This optical illusion stops you seeing new cars

  1. all Ford's are the same they 're design the grill and keep that same car body nothing has changed since 2010

  2. For everyone complaining that this is useless: all car companies do this to prevent other companies from finding key details in the car. Obviously you can still see it, but the whole point of taking a picture is to find features that appear helpful and add them to your own car design. On top of that companies also buy each other's cars, break them down, and copy features into their car. In my opinion its a pretty lucrative business.

  3. The thing is, there is a big chance that nobody would regnonice a new Ford on the street, but like that everyone knows its a new design…

  4. People are stupid now when they see stuff like that they act autistic and like they saw an alien what an embarrassment smh

  5. Need to keep this prototype secret i know we'll post a video on how we keep it secret and what car it is…


  6. "How to destroy humanity with copyrights and intellectual property rights." F these companies holding back our species. And shame on everyone who supports this behavior, complicit self destruction.

  7. I saw this on a new 2015 mustang 4 years ago on the freeway. I knew why it was wrapped like that but cool to see the design up close

  8. Doesn't really work, you just have to look harder. Car people will still see a huracan or R8 if it has the wrap on it or not

  9. If ford put as much effort in properly engineering the mechanical and electrical systems. They might have a better product. But they spemd all this time and money on hiding the external design as if people are dying to copy it. Haha

  10. Ms Powerpoint to make the pattern, can be more shabby? xDDD

    They show on the video itself that the cameras perfectly focus the car.

    Very absurd

  11. Wow I had no idea if you had an object and a background that match that it would camoflauge itself. This is groundbreaking my mind is blown. But in all honesty you could take pictures of the profiles of the car and see body lines. And then render them in a 3d model.

  12. I saw a prototype car yesterday for the first time in real life… And suddenly I get a promoted YouTube video from 2 years ago about this very thing?

    Very suspicious.

  13. Most of the cars that i see that have dazzle camo i know exactly what they are. The last one i saw was a prototype for the gt500

  14. Bunch of real fuckin idiots in this comment section. It works, and just because you’re too stupid to understand the way it works doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Literally every single car manufacturer in the world does this. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, just to name a few. They all do it because it works.

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