Tips & Strategies for Winning at Spades : How to Count Cards in Spades

Hi, we’re starting the intermediate and advanced
section and the first topic that we need to discuss and this probably applies to the novice
and intermediate section as well, is counting cards. There are thirteen cards in every suit,
now there’s a number you can take to the bank, thirteen. Always has been, always will be,
unless you’re playing with jokers, and that changes the whole game. So if there’s thirteen
cards in every suit, including the trump suit, it’s actually essential that you count cards
because, it makes no sense to lead a card that everybody is out of, and somebody winds
up trumping, and the other one ends up throwing off a discard, and so forth. Especially if
it’s a bagging situation. So you absolutely, if going to count any suit however, I would
put great emphasis on counting trump. It’s absolutely essential to count trump. Now,
if you really get good at this then you can count which specific trump is still out, and
that seaways into the next thing. Which we’ll be talking about tracking specific cards,
but when you’re learning to play the game, and it’s time to do more than just playing
by wrote routine and seeing what goes on. And when we go to the hearts segment, we’re
going to really see how important counting cards is, because getting blasted with the
queen of spades on the thirteenth diamond isn’t a lot of fun either. But, since we’re
talking about spades make an effort to try to keep a count on the suits, and whether
that last deuce was good. Because, nothing is more embarrassing than leading a deuce
that you thought was good, into your partners hand,because OH MY GOSH! I set your nil because
there is one more still out. Where as on the other hand if you know that’s the thirteenth
card then it will actually offer cover. So count the suits, and make an effort to count
trump. That will give you a tremendous edge on people that just don’t bother to count

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  4. Basic advice when starting to count cards: Yes, start with trump. Focus on counting the number of spades played before you worry about which specific spade has been played. It only comes with practice. I can’t believe this tip isn’t shared.

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