remote explosives have possibly been
the most broken item in the new season besides the mythics of course and I say
broken in a good way I think that the c4 have actually been a lot of fun to
use so I decided to hop into creative and then hop into some real games to give
you guys all the tips to abuse these as much as possible to help you finish
fights faster and I even give some tips on countering these too so without
further ado ladies and gents let’s hop right into it
can I see for this Oh cracked one at scrunchy cool obviously for incoming so
starting off and creative I just want to show you guys the c4 meta so first of
all if you like to on a box you guys probably already know this you guarantee
yourself a 60 hit from inside the box so you see my perspective right here you
get absolutely destroyed if somebody gets two or three c4 on your box so the
scary thing with this though is we tested this out if you have lower ping
than somebody inside the box and then you shoot the floor or the cone on top
it phases the c4 into a box I don’t know if you guys have found this to be a
problem to you should test it out and creative and let me know what you think
but you can face c4 in two boxes you can see right here Bab wolf has like 50 ping
or like 40 ping and I have under 10 and creative and I could phase the c4 into
his box even through a cone and a floor so this is definitely a problem I don’t
know if you guys have been experiencing this as well but I’m really curious to
see what you guys think of that because this is something that could heavily be
abused especially with mythic items we weren’t
even testing with mythic weapons we were testing with the scar and a blue SMG so
I can’t imagine if you get the mythic drum gun and you shoot the side of a
wall or a cone whatever how quickly you could phase in a couple c4 especially in
duo’s or squad’s if one person can throw the c4 one person can shoot there’s
really no way to counter that so I’m gonna show you guys a couple ways to
counter these in the future but I’m just saying this is one of the scariest
things that relies on ping with the c4 now I just want to show you guys that
this does work on low ping you can hold out the c4 you can see
that the remote explosive is chilling right on top of my floor bab wolf was
spraying me with an SMG now but he was doing it with the scar as well and it
didn’t get through so another thing we do want to show you guys is that you can
shoot c4 out of the air and you can throw them around 30 meters when you
throw it at the perfect angle and you can see me doing it here you can throw
right around 30 meters with the jump you can throw maybe like a meter or two
farther so you don’t need to jump when you throw them but it definitely does
get you a little bit farther with it just make sure you guys are marking a
box or wherever you want to throw the c4 so that way you know how far you got to
throw it and if you have to throw it the max distance but 30 meters is the
bread-and-butter kind of like grenades you know there are 70 to 60 one more
thing you might have not known about c4 is that if you do throw one on the side
wall and one on top that still does damage to the person inside the box also
this is probably one of the most surprising things from this video you
can see that c4 breaks metal with only one I didn’t know that I thought it took
two fully built metal can be broken in one throw of c4 that is something that
was extremely surprising to me I don’t know if you guys already knew that
but that’s actually kind of scary if you get c4 in like a scrim or something like
that and somebody’s built in metal you can just break it all with one throw
with this video I also want to give you guys a couple of methods for countering
c4 so I just showed you a bunch of methods for trying to hurt somebody with
c4 so let’s say that we were just using the example where two c4 is thrown on
the top of a box now if you’re in this box the best thing you can do is the
second you hear the first one placed you need to lay a ramp over your head on the
opposite side of where the c4 is so if it was laid on that side you’re gonna be
facing this way and you can do you can go the other way if let’s say the c-4
was placed right here so that’s basically what you want to do is you
want to lay this ramp and then immediately after you’ve laid this ramp
so the c-4 is on that side you want to edit out and just go go a different
direction that’s your best bet some people like to just once they lay the
ramp they like to hold this but you’re still gonna get hit with c4 if they lay
three so it’s best to just edit out as quickly as you possibly can
one thing I like to do is after I lay the ramp and I edit out I like to double
ramp up because if they try to throw a c4 at you this way you can block it with
a wall and then take height because once they are to going to throw the c4 that
takes some time see like right here from their perspective if they’re going to
throw the c4 this right here takes a little bit before they can start
building so you’re gonna guarantee yourself height over there now this kind
of goes without saying but if you hear c4 while you’re up in the high ground
depending on where it is you can either edit out the bottom you can edit out the
side and one thing you really want to do is you want to try to waterfall away
from wherever you hear the c4 so the c4 comes from this direction you want a
