[MUSIC PLAYING] No one likes listening
to a bad beat story. No one wants to hear about how
you played it perfectly and got unlucky. Can you please shut up? [MUSIC PLAYING] Homer. We got an a-in. But let’s be honest, there’s a
cruel twisted part of us that love seeing bad beats on TV. And here’s the top five
we’re still talking about. Well you just want to rub
salt in my wound every time. Show some class,
show some class. Our 5, it’s Chris Moneymaker
vs. Jason Mercier, at the NAPT Venetian Bounty Shootout. Jason has a reputation
for always getting there, but on this occasion he gets
a taste of his own medicine. Mercier with the kings. Come on. Moves all in He has both
Glance and Moneymaker covered. Glance folds. I’ll call. And a call from Moneymaker. Moneymaker at risk and behind. He started the hand with
almost 40 big blinds, and it looks like ace-king
suited might be his last hand. Jason Mercier in position to
collect Moneymakers’ bounty as Moneymaker exits the scene. He should have to
stay at the table. Brett Favre doesn’t
heave one up for grabs, and run to the sideline,
and drink some Gatorade, while waiting to see
if it’s intercepted. The flop is 10, tre,
jack, two clubs. Wow. Moneymaker now favored
with a royal flush draw and one over card. Yeah, Moneymaker might
win the hand now. It’s better than an ace. Third card, 8 of Spades,
Mercier dodges trouble. He’s now favored to
knock out Moneymaker. Well, Chris now should
be halfway to his car, because he is about
to lose this hand. River card, Queen of
Clubs, are you kidding? A royal flush for
Chris Moneymaker If you’re going to win,
that’s how you win. No you stay at the table
and watch your fate. That’s how you win. At least Jason took it well. And table demeanor
counts for a lot. It may even help keep
karma on your side. Mikel Habb. Our Number 4. Mr. Haab finds himself in
the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event with one of the
easiest decisions in poker. Oh my god, is he
going to really– Oh Lord. Oh no. Fail fish. Oh my Lord. Oh no, not like this. Oh my god he’s slow rolling Sam. Oh my Lord, what in
the world is going on? Oh my god. This, please a 6. I mean, I don’t usually
root for players, but I mean maybe he is
truly thinking about this? Oh. Mikel makes the call. You can see Sam is
kind of disgusted here. Come on. [INAUDIBLE] [CLAPPING] Please. Oh my god. I have never called for any
kind of cards in any situation, but come on, 6 for justice. That’s kind of a
brutal slow roll there. I mean, I mean, oh my god. We’re going to need a 6 here. Sam needs a 6, and
only a 6, or she’s lose a huge percentage
of her stack. 10 Sam needs to find
a 6 and a 6 only here. Let’s see a river card. Oh my god. Oh, 6 on the river. Ship it to mamma. Oh my Lord. Oh, 6 on the river. Oh my god. Oh, those poker gods could be
cruel when you provoke them. And sometimes they have
a wicked sense of humor. Case in point, Number 3. On the Battle of the PCA
2014 Super High Roller, five short stocks watch on
as Vanessa Selbst and Dan Shak go to war. Ace, jack for Vanessa
Selbst in the small blind. The chip leader calls. Even with a huge stack, Vanessa
playing this cautiously. Dan Shak, with 9, 10 of Clubs
in the big blind, and he calls as well, for
an additional 60,000. He’s giving great immediate pot
odds, with suited connectors, and he’s actually the
favorite three ways. Three way to the flop,
which kids Vanessa top pair, second pair for Dan Shak, plus
a flush draw, plus a back-door straight draw. Oh boy, this could get uglier
than Kuato from Total Recall. Well it doesn’t
look like Vanessa intends to play in flow. She leads for 165,000. 400. Dan Shak raises to
400,000, gets an insta-fold from Antonio Esfandiari. I don’t see Vanessa folding
top pair, top kicker here. Call She calls. There is now 1.25
million in the middle. Huge pot building
here on the bubble, and there are three guys at
the table running on vapor. The board pairs on the turn. Vanessa now a 3 to 1 favorite. She checks. All-in. And Shak shoves. OMG. ICM. Suicide. I commend Dan Shak for having
stones so big they are now considered the islands
