* music jingle plays * In the now over four years of reviewing accessories from Magic the Gathering Pokemon and other standard size trading cards, I have carefully evaluated and graded over 100 different styles of deck box. There have been many extraordinarily excellent products, and many extraordinary failures (as well as everything in between) but here in this video I point to the four best deck boxes currently available. These are the best of the best there have been plenty that have gotten A-grades, and different players have different needs and tastes, but these four are the Professor’s top picks. Please note, I will be offering a brief summary and overview for each of these deck boxes, if you want to see the full review that I originally gave for each of these products, I will link to that review in this video’s description. And now the Professor’s top 4 deck boxes. Presented in no particular order, these items are equal to one another it is up to you the viewer the customer to decide which is best for your needs as a player. The ‘Ultra-Pro Satin Tower’ is one of the best deck boxes on the market if not the best deck box. Made from sturdy acrylic plastic that separates into three sections, the bottom section, or compartment, holds an ample amount of dice and counters, while the main section holds slightly over 100 double sleeved cards. You can use the top section as a compartment for your sideboard or for holding other things when separated. I know that the overwhelming consensus is that price should not affect grade or evaluation much, but this thing is $9.99. It’s an insanely good deal. I have Ultra-Pro Satin Towers that are older than my YouTube channel and they still look, and work, great. For $9.99 you can’t go wrong with these. There’s also a wide variety of colors and finishes now available. From simple primary colors to sheen to this new line that actually uses automotive grade paint. Yeah, the stuff they paint cars with, to deliver a sleek and shine I adore. Your playing cards mean so much, on so many levels, so how could you do anything but… afford them the best protection? The ‘Ultimate Guard Flippin Tray’ is one of the best deck boxes on the market, if not the best deck box. This comes in a wide variety of sizes, from a compact flippin’ tray 80, which holds 80 double sleeved cards to the 100, which can hold a double sleeved Commander deck, to the twin, which can hold two double sleeved commander decks. The exterior is a xeno-tastic exo-skin making for a non-slip grip and helping protect against scratches and scuffs. Interior is beautifully lined microfiber with removable compartments for your deck, and a tray for dice. Price is higher here depending on the size and options that you want, and this will run anywhere between $27 to $39 for the twin. One of the absolute best, if not the best, the flippin’ trays are form and function combined. Here, just right! The R-E-P steel deck box is one of the best deck boxes on the market, if not the best deck box out there. A very under-appreciated piece of collection protection, I don’t think there’s quite anything remotely like this out there. Made using 18-gauge Galvannealed cold-rolled steel, and treated with a rust preventative coating, this thing is the real deal. It is solid metal! Not that thin tin everything else is made from, but real, thick, solid steel. Metal piano hinge top and ATA style clasp ensure your cards will never come out of your backpack, or anywhere else for that matter. Available in a wide variety of colors and even finishes, the REP comes in sizes to hold 75 double sleeved cards, or 110 double sleeve cards. Of special note is that the deck box has a recessed pocket to mount the latch. This pocket ensures there are no rivets protruding into the interior space of the deck box, leaving a clear flat surface for your cards to rest. Best of all, something of this amazing and remarkable quality, made in a real American steel factory, is only 20 bucks. $20! This is the ultimate protection for your collection. So let’s be honest, This is a solid steel deck box, secured by a piano-hinge key. Do I even need to shake it? This is not coming undone. I could probably drive my car over it (do not recommend) and it will be fine. Actually kind of hurts a little when I throw and catch it because it’s solid steel and one of the best boxes out there. If you’ve got a ton of Magic decks and not a ton of space, then this is the one for you the ‘Ultimate Guard Boulder’. I bought so many of these this year. Boulders come in two sizes holding 80 and 100 double sleeved cards. There’s no frills on these, no dice trays, they enclose your cards in a solid, firm and safe capsule, and do so using the most slim, slender, compact design possible. The cover tilts open for easy access, providing a symmetrical shape that allows the second half to double as a card holder during gameplay. Beautiful selection of colors, sizes for Standard and Commander, this is as compact as it gets and I love it! Like many Magic the Gathering players, I have many Magic the Gathering decks, and when you get to experience the joy of converting 10 of those decks from 10 Satin Towers, or 10 Flippin’ Trays to ten Boulders. Oh my goodness you save so much space! Yeah, there’s no dice compartment, but I’ll keep those in my pocket. And again, when the price on these is between $6.99 and $8.99? Wow! You can easily, easily outfit your giant collection with these. I just love these things. One of the best. I hope very much this review, and all of my reviews, has been of some help to you over the years. Remember always to shop at your local games store when possible, but if your local game store does not carry these items and cannot order these items, all four are available via our affiliate link at www.CardKingdom.com forward slash TCC with safe, fast and reliable worldwide shipping available. And this video is brought to you by my, and many other people’s local games store; Card Kingdom. A brick-and-mortar pillar of this community. As well as the Patreon support of viewers such as you. These are the people that keep Tolarian Community College going, and growing strong. So thank you!

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