Tolarian Winds: “Modern Madness!” – A Magic: The Gathering Vlog

  1. Sick of Modern prices and Stale Standard? Why not play Pauper, where the top tier decks are never more than $40-50.00? Check out our Pauper Student Union videos here:

  2. Fully Agree. I think about this often. It is INSANE, that I have to pay at least $500 to competitively play a game.

  3. Although I agree with sentiment that Modern is overpriced and enjoyed the video, one solution put forth is absolutely ridiculous. Lets change Modern Masters to every year, make it a wide set, and make it $4 a pack. We had this before. It was basically a Core Set. An annual Reprint set for $4 a pack that didn't sell because it was a bunch of worthless reprints. If you recall this used to be a bi-annual product as well. Wizards brilliantly replaced Core Set with Masters Sets and managed to make more money for less packs. They aren't switching this back, and I can't blame them for not doing it. They basically took away core set, slapped a $10 label on it and renamed it, and the community rejoiced! But since Core Set didn't really work as business model for them, making these changes wouldn't work as well.

  4. I'm not sure how much of an impact it has on the cost, but when you talk about Path to Exile, while legacy players aren't interested in the card, commander players absolutely are interested. Even if it's not having a huge impact, it's definitely not helping the situation.

    On that note, I do think that the yearly commander product is a good place to put reprints that are applicable to both formats. Atraxa should have had Doubling Season, for example. Breya probably could have included Master Transmuter. Snap caster Mage would have been a perfect addition to the 2015 Mizzix deck, and Noble Heirarch would have fit well a few years back in Derevi. Of course, Wizards would have to anticipate this increased demand for that product, and print more commander product, but this is an easy way to get those cards that both formats use into reprint without impacting standard.

  5. You know what's insane? For the price of that fairy deck, I can build a Death Korps of Krieg Army for Warhammer.

    Book, infantry, tanks, and all. No Joke (ok so it's more tanks than infantry but still DKoK) for under 900 dollars. And I get free shipping too.

    GameWorkshop, the eternal buttmonkey of retarded pricing, just got beaten by the MTG card market.

  6. When I first, first, first started playing Magic a few years ago, I liked building decks more than I did playing the game. So I thought Modern was the perfect format for me, because I was under the assumption that it's "Build whatever you want, and you can compete with it in tournament!" How wrong I was. I miss the early days of playing with friends with shitty $60 decks.

  7. Or play warhammer, $400 models, $300 paints, tools, etc, $200 books. You'll have a mediocre army that is worth pennies if you ever want to sell it vs a "start collecting box" and some free rules. Or play golf and spend hundreds on a single club vs $5 for a session at the driving range.
    Hobbies are as expensive as you let them be! If you're having fun then that's what matters.

  8. Son of a gun Professor!! One of the most brave, valiant and real to the ground videos I've seen in a looong time. Bravo! As you've exposed in this video, this is the reason why I stopped playing modern, just an example. Again, thank you Profe.

  9. Holy hell, as a Pokemon player this just seems crazy to me. The MOST EXPENSIVE deck in Standard is Mega Rayquaza, which shouldn't cost you more than $300 with all cards at lowest rarity. After September, the most expensive Standard legal card will only be around $50, and decks will play 2 at the absolute most.

  10. Resale value of all those board games? Somewhere between Zero and a hundred bucks?
    Seriously, Magic is a POPULAR game, so people want to play it. It's a collectible card game. That's part of it. Don't act like you can't play modern moderately competitively on a budget. MTG Goldfish has budget builds that regularly 3-2, and 4-1 Modern queues.

  11. Thats why you go for proxy cards….. For 30 dollahs i get 50 cards. Yea sure some are bleak and looks blurry but 40+ are good looking.

  12. 100% agree with everything in this video. It's nice to see someone who has a platform supporting this argument. Every time I try to argue this point, I just get shot down with buzzwords like "entitled" and told that the overpriced "masters" sets (that have NO reason to be so far above normal MSRP and so short-printed) and Duel Decks that used to contain good cards and now contain only junk are simply "not for me".

