Hey Everyone welcome back My name is Jason Silberman and Today we’re gonna be talking about the five books That Every magician Should own There’s an old quote That Says if you want to keep something a Secret put it in a book and That’s where all the best tricks are magic Books a Lot of Magic Books are disappearing From Shelves Because the digital age in the Magic World is reaching a New high in this video i’m gonna tell you the top five books That you Should Get Before They’re Gone Number five is Mark Wilson’s Course in magic this book Was My Starter This book has Everything It Talks about rope Magic Mentalism Card Magic coin Magic stage Magic Illusions Everything You could Possibly want to know to start out a Magic i still go back to this book Every time to find new and interesting Ideas Next Up is for the more serious performer and it’s Show doctor by Jeff mcBride This is a Phenomenal book i Always Reread These Books and like With Every book in this video i always go back to them because There’s so much more Information Show doctor is a book that provides you with information on making The Magic that you already have that Much Better Jeff Goes into details on what tables to have What Kind of tricks to do the Way to script your Work How to travel with props and so Much more it’s a Bit pricey but it’s definitely Worth It if you’re serious about magic Number three is the tarbell Series as we Know Dan Harlan has Been Doing his tarbell Series but This is where it starts if you Buy all These Books you literally Have Every trick You could Possibly want to know i Definitely Recommend That You Go out and buy the books Because They are resources that you can create New tricks from as well Number two is Blomberg Laboratories By Andy Gladwyn I Put a Review of This video Up so you can Check Out some more information on it but i don’t need to say Any more It is a Phenomenal book There is card tricks Mathematics tricks Rubber Band tricks anything You Possibly want to know for the really serious performer There’s some Knuckle busting Moves But They’re Really Really awesome Check out my Review to learn more Number One is my favorite book Maximum entertainment By Ken Weber This is Awesome This Is a Master Class and how to be a performer there’s no tricks taught in the book it’s all about How to take Your performance to the next level and maximize your entertainment like with the other book i did post a review and I definitely recommend that You go and Check that out if you want to know more about this book well there you go those are My top five favorite Magic Books i go back to them all the time and Listen When you have a Magic book it’s there Forever so make sure that you find your favorite magic Books as Well comment Below of What Your favorite Magic Books are and As Always If you like What you see and you want to see more hit the subscribe button down below i’ll see you next time

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