of the Bahamas, but this bluff is risking
crazy amounts of real money against a person with
a stupid strong range. I call. Vanessa calls. And Dan Shak is at risk of
bubbling the super-high roller. What a ridiculous sweat. What an unnecessarily huge pot. Dan Shak does have 11 outs. He can hit a club or
a 10 on the river. It’s a 10. That was not supposed to happen. He’s doing a victory lap. He’s coming back. Dan Shak doubles up,
and takes the chip lead from Vanessa Selbst. Ah, I just didn’t
think you’d up. Dan, don’t say anything. Don’t. Wow. That, too late. I just lost like
two million chips. I lost two million chips. Dan got me on the river, yeah. He pushed on the turn, and I
called, and he had 11 outs. Yeah. Selbst squashed. But sometimes it’s the guy
dishing out the bad beat who looks devastated. At number 2, Olivier
Busquet tries to hide his embarrassment in
the EPT 11 Barcelona Super High Roller. Olivier Busquet is on the
button, with ace-deuce suited. He has fewer than 20 big blinds. For Olivier’s sake. I hope he’s just
thinking about flatting. All in. He shoves. He wasn’t just thinking
about flatting. Klein folds the small blind. Trickett folds the big,
and Reichardt’s calling. That’s bad. And Olivier Busquet is at risk. Reichardt’s kings. A 68% favorite. Is Olivier Busquet going to
finished eighth in a Super High Roller again? That would be brutal. Oh, Reichardt almost
flops him dead. More than almost. He’s got less than 1%. 8,8 to win. Ace, Ace. 8,8. 8, 8. Or ace, ace. Oh boy. Busquet now has two outs. With great television. Is that what you would think? If it happened, you’d be
like, well at least it was good television? That’d be so sick. Sick doesn’t cover it. Busquet needs another
ace to survive. And it is another ace. So you’re saying
there’s a chance? Unbelievable. Less than 1% on the
flop, and runner, runner, to make a
better full house. You’re thinking, what is this? I’ve never seen that. Yeah, obviously. They’re putting the kings away. Olivier runs
ace-deuce into kings, and gets there in
incredible fashion. It’s exactly the look I
used to give when I make a great catch in the outfield. You know it was all luck, but
you’re happy for the applause anyway. And at Number 1, it’s the bad
beat the felt so good to watch. From Season One of the Big Game,
it’s the poker brand himself. Phil Hellmuth Jr. taking not
one, but three bad beats. Wow, what a sick hand this is. Four ways. I’m not ignoring anyone, Next
pot is like a freeroll for me. The danger of smooth
calling with kings, Ernest has led three other
players into this pot. The flop, 9, 10, 9,
trip 9s for Hellmuth. Phil has flopped the
Hellmuth out of it. Our loose cannon,
Ernest is in big trouble if he can’t get away from
this, and honestly Chris I don’t see how he’ll be able to. 17,000 Bets 17. Phil bets 17,000. It’s a little like me,
why you bet so much ? Ernest Is actually asking
the right question, but isn’t looking for an answer. Wow All he can see are
those two kings. 36,000 I love you Ernest. I’ll try it again. I love those king. Doyle folds. I was going to raise. I was going to raise. So sick. Tony G’s out. 20,000 one. Wow This is almost certainly
disaster for our loose cannon. 20,000. What are you going to do if I
move in, are you going to call? Phil of course, I have no
choice but, to my brother. You got aces or kings
or something, or what? Man if i had aces or kings
man, I’d be the man right now, wouldn’t I? I love you Ernest. You’re the greatest. This is why this show is so fun. All right, I guess I’m all in. I call. Kings. Ok, all in and a call. I got three 9s. You got to kidding me. OK that’s what I thought. What were you slow rolling for? Man. Maybe a 10,4. I mean, he just was so happy. That was so unreal. That was torture. I didn’t mean to slow roll. Hold on, how many times
are you want to deal it? Oh, hey, thanks for asking me. Three times? Huh? Three times? Yeah, run it three. Three times. Three times. Three times. Yeah, that’ll work. You might win one
of those three. Gee whiz, man. Wow, and you’d straddled and
everything, that was perfect. You made it so much before
