– Taco! – Yes! Ow! – (chuckles) Sorry. I stabbed you! – Welcome to Let’s Play IRL, where you join Vat19 as
we play a party game. In this episode, we’re playing Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, a frenzied card game that makes nonsense seriously competitive while short circuiting your brain. The winner will be rewarded with a literal taco goat cheese pizza, while the loser will stuff
their sad, loser face with a literal taco goat cheese pizza garnish with cat food. (cat meows) Let’s play! Okay, so the game moves pretty
quickly once we get going, so I’m gonna tell you the rules upfront. Say taco! – Taco.
– [Ben] Cat! – Cat. – [Ben] Goat!
– Goat! – [Ben] Cheese!
– Cheese. – Pizza! – Pizza. – Taco. – Cat.
– Goat. – Cheese.
– Pizza! – Taco – Cat!
– Goat! – Cheese.
– Pizza! – Okay, so you’ll be saying
that throughout the game in that order every time. Every time you lay down a card, you keep repeating the same phrases. When the card you lay down
matches what you’re saying, you say taco and you lay down a taco card, everybody races to slap the pile. Whoever’s the last
person to slap the pile, collects all the cards that round. Your goal is to get rid of all your cards! So you’ve gotta be quick. You’ve gotta think quick. There’s a few special cards in there. This is gonna seem weird now,
but it’ll make sense later. This is gorilla! This is groundhog. And this is narwhal. Good. Danny, are you ready to get us started? – I believe so! – [Ben] All right. Let’s do it. – [Danny] Taco! – [Kara] Cat. – [Jon] Goat. My brain! – [Danny] Cheese. – What? Oh! (laughs) – Jon! (chuckles) – So confused. Jon loses that round. You were the last person to slap, so you collect those cards. – It’s so hard.
– You know what this is like? Have you ever done those
tests where it says red, but it’s written in blue font. – Okay. Kara, you’re up next. – [Kara] Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – [Kara] Cheese. – Oh! – [Ben] Jon! Again! – I already had my card in my hand. – You were thinking about the next point. You’ve gotta finish the
current point before you think about the next point.
– You’re right. – My heart.
(Kara laughing) – Okay! – Now, Jon, your goal is
to get rid of your cards. – See, I thought it was to collect them. Now I can win! – This isn’t Pokemon. – Here we go. Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – [Kara] Goat. (screams) – Kara’s speedy. – Yeah, Kara is fast. – [Jon] Taco. – [Ben] Oh! The first special card. – Fast Kara was depleted. – My brain did not work. – She couldn’t handle the groundhog. You guys got a special card, which means that you always
slap the special card. You guys have to do the action first. You did a good job. – It felt nerve-wracking. – [Ben] Kara, you’re up. – Taco. (buzzer sounds) – Oh, Jon! There’s no flinching allowed in this game, because it can throw off other players. We’ll let a little bit of movement go, but that was too excessive. – That was a big flinch. – Jon, you collect the
cards in the middle. In this case, it’s just one. – I don’t know why I
thought the goat was a taco. – You made me second guess myself. – Taco. (buzzer sounds) – Ooh! I’m gonna allow that,
because you were withdrawing. I don’t think it threw
off any other players, but we really gotta watch that. Okay? – I’m getting my foods mixed up. – Cat. – [Kara] Goat. – [Jon] Cheese. – [Danny] Pizza! (buzzer sounds) – Oh! – Kara, that’s a flinch. – There’s a lot of ways to mess up. It’s such a simple game. Taco. Yes! – I’m back in it! – That was our first narwhal. You guys had a lovely
horn above your head. – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. – [Jon] Goat. – [Danny] Cheese. – [Kara] Pizza. – Oh! – I keep thinking the
goat is something special! It’s just a goat! Taco. – I think Kara was last. – Your narwhal was
probably better than mine. Mine was pretty sad. Narwhal! (chuckles) – [Kara] Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – [Kara] Cheese. – No! – Ow! Danny, your slap is so strong! – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. (buzzer sounds) – Ahh! (laughs) – [Ben] That’s a flinch. – [Kara] Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – Cheese. – Pizza. – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. – [Jon] Goat. – Dang! (Kara exhaling) (laughing) – [Kara] Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – Ugh! – Three goats! – No no no! – [Kara] Taco. Oh my God! (chuckles) – Someone’s gotta get it. You two! (laughing) – They both were laughing and gave up. – You both danced for a minute, not knowing which action to do. (laughing) – This is amazing. I
really like this game. – This is really fun. Taco. – Cat. – Goat. – [Kara] Cheese. – [Jon] Pizza. – [Danny] Taco. (laughs) – I can’t do gorilla at all! I lose every time. – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. (buzzer sounds) – No! My God! – That was the hardest
flinch I’ve ever seen. – Okay! I figured out
what makes me flinch. It’s when I’ve said something and then I see someone else put it down. – Oh! – [Kara] Taco. Yes! – Yes! Kara got the gorilla. – Kara got her gorilla. – I hurt myself so much. – In my head, I said I got time. Kara’s not gonna get this. (laughing) All right. Taco. – [Kara] Cat. – Come on! I felt like I was so fast and you guys were so fast! Taco. – Cat. (laughing) Sometimes, you just
watch it happen like meh. – [Kara] Taco. – Cat. – Goat. – [Kara] Cheese. – [Jon] Pizza. – [Danny] Taco. – Cat. – Ugh. Goat! – [Danny] Cheese. – [Kara] Pizza. (gasps) – Oh no! I gorilla’d it! I went for the gorilla! It was a groundhog! – That was a tense round. (sighs)
– Look at that big pile. Whoa! – I just doubled my deck. Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – [Kara] Goat. – [Jon] Cheese. – [Danny] Pizza. – Oh no! I did the wrong animal again! – The loser will stuff
their sad, loser face with a literal taco goat cheese pizza garnished with cat food. – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. – Ouch! – Dang! – My pinky is smushed! – I just can’t. – [Danny] Taco. – Yes! Ow! (laughing) – Sorry. – I’m good.