  13. I imagine many people at wizards have a lot of money tied up in "valuable" cards. They're not going to devalue their own investments.

  14. I think that professor has the bes arguments and is very player focused which is the only important point of view on Magic.

  15. I refuse to do modern because I won't spend more than 200 bucks on a deck. My commander deck is the only exception to this, as I've been slowly tinkering with it for years now with small upgrades here and there.

  16. Before Gitaxian Probe got banned out, my modern Storm deck cost under $100. Just throwing that out there haha!

  17. Agreed. Getting back into MTG this year, and when I last played, "modern" wasn't even what it was called. I keep wondering who spends $1K on 60 pieces of cardboard. The same people who spend $100K on a bachelor's degree? Get out of here.

  18. if masters packs were 4$ it would either have shit ev or you would never see a pack as stores would hoard and just open and sell the singles

    modern isnt that bad every foramts doesnt need to be cheap

  19. So glad you made this video, and couldn't agree more! I can't count the number of people I know who stopped playing Magic because non-casual formats were unreasonably expensive.

  20. I would have laughed uncontrollably if that whole scene at the board games, if you would have covered your faced with them so all see is board games as your trying to talk honestly it would have been hilarious.

  21. I can't believe people pay this much for decks… I just built an Eldrazi Tron deck, and it's worth about $500. I still need 4x Chalice of the Void, but $240 for 4 cards is out of my price range. Still, $500 is about the most I'd ever pay for a deck. And, despite missing the Chalice's, it's still a super badass deck, I win all the time. Kicked a guys ass playing 8 rack! He had a playset of Liliana of the Veil, my Reality Smasher was unphased.

  22. Play Naya Burn. It's the cheapest top tier deck. Now, just because it's the cheapest one doesn't mean it's the least powerful of them. Burn is more than capable of bullying the other to tier decks.

  23. Well said sir. Sadly, the price point, is the reason I had to discontinue my playing of Magic. It's a game I started back in high school in the 90s and I played off and on since. But eventually you reach a point of either I really invest in my deck just to compete against lesser players with a higher bank roll or just walk away.
    For example I love playing control U/W or B/U but those decks in modern without out a snap caster just isn't feasible or fun. So I chose to walk away and focus my time and money on other things. It's sad because I really love the game but I will not recommend it to new players. Unless it's strictly for fun in person around a coffee table. I mean come on, the last Friday night magic I went to years ago I show up with my fun deck and the 3 people I played had the latest pro tour deck.

  24. Professor im a huge fan of you and your videos, and im realy happy that
    you show finaly Tier Decks and not only budget alternatives. Keep going this way. I would love to see videos with friends of you with other good Deck and let them introduce them and explain them from them to the audience in a duo video i think that would be cool.

  25. As someone who just returned to the hobby after a 15 year break, the price of entry for decent decks is pretty off putting. I'm starting with a budget build, but playing something I enjoy at least.

  26. I just recently sub not to recent but recent and he is my favorite channel to come to for a deck tech!!! And if the college is real I kind of wanna attend it lol (Sorry if the college is real its just I have never herd of it before it ma be because I'm from KY or its not from my local area or close by it)

  27. That "board game pile" scene is of the funniest and close to sarcastic things I've ever seen. SO GOOD!!

  28. My best guess is that Wizards concept is to keep the high barrier of entry in Modern to keep people playing Standard (and buying new cards) for as long as possible. It's likely that Standard's player base would heavily transition to Modern if it were more reasonably priced. This would likely cause new set sales to fall, as a result.

  29. This video did not help my position with my wife in regards to spending money on magic. However, yay for board game shout outs

  30. For some reason this video reminds me of when my old lgs did a surprise MM2 draft instead of a DTK draft, It was a really awesome thing to do.

