The Tarot and How To Use Tarot Cards – Teal Swan-

  1. OK OK! i had to pause about 60 seconds in and address something that you SHOULD have addressed right off the bat! Maybe start off by saying, "Yes, I understand I am in fact a freekin smoking hot babe! But please don't let this distract you. Yes i have gorgeous hair, amazing eyes and my lips are goddamned bonkers! But we have much to discuss so please pay attention!' Ok, I got that out of my system, sorry to interrupt. Please, continue.

  2. You cannot find the future in a crystal ball, but in the Spirits created by two balls. Thank you all mothers and fathers for filling in the universe, which is always been filling and will never be full.

  3. We'd rather look at tea leafs, cards or cosmic objects in search of understanding than to look inside of us.
    Plain silly, if you ask me.

  4. I was wander whar "spirit" is communicating with during reading, this was Me or Angel… thank you for this video, next time I'll ask Angels to help and advice about food is valid, thank you teal

  5. Another influence to Tarot is Norse myths. The Hanged Man can be seen as Odin at the World Tree gaining knowledge of a specific type of magic only women were allowed to do. He had to cut out one of his eyes to gain that knowledge.

  6. The future is a lie. I practice using the tarot to generate insight into aspects of how I'm dreaming..or insight into my co created dreams with others.. That's just me. Maybe others know things I don't know and can fortell future events. Teal is smart. I agree with her on many things..but not everything. I like that she challenges me and provokes thought.

  7. By all means Teal, in every video I ever listen of yours there is always something else and something new for me to learn. You would probably smile and think that I already knew it and I had the answers all along, and you would be right, but it is so good to hear it from you and to resonate with your teachings so much…There are many great tutoring videos everywhere, but yours said exactly what I needed to hear. This video helps with restoring confidence in oneself, technical lessons are great, but nothing will work without self confidence. Indeed, since I begun to read Tarots I am much more connected, focused and alert, my passion has begun to wake up and even chronic fatigue left, I would have done it sooner if only I had known this before. I am so grateful I listened to that message I was getting from my higher self and decided to click on to this video, thank you!!! Namaste

  8. I think only this …read the card not the person. Say it as it is, but with a sensibly for the listener. I only do one to one.

  9. The primary purpose of tarot is not divination. '' All these symbols of the Trumps ultimately exist in a region beyond reason'' TBOT

  10. Novice question alert. ….I am getting the impression that tarot decks are each it's own entity even within the same type ?

  11. You can drink a bit before some people open up a bit more it let's down the ego. It is good to clear yourself.I know a reader who takes spiritual baths and meditates a bit and connects with her deck. She seems to do well. She will have a beer or drink tea it doesn't seem to mess anything up. I think it's a personal choice.

  12. what if you don't have a God or angel to call in to protected you what else or who else can you call in if that makes sense

  13. Thank you Teal, this was very helpful knowledge & guidance that I can take forward with me now👍
    I was gifted the miniature version of the tarot cards to practice and have had these cards now for 3yrs I had stopped using them over a year now! I am ready to give them another go. Just 1 question, would I need the larger deck of cards or can I continue to use the smaller version if i wanted to help do a reading for a friend? I like the size and not yet ready to try another deck until I have learnt these all first.

    Thank you again Love Love Love. Rhys H. Partner Aura.

  14. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge. I really like your point of view and the fact that you see things from a broader perspective without falling into obsession or in idolatry like many others do. It is clear that you speak from experience. LOVE IT

  15. I tried downloading tarot app in my cellphone, when I was using it I realized my phone battery discharge faster than normal,maybe the spirits also has capacity to possess the mobile phone? Esp it has energy and wifi.

  16. I’m really an oracle deck fan.
    I’ve had some epic tarot readings.
    I recognize most of the decks in the pic of all the decks.

  17. My very modest knowledge of tarot comes solely from You Tube videos of tarot readers, but it still gives phenomenal results. I have no idea how to lay a spread, so while I shuffle, I tell my deck what kind of information I want to receive in the first row, what in the second row, in the third row, on the left, on the right, in the middle… And it shows up just like that. I never invite anyone to facilitate the reading, I speak to my deck directly and it responds.

