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– [Ernie] Hi, everyone, I’m Ernie. I hope you’re ready. I’m gonna tell a story. It was called The Wizard and the Minion. (enchanted guitar music) Once upon a time, there
was a brother and sister. The two kids were sitting
on the porch looking at the nighttime sky with the sun shining. As a weird bird flew over it. (bird caws) When they saw the weird bird, the weird bird shot icicles from its eyes. The brother and sister
covered their heads. Then the girl took the
boot, threw it at the bird. The bird defeated the
shoe with a big icicle. It sliced through the shoe. The bird was angry and
shot a bunch of fire. (bird caws) Out of its mouth. When it landed on its iron claws, it said, good evening. And they said, yeah! And they ran into the house,
and the evil bird followed. When he looked out, he
turned into a sorcerer. His teeth were sharp as a crocodile’s. His hair was tentacles. He took an icicle and threw it. (swooshes)
(glass breaking) It hit the boy. Ow! (sirens) They took him to the hospital. And the doctor said, what happened? I was injured by an icicle of a weird crow that turned into a sorcerer. The doctor said, oh, oh. And then the girl said,
I don’t know who you are. And then he grabbed a
sword out of his pocket and threw it at her. And then she kicked him, wah. And then his face fell off,
revealing tentacle hair. I know I made the
disguise, said the wizard. – [Ernie] Yeah, and then
they said, call the police. The wizard said, bwahahahaha, and vanished in a puff of smoke. (sirens) The police said, where’s this wizard? And the first police said, I
think you got the wrong person. And he was the wizard. The brother and sister said, what? And the wizard said,
this is my last disguise. Your brother will turn into a minion. And he grabbed the brother
with his tentacle hair. (whip cracks) And then the brother was
thrown into his castle, (whistles) headfirst. (crash)
(glass breaks) Now, crawl into this cocoon. The brother was swept into a cocoon. He said, ick. Until his glasses have broke. (thump)
Fell to the ground. He grew bat wings. Then his legs turned into hooves. (horse gallops) And scorpion tail. (whip cracks) His eyes turned into eyes. He had teeth as long as steak knives. – No, the brother’s in trouble. – The sister’s okay. She stared at the wizard and said, what’d you do to my brother? Now he’s a minion. The brother looked out at his sister, and shot a bunch of laser
cannon balls at his sister from his hooves. – Because he was confused
which one to trust, the wizard or the sister. The wizard said, come my evil minion. Then the minion landed on
the ground and looked at his sister with his big black eyes. She said, brother, don’t listen to him. And then an icicle was shot
right into the brother’s belly by the wizard. The boy was so surprised
that he jumped up and smashed the wizard with his foot. – Yeah, but that doesn’t mean he died. – [Woman] Oh, okay. – The wizard said, what? And then the boy’s big claws
turned back into his hands. His glasses were fixed. He turned back into a boy, and said, you’re no longer the wizard. I know because I have my sister. No, no, no. And when they jumped
together and held hands, a big rainbow appeared. It shot down on the
wizard, and he said, no. No. The brother and sister
lived happily ever after. The end. That’s my story. I hope you liked it. (gong sounds) (gibberish) (laughs) (scream) – What is that? – A rotten egg. – It’s blood? (spits) – It’s coconut. (mumbles) – Yeah.

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