This CUSTOM Puzzle Box Has a HIDDEN Treasure!!

♪(upbeat music)♪ (coughs) – What’s up? How’s it going guys? Welcome back. Today’s Wednesday, and this is a crate. This is a crate that
I got in the mail from my friend Daniel Scott Woodworks. I don’t know if you remember
Daniel Scott or Daniel Alterman. He sent me a puzzle a few
weeks back that he made, which was a whiskey bar puzzle. Pretty cool puzzle I must say. You guys really enjoyed
it and Daniel’s story. As soon as that video went
out, you know, kind of lost it. He was like, “man, this is amazing. Number two is on it’s way.” So I was like, “ya know what? all right let’s do it, number two.” So here we go in this crate. I have no idea, again, what to expect. This is, this crate is sealed. It’s closed. I’ve not opened it. So without any further ado. (drilling sounds) – Let’s get to opening it. (drilling sounds) – “Hey brother. Would love to know your opinion on price. My thoughts are from $250 to $350. I have three more for sale. This was not the planned
puzzle number two. That one will be a level
nine ready in October. This just came to me. I had to build it. Enjoy.” Dan. Okay. Surprise, surprise. Blocked by Dan Alterman. What the heck is this? This looks cool. All right so here it is. The paper says Blocked by Dan Alterman. It’s a sliding puzzle, a block
puzzle, representing three interlocking puzzles, which
create one overall solution. It can be solved in a total of 59 moves. 59 moves. That’s a lot of moves. We’ve got the coffee We’ve got the puzzle. Little velcro, I like that. Also doubles as a scarf. It just looks like an
extension of my neck beard. Okay. Oh I see. That’s pretty cool. See it’s blocked because
it has like a peg here. Interesting. Okay, let’s take off all
of these things here. He says, “obviously you
can take these things out, but it says on the rules not to.” So leave them there, as this
is a sliding block puzzle. You can obviously lift
them if they get stuck, but you can’t jump anything. ♪(soothing guitar music plays)♪ It has, like, the map on
the back and how to put it back together afterwards to this… Oh oh okay. Is this what has to come off? Is this what has to come off? This has to go over here so that it opens. Well, all right let’s try this out. I can realize how difficult
this must be to actually have these like screwed in
with a path made out for them. However, I think it would make
it a lot more fun to solve, if that were the case. Just because the pieces are
a little bit loose so it does feel a little bit clunky. But I am ejoying myself. I do think this is an interesting puzzle. I’m putting myself in a
bit of a predicament here. So that one’s like, so that
one is attached to this thing. Oh that’s cool. Okay. Interesting. Okay so now we maybe have
to solve this side here. Does this move? It does not. Oh this is one piece here? Okay. This piece here is like one piece. ♪(soothing music in background)♪ – Have you guys been
counting how many moves that took so far? Because I haven’t. Okay I think we’re getting close. We have to free up this piece here. This piece kind of moves this
way, but to get it over there, I’m going to have to free up quite a bit. Doesn’t work. Maybe this? This one piece here is kind
of like always in the way. We want to get it down
here, I’m pretty sure. So here, and now we can slide it there. There we go. Oh boom! That’s cool. What happens now? Is that it? Does this open? Create space to free the center
square and claim your prize. What’s my prize? Oh wait. I’m stuck there. What’s the prize? Oh, it comes out over here. Okay so we know that
some part of this opens. This front part here. This part is loose here. Create space to free the center square and claim your prize. Where’s the prize Daniel? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do from here. This part seems to be moving. I’ve unscrewed everything that I could. Maybe that’s part of
the puzzle is just for me to solve it now. I feel like it wants to open,
but something is stopping it. Something on the top here. Maybe there’s a magnet in here somewhere. (beeping sound) Did you guys hear that? Wow! Okay, so this is to clean
the acrylic if it gets dirty. And here we have another prize. Another deck of cards Daniel. Oh I love these. These are the black, the black
red wheels basically by DKNG. And Dan and Dave. Wow, so sick. So sick. The fact that this is electronic. Do you know what I mean? When I looked at this thing,
I was like, it’s cool. Kind of looks like a
toy, ya know, and then, I’m like, I’m stuck, and
I’m unscrewing everything. And I’m kind of going
nuts because I feel like there’s something rattling. And then I forget who
made this, the very guy who had made that other one
with the hydraulic electronic mechanism. Of course this is a key. That’s so cool! There’s a small metal
clip right there, and that gets fed into this
mechanical thing here. And then once this, I guess
the key is in here, the sensor. I guess once the sensor
is lined up with the logo, it clicks, and you can open the drawer. I’m actually blown away. I was scared for a second. I’m not going to lie. I was scared for a second
that like the puzzle. Like that was it, that it didn’t open, and I just shook it too much. Man, that’s good. That’s cool. So I mean Daniel’s selling
like three of these if you guys want to
get your hands on them. You can check them out. Honestly I still think these
should somehow be integrated into the wood. I feel like it would make the
solving process a lot cleaner. However it was fun. I did enjoy it. I do enjoy those types of puzzles. Not too hard. I think Daniel said a level five. I think the hardest part
to do was figuring out what to do after you get everything out and claim your prize. I got to say man, pleasantly
surprised once again. If you guys like this, check out Daniel. I think I linked Daniel’s
channel down below. Check him out. Last we had it up there, he
didn’t have any videos on there. Maybe he started producing
some, but you can check him out. Check out these boxes if you
want to grab one for yourself. Let me know below what
you thought of the puzzle. If you guys want to send me
puzzles also, My P.O. Box is in the description. Feel free to do so. And if you guys want to
check out any other puzzles, I linked Puzzle Master, where
I get most of my puzzles, down below. Guys, thanks for watching. And thank you Dan, once again. You mad mad, and we’ll
see you on the next video. Peace. ♪(soothing music playing)♪