    I agree we don't need tarot to see what is going on, but it kind of makes it super easy when you are too lazy to look at things deeper or you don't want to accept the reality in which case tarot provides confirmation about it.

    From what I have noticed, tarot is an energy that responds to our predominant emotional/thought energy at a given moment. The nature of this Universe is such that inanimate objects will respond to living energy, not vice versa. And to get these kind of information, you can literally use anything. Have a question? Ask it and open the first book you see, you will get your answer. It can also be a magazine or even a restaurant menu. All these things are at any given moment aligned with your energy, otherwise they wouldn't exist in your reality.

  18. I enjoy your teachings.please refrain from saying the word gypsy.I realize it is a well established word but it is an insult from those who probably don't squaw is an insult.thank you.roma or romany is appropriate.

  19. Love you Teal such a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for your services to humanity I for one appreciate it

  20. I just recently purchased 2 decks.. one more traditional tarot deck and an oracle deck.. the second I went to purchase online… my heart started pounding and I got soooo nervous.. so it’s funny that you said that 🙂 I hope this bring positive change to my life and I hope I don’t let fear get in my way

  21. Tarot is real and very accurate. I hav had soo many instances tht the predictions came true. Well i got to knw thngs in advance. The only thing is that the reader shud be experienced and genuine.

  22. Watch out, this woman is a fradulent and toxic person. Get as far away from her as you can. Look to more traditional sources and avoid people like this at all costs!

  23. Actually just like tarot is interpretation, this idea that eating a dead animal that "suffered" lowers your frequency. MIND BLOWING PART= Its that BELIEF, that idea in your head actually causing the lower vibration. Because your belief on meat eating has a negative association. Now if you were to change your perceptive, to lets say, Nature is Amoral. Killing and eating is a normal part of nature, we are a product of nature. There is nothing "wrong" about it. Then no more negative belief, hence no lower vibration. Now if we go into biochemistry and health benefits thats a whole other topic. But just like everything, our minds play a bigger role in things then we fully understand.

  24. I enjoy your videos so much. It's true. Oh and the cleansing yes so many different ways to cleanse energy and a person has to cleanse themselves..

  25. Lol I'm one who invokes the fear. I won't sugar coat. I love reading thank you so much for this video

  26. Tarot is real… The only problem is the reader shud be certified or experienced. I know soo many instances when the predictions made by tarot reader was soo accurate tht i now know for real that tarot is a divination tool to get guidance from universe. The predictions were not just small stuff something major. I am an educated person i wud not believe tarot had it been predictions going right for small issues. It was really sometng big not only for me but for many of my other ftnds too. Just tht i got d right reader. Problem is to find the right reader. Many readers if they are not intuitive they cannot read cards. Its a gift given to few. Genuine tarot readers excel this art. Look for d right reader before u go for tarot. Out of 1000 people who learn or practice tarot, only approx 100 excel this art, rest half of them quit midway, n the other few struggle to read cards…

  27. So should I go to a shop to pick up a tarot card deck or is it okay for me to order off of Amazon can I get the same feel of a kit tarot card deck calling to me?

  28. thank you so much for talking about this, there's no one better I'd rather want to explain this to me than you

  29. I like how it is perceived by the individual rather then the book of how to ,
    I think that doing it this way you develop your own abilities maybe later on you wont need to use such tools as tarot to ask questions and receive answers.

  30. I have turned to some tarot readers and got really wack readings. Even was told I was going to get a divorce. Today, still married and we are happy.

    Also, I have tried some readings myself and some gave some very negative answers. Nothing bad happened (thankfully).

    I still believe that there is something to tarot and oracle cards… but I take it all with a grain of salt.

  31. Absolutely wonderful guidance to receiving and providing information from Source itself in support of those seeking answers. I'm presently learning tarot in which I am strongly interested in specializing my psychic and spiritual abilities. I've been wanting to do this for decades and now I am finally free to pursue my dream of Tarot and sharpening my spiritual gifts. This is wonderful help thank you so much!

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