– This is a full contact game. – [Danny] Taco. (Kara laughs) – I did the right animal, guys! – Yeah! Jon! – I feel so ridiculous. I literally go– (claps) (laughs) – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. (buzzer sounds) – Ooh! Flinch city. – I love this game. Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – Oh! – Yes! Triple goat! – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat.
– Ah! I hit myself in the eye. (laughing) Taco. No, what is it?! I did the wrong one and I still got it! I threw you all off. – Did anybody do it right? – I did it.
– I think I did all three. – [Ben] There was a lot going on. – I just threw my hands up. – Something wet hit my hand. – Wet?! – My hands might be getting
a little sweaty. I’m sorry. – Might be blood. I don’t know. – (sighs) This is an intense game, guys. – [Danny] Taco. – [Kara] Cat. – Karas like nah. – I got side punched by Jon. (laughs) – Jon’s punching himself.
He’s punching you. (roars) – Taco. (laughs) – [Kara] Cat. – [Jon] Goat. – [Danny] Cheese. – Pizza. – Taco. – [Danny] Cat. Come on! (Jon chuckles) Taco. – Yes! – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – [Kara] Goat. – [Jon] Cheese. (Kara sighs) – Give ’em to Kara! – Uh, you’re getting close. – I know! I let the pressure get to me. – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – Come on! I can’t even focus anymore. I’m losing so much that my focus– – It’s okay. I was about to win. – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – [Kara] Goat. – Cheese. – [Danny] Pizza. – [Kara] Taco. – [Jon] Cat. – [Danny] Goat. – [Ben] Oh! That was a good round, too. – Kara, you’re down to one card? – What happens here is once
you get rid of your last card, you still are in the game. You still have to say taco,
cat, goat, cheese, pizza in order. You do not win the game until
you are the first person to slap a pile. – Ugh! – So, not only do you have to
be completely out of cards, you have to win the race to the slap in order to crowned champion.
– It’s so hard. If there’s a big volley, she
can get them all right back. – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – [Kara] Goat. – Cheese. – [Danny] Pizza. – Taco. – [Jon] Cat. Oh no! – Oh! Kara was not the
first one to gorilla. – She was also not the last. – It was tricky that I
still have to say something. – That’s what confused me. – Kara will still be
saying things in order, but she will not be laying down a card. – You gotta get the animals down. We gotta give her some cards back. – So she’s got both hands free. – The animals, though! – Here we go. Taco. (Kara sighs) – Oh! She’s back in the game! – Taco. (laughs) He beat me! – ‘Cause I knew it was taco! It was the only card you had. – I knew it was taco too,
and you still beat me. – If you had done that, you would’ve won. – I know! – I saved us, Jon. – That was a good save by Danny. – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. (sighs) – My brain is– – Kara, this is for the game!
– I’m trying! – This is for the game, Kara! – [Jon] Taco. – [Danny] Cat. – Yes! (screams) We have a winner in Taco
Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Kara, how does it feel to be the winner? – Amazing and awful,
’cause my brain is dead. – That was really, really fun. I feel exhausted. – Okay, Kara and Danny,
as our top two finishers, you get to enjoy a delicious taco pizza topped with the goat cheese. Jon, as our unfortunate loser, your pizza has also been topped with wet cat food. – That’s the way I like it. I’m gonna be optimistic about this. Oh, it’s so heavy. (crunches) – [Ben] It’s good? – Mmm.
– How can ya hate that? – It’s delicious. – [Ben] All right, Jon. Time to try the taco cat goat cheese pizza. – It’s so wet. Oh! There’s a lot of flavor! Oh, that cat food. No! That’s not meant for human consumption. Come on! Oh! That I weird, guys! (belches) – All right! That’s our game. Thank you so much for
watching and remember, you can pick up Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and other words that
are things you can buy at Vat19.com. – I feel like every time the goat pops up, I think it’s a unicorn or something. Then I’m like oh! A special card. What do we do here? Do we fly and do magic? – You don’t exist. – Oh. – That’s what you Sorry. – Wait.
– I mean, they do exist. – Okay. – ♪ Vat19.com! ♪

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