  1. @Chris Ramsay !!!!!!
    Are u in the AT&T commercial
    sitting in back row of a plane
    Wearing a goofy palm tree hat

  2. Hey Chris. Found you a couple of days ago and absolutely loving your puzzle vids! Having Aspergers Syndrome (autistic related), i find watching you really helps calm my mind and gets it really ticking at the same time! Also checked out PuzzleMaster and going to buy some in the near future because of you. Keep up the great work! Also subbed and followed on Twitter 👍

  3. If you look at the shape of the black pieces, you can tell where and what the yellow space should look like to accept that black middle piece. Easier if your the observer tho

  4. Chris there's one extremely difficult puzzle that you haven't attempted to solve yet. It is the greatest puzzle ever in human history. It is the truth of our existence – birth, death, after life.

  5. 7:34
    move 1×1 left top 2×1 down top 2×1 right and then the 1×1 up and he would of had it 😂 it frustrated me so much

  6. Only problem with an electronic lock, eventually the batteries will die and you won't be able to open it, unless there's some system in it that will release the lock if the battery is about to die, but if it's spring loaded and the electronics is the only thing that can disengage the latch then it's a problem.

  7. Hey Chris, I love Daniel's puzzles so far and also liked how you used two different cameras here but the cuts cause so many continuity problems could only pay attention till half waypoint. please edit them in a continuous way. keep up the good work!

  8. Hey Chris! Maybe this could be a video idea. What determines the difficulty of a puzzle? How would someone know what to recommend or buy as a gift in terms of difficulty?

    Very interested in seeing a response and I enjoyed the content.


  9. I was screaming at my phone for you to put the green square on the symbol on the front 😂 it was the same size and I just knew 💀

  10. I think maybe making the blocks magnetic so they stick to the board would be a good idea? Or like Chris said, putting them on tracks. I don’t know what the rules said, but it seems like it would be easy to accidentally rotate a block by 90 degrees and not be able to solve it

  11. Your intro are too long makes me not want to watch sometimes not tryna be a ass. Its literally some constructive critcism

  12. Opinion on price?
    49.99, and that's being generous. It's a wood box with wood blocks with screws in them. It's cool, but man, that markup is killer. Also, pleas router and sand the bottom edges to reduce binding.

  13. When he moved onto the second slide maze thing it was bothering me so much cause he got sooooo close right off the bat

  14. 5:41 literally 4 steps away from solving it, and then he just started moving the blocks the wrong way…

    At that point it really messed with my head

  15. "This one price here is like always in the way"……I hate seeing a solution while I'm watching the video and just like….screaming the answer to myself and waiting for the Lord of puzzles to see it. Love your stuff man!

  16. If he uses complementary side slots similar to the old Toysmith TSM1956 Number slide puzzle, but then it made me realize then the simplicity is a deceptive trick into solving the second part with a quick reward once you get it…. Just like in this react video.

  17. I think it would drive me crazy trying to solve this while drunk and sliding the pieces properly, but regardless, awesome woodwork again by brother DAN! Also, I don't see the puzzle in the link or any puzzles for that matter.

  18. DANIEL SCOTT. ABSOLUTE LEGEND I watched the whiskey bottle one and immediately clicked the link to find him . Unfortunately it looks as if he had no YouTube channel. Please keep doing more from this guy bro I enjoy his puzzles and yeah man I wish to see MORE of this

  19. Not sure pimping the chassis is a good idea. Having the outside be rustic and a bit childlike leads the mind away from the idea that this is a puzzle made by a highly technical mind.

  20. when u can see the square and the square piece many many minutes before he even thinks about touching the two together…..

  21. I feel infuriated I wanna shout at him at 5:52 he can free the centre in like 9 move just rotating the small piece round but he spends like 5 minutes to figure that out there is no hidden sercert..

  22. as soon as i saw the square on the side and it said to remove the square from the top i'm like "it's gotta be a magnet"

  23. Ok. I've only discovered your channel in the last week or so and I'm so angry at you. I keep telling you what to try when you are solving puzzles and it almost seems like you aren't hearing me. Then when you solve it without my help I get so mad I watch to the end and click on another puzzle solving video instead of going to bed at nights. I'm getting so….. Hey a mind palace video. Gotta go.

  24. Daniel man your super creative with both of your puzzles. The electronics in them put them on a whole other level, very very cool.

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  26. Been watching in the shadows for awhile but awsome video. Very cool puzzle but needs to be shrunk down. A lot. Like a shit ton. For $100 ca. Or perfect that beautiful monstrosity and sell it for at least what the market will handle.

  27. Was the surface below the blocks covered with felt? It sounded like that to me. A smooth surface would make moving the blocks easier.

  28. I’d honestly love to see Chris and Dan meet. Like Chris trying to solve one of his puzzles in front of him. Seems like they could have a really chill bromance. Also, Dans work is unreal

  29. Yo this is FREAKING INSANELY creative! Artist. I almost feel the janky-ness of the blocks adds to the contrast of the advanced key/unlocking. It’s almost part of the puzzle because he is building your perspective along a certain path (just a janky wood box) so when it comes to the key, it is harder to switch your thinking to the electronic mechanism.

    Or I’m just tripping out in awe.

    Beautifully made

  30. I had a sliding puzzle as a kid, you can carve a slot in to the side of ever other piece and the other half of the pieces have a line that sticks out. They fit like puzzle pieces and slide smoothly if you polish them.

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