leg, like this: I just missed putting the leg on the line, I’m almost done
If you keep on repeating it, soon you will get your Frontside Mojo Flat Spin easily, without risks Oooops … almost got hit!

  1. ficou bem explicado o video eu tava jogando mais não estava sacando a onda da terrissagem com a perna direita agora com esse video aulaa ficou bem mais facil de entender a manobra

    Supertramp explicando os principais erros da maneira mais simples de entender agora so treinar sem medo de errar.

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