waterfall this way with ramps is what I prefer I guess you could still you could
waterfall with floors or cones too if you really want to but I like to do it
with ramps because it gives you a little bit more just a buffer between the c4 if
you need to lay another wall or a floor or anything like that you can only throw
c4 30 meters and it’s really hard to stack two on top of a box from 30 meters
away so you should be good if you follow these steps to countering c4 I just laid
out the shark and now we have four limbs and you can see my inventory is just
like we’re stacked right now but I want to show you how to use c4 in an actual
game setting because it’s easy enough to give you all these tips on how to use it
but if you don’t see the situations where it really works then I’m really
not helping you too much so in a game like this you might be tempted to take
the c4 over to that build fight and try to hurt these guys with it but I found
that it’s really not worth it the third party with c4 unless you can guarantee
that they’re high enough to get you a kill which right there they’re
definitely not high enough so I wouldn’t recommend in situations like that to use
the c4 we are in great position to use the c4 though if this person pushes over
to me I’m gonna over build this this is definitely over building right here but
if we hold this person out of zone with my AR and then they get close and they
box up that’s when you want to use your c4 I’ve seen so many people use it to
lead into fights and I made this mistake too
where like somebody’s building up at you and you’ll go to throw c4 to knock them
down that’s not the move at all because it takes a while between throwing your
seat and when you can detonate it and it’s
just every single time I find myself getting shot whenever I try that
strategy so I recommend you get shots on them first and then once they turtle up
that’s when we’re gonna go for shots and I’ll show you guys here how to do that
so my boy is on height over here but he doesn’t know that I got the best AR in
the game I have a huge advantage right here he comes so it looks like he’s
gonna build a decent amount we’re actually gonna knock that out
however easy it is to knock out these builds is gonna make my life a whole lot
easier yeah okay we got some really nice tags I actually might Abe I might even
be able to wrap this guy up with just my AR I might not even need the c4 for this
fight which is absolutely fine yeah we don’t need the c4 alright anonymous goes
down if I don’t win this game you guys all need the unsub right now
so we didn’t get a chance to use the c4 there and that’s absolutely fine one
mistake I see a lot of people using with c4 is that they try to use it too early
like they try to use it in this fight right here without getting shots on this
guy first so we just got some good shots we’re gonna still read the opponent to
see if they’re gonna box up which doesn’t seem like they are now is a good
time to use it so we’re gonna lay it at the bottom and
we actually did get a hit right there so now we rotate through we got this guy
trapped in our box yeah that guy fried pickle 21 definitely is not the best
example of c4 working well but you saw what I did there
I read my opponent a lot of you might get those first few AR tags and you’ll
be tempted to throw the c-4 right away but you need to read is are they gonna
keep coming at you and fried pickle 21 kept coming at me trying to get shots on
me so if I would have if I would have just tried to throw that c4 right away
maybe somebody that’s not the best player like I don’t want to say I want
to talk anything bad about fried pickle 21 but they might have been able to get
a lot of shots on me if I would have done that so I’m just telling you guys
that is the mindset with c4 you need to take so hopefully we can get a little
bit more before this game is over and I can show you guys a couple more tips
dude the mythic scar just isn’t even fair it really is not this guy’s just
spam building which makes me think he’s not the best player which makes me think
we can kind of do that and get in his face and then I’m missing all right I
got cocky we’ll end him yeah I really want to try
to find some c4 so I can show you guys just how to use that especially in the
in a 1v1 situation this would be a really good time to show you guys this
so hopefully we can keep that guy pinned down low for a little bit and what an
air drop comes I can try to find some c4 unfortunately I didn’t find any more c4
in this end game but I wanted to talk to you guys for a second and just show you
this end game because this was a1 b1 that literally took seven minutes this
fight took seven minutes to wrap up this end game cuz me and this guy were both
so sweaty and we both had so many builds because fortnight let’s you have like
3000 going into the end game and these fights can take so long so what I
recommend is that instead of using your c4 in the mid game fights if you can try
to save some of that for the end game I could’ve beat this guy so much quicker
if I would have had something like c4 to really scuff his game but I just didn’t
and it was just RPG spam the whole time until I finally finished him off at the
end but it was still a really close fight and c-4 would have done it way way
quicker so I just recommend that you guys save your c4 for situations like
these and your life and for tonight it’s gonna be a lot better

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