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I remember hearing stories about Witchers. Is it true what they say? Elves were the original sorcerers
of the continent. When humans and monsters arrived, elves taught the humans
how to turn chaos into magic. And then… the humans slaughtered them. Chaos is the most dangerous thing
in this world. But without control, chaos will kill you. So, that’s all life is to you? Monsters and money? It’s all it needs to be. Something out there waits for you. This child will be extraordinary. Yennefer, imagine the most powerful woman
in the world. Do you have what it takes? Nilfgaard are here. She’s why they came. You can’t outrun destiny
just because you’re terrified of it. It’s coming. Find Geralt of Rivia. I can’t do this without you. No matter what you choose, you’ll come out bloody.

  1. I've never seen such shit in my life, it’s so bad to choose actors for the series, terrible battle scenes, why do they wear armor if the witcher kills them with one blow? (If this person can even be called the witcher). And those people who write – the series is simply the best, it's so cool to watch. You just scum who did not even play the franchise of the game and most likely did not even read the book.


  3. Im glad I didn't see this trailer before I binged the show, wouldn't have been the same experience.

  4. Go back and watch the trailer of GOT season 1.
    Comparing both witcher don't have a chance , if you're looking for a battle . But thanks to the season 8🤢

  5. Why are all the minorities only black? Talking about diverse should be more minorities, but why only black? I swear no one in Hollywood is more represented than blacks in the minority department.

  6. I think the actresses playing Triss should be Renfri and Renfri should be Triss… I mean, it's ok if Triss doesn't have red hair, it's not so important… But at least get the characters according to their temper in the lore ! Emma Appleton should have been Triss, very bad choice and I wonder what was the criteria behind this choice it makes no sense !

  7. But TRISS Merigold!

    Triss plays a gypsy girl!

    Therefore, wafuu fans from such a vicious series, of course it’s a spit of neflix … and … and

    they did the film is fanatical – "a Half Century of Poetry" is called. because they could not stand

    the non-flashing thrash. For which all of them they thank and want to donate because the guys

    finally couldn’t have a lot of money, but they took it off!

  8. The only normal character to which there is no claim is Horse. Horse may turn out to be a repainted zebra. All for the sake of tolerance.

  9. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻jeeee kiiiiiiffffff la saison 2 elle est oú ?????????

  10. Pra quem não viu a série the witcher tem 8 ep e é melhor assiti aos poucos, porque a 2° temporada só será lançada no final do ano de 2020

  11. Almost finished the books and I think it was a big luck they got Henry Cavill. It’s a good serial. But the books are average for me. It isn’t game of thrones, lord of the rings or sergej lukianenko. Perhaps I’m gonna play the games afterwards. Thanks Henry Cavill for his performance and the producer making a serial out of these books.

  12. Gerald is magnificent. But l was slightly bothered by the dark dryad. Maybe these are dark elves, but living in the woods, perhaps that is why they are armed with crossbows rather than the famous elven bows.

  13. Watched the whole season in just a day! Now I need season 2 right now.. don't know what to do right now.. hahahaha

  14. Anyone wants to know how to watch free web series of Netflix without the membership comment me I will make a video on this 100% real

  15. I got really stuck with everything about Witcher after finishing season 1.
    Desperately waiting for season 2, I'm watching reactions, cracks, interviews, short clips, teasers, trailers, everything related.

    Guess I will buy all the books as well 😂

  16. At first I hated the whole casting and thought this thing would tank. It’s incredible just how much they proved me wrong.

  17. I made a pretty cool fan trailer for the witcher with a cool soundtrack if you guys wanna go support me and check that out it would be much appreciated if you like it drop a like if you don’t drop a fat dislike and a rude ass comment idc but at least go check that bitch out I think I did a pretty good job lmk what y’all think!

  18. जबरदस्त था । पहले पहले मज़ा नही आया बाद में मस्त था । विचर

  19. I didn't mind the unusual timelines but the only thing I wish they did better was the sword fight scenes after episode 1. The sword fight in ep.1 market was one of the best I have seen. For some reason the other episodes dropped off a bit to be more generic shaky camera cliche hollywood fights. Shame. Anyway, still a great series.

  20. Except that the true witcher should have two swords.. One made of steel (on humans) and the other made of silver (on monsters)..
    (Why the film industry ALWAYS had to do differently than in the game or the book?? :'( )

  21. They will hire you, wont pay you ….but in time they will join you in the gwent geralt…… time you will help them hunt monsters

  22. Netlfix is going too far by projecting animal suffering (fake or not the result is the same). Nope.

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