*click* See what’s trending at the moment? Huh card throwing *gasp* *music* I want to find out how long it will take me to learn to throw playing cards? I think a good Milestone for this one is to throw a playing card and have it get stuck in a piece of fruit So this is Day 1 hour zero So I’ve never done anything like this before this is completely new to me. Attempt 1 *music* Don’t suppose anyone’s ever played 52-card pick up *music continues* ah oh oh huh Its just wedged in between the apple and the microphone stand so er I think going for throwing the card straight into the apple was maybe a bit ambitious for the first try so what I’ve done is I’ve got myself a piece of foam insulation board and I’ve spray painted it green and the reason I’ve spray-painted it green is in post-production I can change this to be whatever I like so I thought this would give me a bigger target to work on my technique Before going for anything a bit more ambitious So this is my target board and you can switch it on by just er And er you can er choose what you want on it, so just er and no er There we go perfect, okay. Let’s do this so Oh that was close ha ha easy as that oh oow ahohohoho Ah Yes, getting it now can make we make 3 in a row agh almost oh pretty successful though I would really like to be able to do three in a row on this Target board? I think that’d be a good measure of success so that’s a miss 1 that’s 1 1 1 2 ah 1 nah one Ah one agh one Two come on. Let’s make this three yes haha Yes So I think I got my technique down and the trick is how you grip the card It’s not how hard you threw it is How you grip it and? The Grip allows you to Spin the card, and this is what keeps it from just flopping in the air and slowing down so I got it like this and what I’ve done what I’ve changed this rather than throwing it as hard as I can I’m throwing it a lot softer and concentrating on really getting the flick with my fingers and that causes the card to spin and Fly through the Air much faster, than if you just float it randomly *dramatic music* *gasp* *ding* ha *gasp* haha I did it Kim hahahahah yes yes hahaha Was it jack of clubs haha look at how perfect that is right in there yes very good haha yes

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