Top 10 Scary Facts About Mojo You Need To Know

Ugh this guy. So, Mojo is a really weird villain to talk
about, given his role as a crazed TV executive from another universe makes it hard to take
him seriously. But under his gross, gross, grossgrossgrossgross
gross GROSS, exterior, is, well, a pretty terrifying villain in all honesty, even it
isn’t always for the reasons you might expect. So, let’s start counting down the Top 10
Scary Facts about Mojo. 10. Creation of Spiral
So a little background information. Mojo before becoming an X-men villain, was
initially the enemy of Longshot, a humanoid slave stuntman from the Mojoverse where Mojo
originates from. Longshot led a rebellion against Mojo’s
race, who were known as “The Spineless Ones”, and escaped to Earth. While there, he met a human stuntwoman named
Rita Ricochet, who would go with him to the Mojoverse to help rescue the other slaves. However, their mission failed and they were
captured. In an alternate future, Rita was transformed
by Mojo into the warrior mage Spiral. This transformation included six arms, turning
her hair gray, and forcibly evolving her mind so that she could see into other dimensions
that were used for time travel/teleportation, all of which drove her insane. Geez. Nothing like body horror to send shivers down
your spine. Although he doesn’t have one so it probably
doesn’t phase him. 9. He’s a TV Executive Have you ever met a TV executive? Don’t. They’re awful. You will never have a worse conversation than
you will with someone who worked in television. And Mojo is the literal embodiment of all
of their worst characteristics. Obsession with ratings, over-bearing control
over the performers, Mojo is literally the perfect parody of a TV executive. Which makes sense since Mojo has been treated
more like a comic relief villain than anything else. Although the X-men Black run of the character
in Mojo #1 tried to humanize the character a bit more and make him more relatable, and
despite the strangeness of the character, at least made it possible to appreciate him
a bit more. Which is about as good as it gets for Mojo. 8. He made the Howard The Duck movie
Yeah sooooo, you know that Howard the Duck movie from 1986? The one that no one likes and is notorious
for some um, adult duck content? Editor, don’t google that. Trust me. Yeeeeah, WELL, as it turns out, we can blame
Mojo for that. Apparently, In the 2016 Howard the Duck run,
Mojo used Howard’s adventures in the film to create a reality show for his home universe,
the Mojoverse. The duck character in the film was actually
an alien in a duck costume who was used to “fill in the gaps.” So, apparently Mojo is even affecting our
world and giving us terrible movies. Ugh, this guy has NO redeeming qualities. 7. His Entire Appearance
Everything about Mojo is horrifying. Like, he looks like someone took SHODAN, Blanka
from Street Fighter, The Mechanical Spider from Wild Wild West, ripped out their spines,
and put them in a never ending state of torture. Like just look at how his eyes are held open! That’s horrifying! Just imagine waking up and this guy is looking
at you with his unblinking eyes and poking you with his crazy long fingers. Ughghghghgh. Nightmare fuel. So the sooner I can stop looking at pictures
of him the better. 6. He’s Immune To Rogue (but also thank god) So, Mojo is among the few beings incapable
of being harmed by Rogue’s touch, having once bear hugged Rogue until knocking her unconscious. Which, at first might seem the scary fact,
but the REAL scare would be if Rogue COULD take his powers. The last thing I ever want to see is Rogue
becoming obsessed with ratings and who’s watching her and-Oh God she’d be an Instagram Star. And it’d work too. 5. Mind Control Mojo has the power of mind control, which,
I think we know by now in the X-men Universe, is an absolutely horrifying power to try to
contend with. And given Mojo’s propensity for using people
for entertainment, anyone who proves to give him good ratings is going to be stuck with
him for a WHILE. Not to mention the power boost he gains from
those ratings. Yeesh, its just an endless cycle with him. 4. Anti Life Field
This is probably the most note-worthy power Mojo has. He’s able to generate what is called an
anti-life field, which makes his touch able to cause humans to rapidly age and plants
to wither. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Doctor
Strange even believes that his prolonged presence on Earth could cause storms and other natural
disasters. So, that’s one more incentive to get this
disgusting mess as far away from Earth as possible. 3. He’s Always Watching
Imagine, that at every moment of every day, a grotesque, thoughtless monster is watching
every single thing you do. And not only is he using you for his own entertainment,
but that an entire world is seeing the events of your life, broadcast by this very same
monster. That is Mojo. It’s horrifying enough to think about security
cameras watching everything we do, but a spineless nightmare creature? That’s too much. 2. The Better His Ratings, the Strong His magic
So, mojo has a few magical powers, including magical energy blasts, controlling the minds
of others, and inter-dimensional teleportation. However, these powers are enhanced by the
popularity of the TV programs he creates as they are seen as him being worshipped by his
followers. Which means any time he finds something that
works, he’s going to exploit it for everything its worth. Geez, hope this guy never finds out about
Netflix or we’re all screwed. 1. He and Viewtiful Joe share a…broadcaster? So, I have to call in the ethical decisions
of Viewtiful Joe and Captain Blue, given in Marvel vs Capcom 3, both are shown to be working
under Mojo and Spiral, who are directing their police procedural show. I have to hope that given Mojo’s usual MO,
he’s using some form of mind control to keep Joe on his payroll, because otherwise, I gotta
say, I’m disappointed in you Joe. And those are our top ten scary facts about
Mojo. Kind of fitting that a villain with a comedic
gimmick has a goofy list. Anyway, what other villains scare you guys? Or is there a comic relief villain you like
more than the scary ones? Let us know down in the comments. Have a good one!