  31. I absolutely agree Professor. Prices and barrier to entry are absurd for Magic and that is not healthy for the game. Furthermore, I also agree with your point on what must be done. Reprints in Masters sets and supplemental products need to increase and be done better. I don't think Masters sets should be the same price as a normal set, as there is so much more value in them, but what about a $6 price instead of a $10 price? That sounds reasonable to me. You're still taking a gamble on whether there is a value card in there but it allows more people to buy the product and play drafts. Most people can't even play a Modern Masters draft or more than one or two and somehow that norm is acceptable when it shouldn't be. It's silly to work so hard on a Masters set putting it together and you can barely even play it. If so much work is put into making a complex and diverse set, then why can't we play it more than just once or twice? Repeat drafts of a set are how you really get into it.
    It should also be noted that having such absurd prices and high barrier to entry is antithetical to the very principles of Magic's R&D. Two of their principles are that they want Magic to be accessible to as many people as possible and that they want as many people as possible to play Magic. If that's the case, then this Modern Madness of prices is contrary to their goal as is the Reserved List. For someone like myself to play Magic, I've had to scrap and save to be able to play Modern, as it is the most interesting and enjoyable format for me. Keeping prices high just pushes away players who would otherwise play that format and bring their business to the stores where they would play Modern and keeps them out of the community, leading to a loss of a different value there as well.
    I'm glad you made this video Prof. Issues like these need to be addressed.

  32. I came from Warhammer 40,000 to Magic.

    Honestly compared to that hobby, this one is a fucking steal. If you think these prices are bad, then the money I dumped into my armies of plastic men would make you blush.

    Not that it makes it ok. It's just anything looks cheap when you are coming from buying plastic crack.

  33. Like, people need to start gradually upgrading their card pools. When you have the fetches and the staples for some colors, the game suddenly turns cheap.


  35. The problem with your idea mainly comes from market saturation and apathy. Mercilessly reprinting exciting cards into the ground is not a good long term solution sadly as done enough times anything becomes old hat. Also this type of policy is going to hit any Lgs that has sunk decent amounts of capitol into modern staples as stock hard in the wallet possibly sending them under (cant play magic anymore in this area but at least the cards are cheap). Long time players will loose interest in the reprint sets (see core sets as an easy case study) meaning these sets will only be of interest to new players most newer players will split money between the reprints and current standard sets. Because only new players are going to need the reprints mass openers will do shorter runs for singles. Combo shorter runs with mostly only new players buying and that leads to wizards selling less of this product. So for the structure built up around magic its a weak way to attack the market. Even limited print run super expensive sets consisting of only reprints are highly volatile and after eternal masters second wave the medium performance of 2017 and the garbage fire that is iconic masters distributors and game stores are a bit wary of these products.

    Card prices on the community are also a double edged sword. When a player opens a chase card or something that was previously considered worthless suddenly goes up in value it feels good and makes that player want to stick with it, when you look at a deck and see the hundreds of dollars you still need to throw down to get there it feels bad. However this investment had often times felt justifiable to people as they felt well bought my x card for y but i can easily get out for a little less than what i payed so its a wash. Because unlike the pile of board games the cards hold value on a secondary market.

  36. Ps for canadian new players the prices are US aka you will pay double on ebay or at your local store … sadly … screw your canadian hobby right!

  37. This video addressed exactly my problem with modern. I only have one deck and that one deck costed me as much as 4 of my commander decks. Modern just is not a format I see myself building multiple decks in. I’d go into debt if I did.

  38. If they drown the prices of every card to 1$ there would never be a reason to ever buy a pack or box at $100. Each box is would equate to $36. They would be out of business in 1 standard rotation.

  39. Lol. I have around $1000 in (Warhammer 40k)Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Space Wolves, and Daemons each. I have maybe 600 in Tau, Eldar, and Necrons. I don't even want to think what my stupid Warmachine armies cost since they do nothing but collect dust. I don't see Magic as that expensive.

