These Kids are the FUTURE of Magic!!

  1. Beautiful, Chris, once again! Congrats to all you youngsters, keep doing what you love it's amazing to watch!

  2. This is very amazing to see! So overwhelming and touching to the heart to know our legacies of magic will still live on through our upcoming generations. Keep up the magic kids!! You're the future!

  3. I stated doing magic and card tricks because of you, Chris Ramsay and Magic Murray. I wanna thank you for inspiring me, and also im 11 and started about… Like 20 Days ago and im pretty good… Welp i think im good myself but not good as these kids or you. But if i keep doing what i love i would learn more and more

  4. I think this is probably my favorite video on this channel I've seen. It's great to see young people actually passionate about something! It's very inspiring

  5. I absolutely love magic cause its sort of like a stress reliever just take the deck in your hand and do tricks and its sort of like another dimension to me where i can be in my own peace but something that bothers me is that for example i am performing magic or cardistry to some of my classmates but they cant appreciate it. like today i did a perfect giant fan and they`re like: Haha thats so easy you suck.

  6. See, I dont know who disliled this video, but you're wrong. These kids are insane and at blessed with a gift! Chris, tell them to keep it up!

  7. to ELLAS ARBUCLE 4:40 I loved the perfection of the brush you did, i clapped in my room, and i rewatched it and clapped again
    Keep it up boy

  8. I keep missing Magifest every year. I always know when Magic Live comes around but Magifest is closer to me too. Need to go to more conventions

  9. Check out my website, It has got everything you need to be a full pledged magician and a bit of mentalist rads too. Here

  10. Can’t say I can’t do the classic pass cuz my hands are small now… now all I can say is that I’m an unmotivated person

  11. Having been there myself and having sat with some of these kids at MagiFest, Chris is 100% right, these kids are phenomenal, and the future of magic is in incredible hands <3.

  12. Those kids are absolutely amazing. You can totally feel the vibe of passion these guys have for what they're doing and it gives you just an all around 'good feeling.' Keep it up guys; you're awesome.

  13. Really like it. Seeing those kids makes me think about my younger self… Damn, it's a passion. And wow! They are way ahead of me at that age. Pretty moving!

  14. I’m fourteen and was starting to be burned out on magic after 2 years of straight preforming but after seeing this I’m reinspired. I feel 12 again. Thanks so much Chris!

  15. It was amazing to see how many people love the art! I am also kid who is 14 and love to see ourlselves as the future of what we love.

  16. I found some waterproof playing cards called black diamond i thought they was cool heres the link if you wanna check them out

  17. Chris Ramsay, i have been doing magic since i was about 12, the first trick i did was the classic pick a card trick, and now im 17 and a lot of my tricks come from your videos or are variations of them, it helped me be a better speaker and make me more confident, and you make it always seem so easy, then help us continue it, for some magic is just a skill, but for me it is an escape. just wanted to say thank you for keeping the fuel coming.

  18. Great seeing kids doing something different to just playing video games and browsing internet. Refreshing and brings hope that not all's lost.

  19. Wow……
    All these kids are with great skills….

    I also want to be great as they are…. But for now…. I'm a small magician

    Sir.. please support me by seeing my videos in YouTube
    This is my channel link

    Please support me sir

  20. I could see any one of these kids becoming great. I'd be honored to learn from anyone who sees magic like these guys do.

  21. These kids are dope and I can see the passion in each of their eyes. I was a Foster kid abandoned at the age of 7. I felt like I never had a fair shot at anything. Until I met Kevin Curtain. I kept asking him to teach me magic every time I saw him doing a trick. Until one day he said "ok if you can learn this one trick I will teach you everything I know" He told me it would take 6 months to learn it. I came back in 2 months with that trick and one I created by mistake. I studied under him for 4 years. Unfortunately I got my hand caught in a gate back in 2008 and stop doing magic I felt like I could never do it again with my hand injury being that it is my right hand. My little cousin started doing magic a year ago and that lead to me trying to get back in it and work around my bum right hand. It is stories like these that inspire me. You all inspire me. I just want to say Thank you for your service to our great community. Never Give up, Never Give In! -Darcell

  22. love this man! Not as passionate about magic as you or these kids but always love a quality film and story. Look forward to seeing more of this on your channel!

  23. Thank you for showing me the value of learning this craft. My 13 year-old is obsessed with magic and I was not seeing any value on this but he made me watch this video and it changed my mind. For that I sincerely thank you 🙏

  24. I actually know Collin Otto, two summers ago we had a mutual friend who was moving away and he had a going away party at Collins house, he is amazing at magic and is very fun to watch perform, the funny thing is when I clicked on this video I thought to myself it would be so cool if Collin was a part of this but I doubt it and I about jumped out of my bed when he introduced himself😂😂

  25. It's cool seeing these kids taking magic so seriously and looks like they are capable of becoming great magicians.
    I started just a month ago and I'm 22 and it's still so inspiring seeing that passion and makes me want to keep going and not being left behind.

  26. I am a kid magician too .I like your channel because your tutorials are really good and special because the most people like how you do the lifts,fans etc.

  27. Awesome video, awesome kids. Definitely They will be the masters of the future! Everything it's about the passion for this beautiful art.

  28. I'm 14 years old and i have the craziest slight of hand in my family and my friends.
    My best friend is a mentalist and he's 13 years old

  29. Yo I started like 3 days ago… and honestly I’m really excited to get skills and all… Especially with Jesus on my side I will change worlds🤙🔥

  30. Bro i have to practice slieghts without my parents seeing. Cz they will burn my 4th deck if they caught me. N hats of to the parents who are supporting.

  31. Hey Chris I’ve been in cardistry/magic for about 5 months I learned 50k I do some tricks could you possibly make another fake card flourish?thank you for your time

  32. I love this video my brother ✌♥ So happy to see our art form so alive! I started magic as a young kid too and I can't wait to see what it becomes!

  33. 5:15 their parents supported them.not mine, my parent said cards is for gamble, not magic… And now they said im addictived to gambling :(((
    ps: i do magic and cardistry

  34. 3:50 it's the most adorable boy I've ever seen I hope he sticks to this kinda work and just gets bigger and bigger

  35. Thanks for putting this together Chris. I've been supporting my 12 year old sons passion for magic for just about a year. The magic community amazes me every time we connect with anyone. The willingness of everyone we have interacted with to take the time to support a young magician shows me how much good there is in the world. I can not wait to see what my son's journey and all of these passionate kids journeys take them. Hope to be at Magifest 2021!

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