Top 10 iOS Anime Games | iPhone & iPad

10. Opening our
list of the best FREE Android Anime Games is ONE PIECE THOUSAND STORM Chibified and more adorable than ever, join
the iconic Straw Hat crew as they go on an exciting adventure in the realm of 3D. Bandai Namco presents its fans with a straightforward
action game, filled to the brim with their trademark pirate humor and enjoyable MMO fun. Take control of the action and guide your
chosen heroes as they breeze past mindless goons and hulking baddies with their powerful
abilities. Upgrade your hero with brand new skills, or
win your favorite characters by playing through their expansive story mode or equipping a
variety of scene cards. You can invite your friends to journey through
the gruelling high seas together. Relive the anime’s best moments, and dive
into a one of a kind One Piece experience.It receives a PlayScore of 6.69. 9. Phantom Of The Kill Same with the Android, the iOS also has its
own list of Anime-inspired games. The folks at fuji&gumi games give you an adventure
that captures the magic from the Fire Emblem series and added it with their own mobile
flavor. Not actually anime “anime”, but it’s
filled with the cliches of Japanese animation culture with their anime short called Zero’s
Rebellion. Its story revolves around Levaeatein and her
quest to regain her memories. Meeting friends along the way is Fans of the
game are itching for a full-length series! Choose from its 50 unit types, six main weapons,
and form a perfect party. Lead them to victory and watch the story unfold
before your eyes. Gameplay is inspired by Square Enix’s critically
acclaimed Fire Emblem series where players are placed in a grid-based arena surrounded
by enemies. It has a PlayScore of 7.24 8. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Set in the iconic Dragonball universe, play
as an unnamed fighter and help the cast repair a world distorted by time. A tribute to one of the most popular animes
of all time. This Bandai Namco production steers away from
the franchise’ usual fighting games to give us a puzzle adventure game like no other. Inspired by Japan’s Puzzle and Dragons series,
Dokkan Battle is a healthy mix of RPG, puzzles, and boardgames. Create the perfect team of Saiyans, and use
their powers to navigate the game’s over one hundred levels. With their smooth animations, it has managed
to emulate the lightning fast action of the original series. Head to the nearest open arena to fly high
with your favorite boys (and girls) and get a chance to defeat the anime’s most terrifying
villains. With hundreds of characters and set in their
memorable arenas, Dokkan Battle provides fans of the anime with an earth-shattering nostalgic
trip. It has a PlayScore of 7.43. 7. Blazblue RR – The Real Action Game The wheel of fate must continue to turn, especially
on the iOS. This 2D side-scrolling game from Arc System
Works proves that their signature art style can never get old. Your favorite characters return in this pocket-sized
version of the critically acclaimed fighting game. This mobile version is a direct retelling
of their TV anime, along with memorable dialogues. Instead of the original game’s complex controls,
players will adapt to the usual tapping and swiping style just like most mobile fighters. With Arc System’s fluid animation, every
character has their own unique fighting styles. Not to mention the voice acting is on point
with their respective actors. There’s so many fun things to do in this
game especially its PvP and online modes. Go on an adventure to unlock new heroes and
deepen the bonds of your favorite Blazblue characters. It receives a PlayScore of 7.55 6. Never Gone Ripping out pages from Devil May Cry’s book,
HippieGames’ gothic creation brings back the glory of hack and slash action to the mobile. Set in a world where humans and vampires co
exist, play as blood knights or dark sisters and face the perils of the underworld. Although not based on an anime, Never Gone
nails the japanese aesthetics, giving life to the action with highly stylized effects
and beautiful illustrations. Basin their gameplay off of the hit Devil
May Cry series. Sink your teeth into three chapters of story
mode and uncover each of their mysteries by defeating hundreds of deadly foes. You can also create your own weapons, with
over 200 different items and equipment littered around the world. While its widely praised for their gorgeous
visuals, Never Gone has been criticized for their clunky controls that take away from
their exciting hack and slash action. But, even with its glaring flaws, it still
packs an admirable sophistication. It has a PlayScore of 7.66. 5. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN – Ultimate Ninja Blazing The anime may have been over, but the ninja
adventures never stop. Your favorite Shinobis are making their mobile
debut in an all new Shinobi Formation System gameplay. Control over 100 characters you’ve known