  1. Jason, you actually speak at a normal speed. Why do the female hosts of this channel speak super fast? Your video is actually shorter than their average video time. So talking fast isn't saving them any video time. So, why do they talk so fast?

  2. Most scary people in comic for me would be tge upside down man, the trench,anton arcane,manthing, and the creature know as parallax

  3. Plus Spiral is the biological mother of Shatterstar not Dazzler as the jerk writer Peter David wants you to believe he's delusional.

  4. I first came across Mojo back in the 90s in the X-men animated series episode Mojovision and he scarred the hell out of me. The great thing about Mojo is he can be funny or terrifying depending on the story.

  5. 😮 🤔🤔🤔🤫🤐 🤨😶 Wait every thing we do ewwwwwwww people take showers and change clothes 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤯☹

  6. If Mojo ever does appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since the X-Men are going to become a part of it could either in a solo movie for the team or say the Guardians of the Galaxy.

  7. Jason forget Netflix if Mojo finds out about all of the streaming services. He could conquer the universe. And probably a few others. Man that's scary.

  8. Top 10 Nerd—Please dedicate one or two video's a week to the good video suggestions people are giving you in the comments section.

  9. I don’t like this guy. Nothing about him personally but he’s just not my cup of tea. Bring back Amanda McKnight!

  10. Isn’t Mojo Trump with powers? He’s obsessed with ratings; he’s always watching (tweeting), he was an exec on a show and if you want to stretch it, his “anti-life” is climate change denial.

  11. Oh the Mojoworld where there are X-babies ( kid versions of the X-Men) and there was a character that called himself Mojo II: the sequel

  12. When are you going to do top 10 facts about the Flash villain Bloodwork since all 8 of its episodes of season 6 of the Flash has finished?

  13. With the Crisis on Infinite earths crossover released, when are you going to do top 10 facts about Pariah, Harbinger, Ryan Choi, Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor?

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    Can you do top 10 facts about the Red daughter Supergirl from season 4 of Supergirl?

  15. Check out Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 for what happened when Rogue tried to absorb Mojo power, that’s body horror. That’s the issue that introduces Longshot to the x-men. As for always watching, you could have mentioned that he gave psylocke mechanical eyes so he could watch the x-men through her.

  16. This poor guy is introduced with no background music and few sound effects. I'll have give him a second chance being this isn't fair.

  17. I like Mojo, i always thought he was funny. And yes he is scary looking but also creative. Although, his powers seem weird, they don't make a lot of sense to me. Magic i guess?

  18. I first thought they were using him as the main villain on legion. And was so excited. It ended up being shadow king which just as cool. Still think they could of done something cool with it.

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