Top 5 Sword and Sorcery movies for your Dungeons and Dragons campaign

As a self-described geek-of-all-trades, I
have quite a few passions and hobbies, all of them being heavily based in geek culture But since I have several hobbies and there
are only so many waking hours in a day, in order to get to engage in as many of them
as possible, there has to be some overlap between them, there have to be ways in which
I can combine two or more of them in the same time frame. This is exactly what I’ll be doing in this
video (in this article). I’ll be mixing two of my major passions
in life, movies and gaming. And to dial it in a bit further, I’ll be
focusing on five super-cool fantasy movies that you can have playing in the background
during your DnD sessions. I say DnD as a catch-all term for pretty much
any pen and paper RPG, set in a medieval fantasy world but not necessarily. So without further ado, let’s roll for initiative! The Gamers: Dorkness Rising In case you’re hardcore into RPGs and you
have not yet seen, or at least heard of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, then do yourself
and your group a favor and watch this fan-made masterpiece as soon as possible. It’s quite likely the most accurate portrayal
of a DnD group dynamic, usually illustrated through events that happen in-game, with all
the inherent exaggerations for comedic purposes that this entails. The movie makes sure to also show how DnD
influences the characters’ day-to-day lives, in some slightly exaggerated but nonetheless,
quite realistic scenes. Even though you can see that it was made on
a limited budget, it’s not really amateurish. Sure the effects aren’t the greatest but
they’re not horrible either. Also considering this was made back in 2008,
the special effects aren’t really that bad for an indie production. In fact, one of the main strengths of the
movie – besides the comedic writing – is that it doesn’t go for a realistic approach when
it comes to the adventure the characters are playing, because they knew they couldn’t
afford it. Also, most DnD games, by their very nature,
are anything but realistic so it fits in with that aspect as well. Even though the sets and costumes look the
part, you can easily tell they’re just that: costumes. This isn’t some Game of Thrones gritty-level
production. In fact, this movie was released a full three
years before Game of Thrones graced our screens, so that influence wasn’t there to begin
with anyway. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising knows what it
is and loves it. Combining the right amounts of comedy, adventure,
character development and references to a bunch of games, this movie is a pleasure for
any geek or old school gamer out there. Check it out, you will not regret it. Hawk the Slayer This not-so-well-known but heavily-cult title,
is the movie that started it all. And by “it” I mean it started the sword
and sorcery genre. That’s right, we have a low-budget British
movie from 1980 to thank for all the other movies on this list, as well as many more. While there are no monsters in this one, we
do get wonderful over-the-top acting, special effects courtesy of the magic of cut-and-splice
editing, a motley crew of adventurers, a pretty pumping soundtrack and an overall Star Wars-ian
feel. You have to keep in mind that The Empire Strikes
Back was released that same year, before Hawk The Slayer. Nothing spectacular in terms of storytelling,
character development or special effects, it is however a very entertaining watch and
like I said, the soundtrack is great. Saying anything more about it would spoil
the surprise of actually seeing the movie. The 13th Warrior The 13th Warrior should be considered something
of a mainstream modern classic of the genre. While sure, it doesn’t have any sorcery
in it, it has all the major components of a DnD campaign. The protagonist is our player character proxy,
an outsider who has to spend time learning the language and customs of the land that
he is adventuring through. There’s a group of warriors from a completely
different culture than that of the protagonist on a quest to find and eradicate a dubious
and little understood threat. Great looking costumes and sets, all of this
being arranged together in a pretty solid action-adventure sort-of package. The 13th Warrior is simply a fun movie to
have running during your campaign. Krull This is the second fantasy interpretation
of Star Wars that I have on this list, which only lends even more to the argument that
Star Wars is less science fiction and more science fantasy. Krull has a massive budget and you can see
it on the screen, in the fantastical sets and the pretty cool practical effects. The movie follows the overall structure of
a solid DnD campaign. It starts with a quest for an ancient weapon
that can only be wielded by a Chosen One, it then goes into gathering his party, going
through various encounters with either magical beasts, humans or sorcerers, in order to reach
the villain’s headquarters and basically wreck his shit. I skipped over some parts on purpose so as
to keep the mystery of discovering the plot on your own. While the movie itself is a bit slow at times,
it makes for some great imagery to have in the background, not to mention that you can
easily adapt the storyline to make one crazy-ass campaign. Conan the Barbarian I left Conan the Barbarian last on this list
because it is by far the most obvious choice that has ever existed in terms of movies to
run in the background of a fantasy RPG campaign. There’s just no way you can do better than
this absolute and time-proven classic, of not only the sword and sorcery genre, but
also of Arnold’s filmography. There’s very little that I can say about
Conan the Barbarian that hasn’t already been said by many more throughout the years. Great action, great protagonist, good comedic
relief, there’s magic, there’s monsters (well, a giant snake at least) there are zounds
of one-liners that have permeated pop culture ever since *what is best in life line* Conan
the Barbarian is always an entertaining and fun watch and if you don’t like it *then
to hell with you* Special mention should go to Conan The Barbarian’s
soundtrack which is, in my opinion, one of the best soundtracks in movie history. The music is both epic and loud while at the
same time being subdued and descriptive, it’s a great choice to have as your campaign’s
soundtrack. It really doesn’t get talked about as much
as it should. But rest assured, I’ll do it in a future
video. Thank you for watching this video, I hope
you found it informative. And let me know in the comments what you favorite
movies to run in the background of an RPG campaign are. Please like and share the video with your
friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my other movie and
game reviews, I make videos every week! I’ve been StefaNonsense and you’ll hear
me soon.

  1. I'd add Excalibur to the list too. It's got swords, sorcery, a kickass soundtrack and sets a really great mood for campaign. I used it as inspiration for editing a Pathfinder campaign from some time ago.

  2. The Gamers was awesome, laughed so much when I watched them. Did not know about 2 of the above, will check them out. Even though it was a weak movie/production, I would still add the D&D movie there, at least as a mention because it had Jeremy Irons in it :).

    Oh, and if you want a funny web-series check out LARPs.

  3. Good mornin-afternoo-vening, dear viewers! Remember to press that bell (🔔) button next to the subscribe button and select the "Send me all notifications for this channel" option , that way you'll get a notification whenever I post the next nonsense-filled video ! 😉

  4. That's me, always late to the party. Almost 8 months after you post it and people are still finding it though, so that's good.

    Hawk the Slayer is one of my all time favorite movies! Watched it as a child over and over on cable, back when it had like 30 or so channels and Krull, i saw more than once in the theater. 13th Warrior is one of the movies i can pick up and watch at any point. It draws you in. It's based on Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton who also wrote Timeline, about modern archaeology students going back to Medieval times (not the restaurant). It's worth a watch, also.
    Overall a good list, i have heard of The Gamers and seen it on one of the streaming services, but for some reason every description made me think it was like Seinfeld with gamers, and didn't think i would enjoy it. i'll have to check it out.

    Movie to add? Monty Python and the Holy Grail, i know it doesn't have sorcery, per se, but a great watch and depending on the group usually goes over well.
    You might also think about Episodes of various television shows: Roar andRobin of Sherwood, come to mind. Hey there might be you a new list!
    But seriously, i highly recommend Robin of Sherwood, if you haven't seen that show.
    Great production, story, acting, costumes and a soundtrack by Clannad.
    And with sorcery to boot. and my favorite Sheriff, ever.

  5. Ahh Gamers – the balistae backstab, trap searching, mound of dead bards… a classic. 😀

    Conan has one of THE BEST soundtracks and albums in general.

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