the flop with those 9s. Our loose cannon has
one foot out the door. You want to deal it four times? When you asked him, you’re
going to call if I go all in, and he said yes,
what percent of you didn’t believe that he was
giving the straight dope there with that little bit left? Wasn’t it like a– What little bit money? He had 50,000 left. That’s slow, that’s one
of the worst slow rolls I’ve in forever. No, that’s not a slow roll. When you know he’s going
to call because he says it? Phil Laak, why don’t
you just stay out of it? Why don’t you stay out of it? Because I’m right here. Because, Phil, you are so– you’ve been so far
out of line to me, and every time we’ve played,
and I’m just sick of it. So why don’t you just
mind your business. You had 12,600
[INTERPOSING VOICES] But, he’s right, it was
a pretty sick slow roll. I’m sorry. Because, I haven’t done anything
like that in my whole life. Were you folding? I can’t get away from
this, the whole speech? The guy is already in. He’s already got
80% Doyle’s aside. Doyle you’re the– He had 50,000 more. Did he have 50,000 more? You want to, I’ll bet he
had at least 40,000 more. You want to bet? He put in 36,000. I’ll bet he had 40 more. Before you count and look. 74, 74, 300. Right. What’s the difference? How could he ever
have that beat? You want to deal it
four times, or what? Four times? Yeah. It gives you a
better chance to win. Hey, then I sure do. Cool. Run it a mile day baby. All right, four times. Four times, need two kings. Wow, that’s about 50/50. Or you need spade-spade. Queen-jack. Hey, run a Jack,
hey, run the runner. So we’ll see the turn and
river four times with each pot worth a shade under 50 grand. Run number one,
a Jack of Hearts. queen, need a queen, king. The river an Ace of Diamonds,
round one goes to Hellmuth. Phil Hellmuth has filled
up and made a full house. He’s locked up at
least 25% of this pot. Run two. The turn. A King. There we go. Full house That’s what’s
I’m talking about baby. Beautiful Ernest. Get me damned, Get me damn. If you ran it twice,
you got money back. You know, damn, I’m saying
four times, oh, damn, didn’t I? Holy snap. I got to stand back up now. I thought it was only twice. Come on. The river’s a 3. 15% dog. Ernest has won the second pot. So, that’s cool. I’m feeling good right now. You’re still alive
you’re still alive. That’s the only thing. Our loose cannon
will stick around. Round three, a 7 of spades. Everybody’s rooting for a spade. You can now hit a King or
a spade to win this run. Get me down. The river. It is a spade. God damn. It’s a spade. Up 2-1. That’s the loose
cannon, he’s up 2 to 1. Why did you go for four times? You went for– Hey, man, I was thinking
of [INAUDIBLE] man. This is like slow roll. One more time. One more time. And you put it king
ball out there. Ernest Wiggins has
now won half the pot. This is the thing right here. This is it right here. This is like big
action right here. You got it? Helmutt loves it. Yeah, I really like it. Come on, one more. King. King. One more king here. The final run. Ernest’s odds continue
to get worse and worse. But Phil looks sick anyway. A queen on the turn. Jack, jack. There’s a jack. You want a jack. That would be something.? Jack. King. King or a Jack. On time. There what? Three jacks left? [INTERPOSING VOICES] right now. The final river card. It’s a king. King. Oh That’s unreal. He hit the three out of four. He hit three out of four,
with the worst hand. [INAUDIBLE] Why is everyone so
happy, except Phil? That’s what I’m talking about. 3-1. Oh yeah. What a win. What a win for you Ernest. Phil deserved that. Doing that with ace-9? Tony, can you please
please shut up? The blind’s coming. Why? it’s something funny. I mean, come on man. What you just want to rub
salt my wound every time. Show some class. Show some class. But the hand. You’re a professional. You aren’t meant
to play like that. The only time anyone’s felt
even vaguely sorry for Phil. Oh, that’s enough bad
beats to last a lifetime. Look out for more Poker
Stars Top 5s coming your way on Poker Stars dot TV.

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