and loved from the past Naruto titles and dive into the Anime’s original story. Use each character’s powerful jutsus and witness
the world of Ninja’s come to life on your mobile devices. Form your party of hard-trained Ninjas and
unleash a combination of close-ranged attacks mixed with the game’s Ninja Field Skills. Its multiplayer lets you battle ninjas from
around the world or join quests with 3 of your other ninja friends. For added replay value, players can step into
its monthly events for more jutsu-bending fun. It has a PlayScore of 8.21 4. Chrono Strike Anyone who played One Finger Death Punch will
probably recognize the gameplay in this arcade fighting game. Heavily inspired by OFDP’s compelling battles,
Chrono Strike ups the ante with its sci-fi setting and lush 3D visuals. Put yourself in the shoes of a cybernetic
heroine and use your powerful punches to defeat a swarm of robotic menaces. Choose from five different characters, and
navigate over 100 unique levels. A brawler with a dash of survival, your chosen
character will usually stay in the center of your screen. Punch every enemy that gets close, or be punished
by crippling vulnerabilities. While it does get harder in higher levels,
the game does take awhile to get going, giving you quite a number of unnecessary introduction
levels. Master the strengths of your hero, and equip
them with an array of exciting upgrades. While not necessarily an anime, Chrono Strike
has plenty of striking visual animations that capture the essence of the artstyle. Sure, it’s not as energetic as their inspiration,
but it makes for a decent substitute. It has a PlayScore of 8.32. 3. SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag This popular anime and manga hit makes its
way to mobile in certified style. It rides on the trend of character-collecting
games–and while it’s not original, it definitely knows its audience. Strap on your belts, and trap yourselves in
its colorful cyber worlds–with new scenes, and new ways to play. Published by Bandai Namco, Sword Art Online
fearlessly takes on another digital battlefield, taking us into their iconic tale of cyber
imprisonment. Get along with your favorite characters, Kirito,
Asuna, Leafa, and Sinon, as they take on a brand new adventure. Relive iconic moments, and relish new scenes
made directly for the game. Raise your swords, and ready your spells as
you faceoff with the Anime’s towering archnemeses. With their well-implemented RPG system, you’ll
grow along with your favorites, strengthening them with new upgrades and skills to survive
the monsters that lie in wait. This sidescrolling adventure packs a fair
amount of cooperative fun, perfect for long raids with your friends. With so much content, packed into a bite-sized
diversion, it’s one digital world you won’t bother escaping. It has a PlayScore of 8.6 2. ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Sail off to the high seas in this pirate adventure
that runs on wacky humor and the power of friendship. Bandai Namco’s Mobile One Piece game will
have you forming a hearty crew of landlubbers in a quest for discovery and treasures. Meet your favorite characters from Eiichiro
Oda’s masterpiece and relive your favorite moments from the popular Manga and Anime. Packed with over 1,000 characters from the
source material, the game is a treat for any fan of the oddball Straw Hat crew. Use each of unique playstyles and skills as
you face off against goons and mighty villains in their diverse and unpredictable lands. While the game doesn’t have much strategy,
you’ll have to use your trusty tapping finger. With intense taps and swipes, unleash powerful
combos and take down those rogue pirates. You can even team up with your crew to become
a deadly damage-dealing tandem. Harness the powers of the devil fruit and
witness one of the finest One Piece Games on the mobile. It has a PlayScore of 8.61. 1. And the best Anime Game on the Android so
far is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Step into the most awaited return of the beloved
manga and anime. Digitized and ported to the mobile world,
get ready to duel! Play as and against your favorite characters
from the hit anime, from Yugi, Kaiba, Joey Mai and more–and use their trademark legendaries
to level the playing field. With their original voice actors, this game
takes you right back to where it all began. With an optimized multiplayer, it’s the perfect
channel for your dormant card-duelling skills. But you can’t win tournaments with just any
cards. Use their generous starter rewards, and take
your chances amongst a collection of cool decks. Purchase a few packs, build yourself the ultimate
deck, and fight against iconic characters, your very own friends, and strangers from
all around the globe. It’s easy user interface, spectacular visuals,
and friendly gameplay, makes it an awesome game for both the trading card veterans, and
clueless first timers. Submit yourself to nostalgia, and begin your
journey to the top. It has a PlayScore of 9.02

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