Toram Online – Info From Livestream: Wizard Skill Preview! New Skill Will be added to Weapon Skill!

  1. The WIZARDO
    Btw that meteor skill what meteor breaker should have looked like
    Out of all the other lvl4 skill
    Meteor breaker's animation is lame af
    Rip 2h my fav skill
    And I wonder when the beast skill is coming :3
    You turn into werewolf

  2. I think the best part of it it will be in library XD
    And wizard will be in next month, if there's no problem occured

    Crusher got rider kick animation, and will be displayed in january

    And that additional skill in every tree looks promosing, hopefully :v

    And some other info like alternate color Nurethoth for hell mode (called nu-tores or something)
    smith lv4
    lv cap
    new map for P.Ava
    and many other things
    you can check it in my channel :v
    (sorry for the plugin Arewzo :v)

    This info is based from what i heared. If i'm hear it wrong, then just ignore this comment :v

    i'm still learning japanese ok :v

  3. Thought the blizzard skill shown here works like the blizzard skill that the Lost Speller class has in Avabel. It may work similar as the latter anyway…

  4. why do they put so much effort into new skill rather than make a new weapon and skill system for that said weapon.

  5. first and last mages or wizards or no matter what they call them will Always be garbage DPS build always need tank to cover their ass and that is measless build but the new weopen skills looks intresting to wait for .

  6. Lets all hope skill can be bought in.the library cuz I know most people here including me are broke beyond compare.

  7. Gonna need that barrier thing in my mage main i hope it will release on next month cuz I've been waiting for this skill to arrive 😁

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