  40. How about wizards fixes the max price of cards. Lets say they come out with a deal where for $30 they will print you any card in magic's history and ship it to you. This would reduce the price on a lot of cards and would be profitable for wizards while limiting the price cards can get to.
    That price is just something I came up with. I am sure sails people could come up with a similar deal to make maximum money.

  41. Only people without a play group have any real reason to invest heavy into modern. That kind of money can setup multiple commander decks and make a competitive deck for Standard Friday night Magic. Modern is not a friendly format that requires too much money, Who cares to watch players kill each-other before they even have five permanents on the board.

  42. wizards should reprint shock lands and fetch lands in block sets. it would not change the power level of standard since they are non-utility lands, AND it would cause the price of almost every modern deck to drop by at least $150.

  43. Teach Professor (Get it, it's a play off of Preach… nevermind) I totally agree with this video, I love this game but even if I was a millionaire I honestly couldn't bring myself to pay that much money on a singular deck especially since I can get bored pretty quickly, I like to go back to my collection and make something new in about a month to a year depending on certain factors. I also really need to get those board games now because they look pretty sweet (I WILL have dominion over all others).

  44. I l loved magic in middle and High school, wanted to come back to it, but standard has me buying endless cards and decks and Modern is just way out of the price range. I just want to play FNM and be competitive :(….. Not trying to sell my organs to do so though.

  45. I love how the first part of this video was just making fun of people who didn't agree with him brilliant and I agree a lot with what he says the fact that people just accept the prices the way they are is kind of sad, something needs to change.

  46. Do normal people actually pay this kind of money? These seem like they must be top tier, but do enough people really care about having something as finely tuned as a deck costing so much?

    To me, it seems like the casual purpose of modern is for people to be able to continue to use their standard decks past their “expiration date.”

    Idk. I’m still a noob

    I will mention, prof, I loved your game…game.

  47. Hey Professor, I love the channel
    Just a quick question: Why follow deck techs and build decks that others have thought up, rather than combing through the cards and building something unique? I always thought building a deck from your own intellect was one of the best parts of the game. Granted, it is always good to learn the ways cards can be played together, and some combo conditions may be strict, but ultimately I would feel cheapened to buy and use someone else's brainchild deck in its entirety.

  48. "What could I pick up instead of this deck?"
    Pay off the rent
    Maybe go see a movie
    Not spend near a thousand dollars on a single deck.

  49. I try to squeeze in modern decks for less than $200.00, but they are really only good against people at FNM. The prices scare me . . .

  50. When it comes to reprinting modern cards in standard sets, wizards is doing better than before. Crucible of worlds, shock lands, and maybe a couple others. That's great but it's just not enough. We need more reprints faster. And since having fetch lands and shock lands in the same standard would be too OP, I doubt we'll get any fetch lands, much less in a standard set, for at least another 2 years when shocks cycle out. That's not okay. We can't be waiting 2 years just to get another like 10 cards at a reasonable price.

  51. WOTC clearly has their hands in the secondary market, the government will allow it of course because they profit from the taxes they pay by doing so.

  52. What about people who have spent the money on these high priced decks? Should we all just take a loss if these prices come down?

  53. The worst part about this issue is that it’s just a handful of cards like Aether Vial and cavern of souls that make up most of the cost of many decks

  54. The real problem with 900$ is it's just one deck.
    Beauty of MTG is experimenting.

    I've started Arena 2 month ago and I'm afraid I'm never going to paper unless they somehow Wizards figure-out the way for Arena folks to somehow bring their digital decks to life.

  55. I dont know why people think Thoughtsieze in theros was so bad.

    Theros – RTR had a very good meta. Theros-Khans was even better IMO.

    Theros Standard never was a Thoughtsieze or GTFO meta.

    I played RW Burn, RDW, Red Devotion, RG Midrange, and RUG midrange during that time. It was finnneee.

  56. see, this is why Magic will always be just a side interest for me and I'll always be a board gamer at my core.

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