The Real Reason Tana & Jake Were Barely Speaking Ep. 2 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)

– Previously on MTV No Filter. – I could have prepared
for this moment but I wanted to
freestyle these vows. – He’s just the f***** worst. – Are you thinking that you’re
going to spend Christmas at Jake’s now that
you’re, like, married? – To me, the holidays
are about, like, what feels like family. – So like, Jake? – The only person who really
feels like family is Imari. – Tana, you ready? – Oh, Jordan! – Let’s go. – [Tana] Bro. – One of my favorite things
in all of life is basketball. (Tana coughing) I love the game. And Tana knows that. It’s like my one thing I do. – I don’t really know
how to play basketball. So I need, like, ground rules. Like, imagine you’re
teaching basketball to, like, a fifth grader. – First I want you to just
get used to holding the ball. – No, no, ball is life. I got you on that. – Well, ball’s not life until
you know what the ball is. – Balls are life. I’m 100% using basketball as
a way to manipulate Jordan into loving me more. (laughs) – Right here, that’s it. – You want me to do that? – Yeah, it’s really easy. – Okay man, you’re moving out. I need to keep you around. I’m going to f***** learn to
play basketball today. (laughs) (coughs) Hold on, my
tuberculosis is acting up. – Yeah, I hear it. (Tana coughing) – The last time I
remember not feeling sick with my cough was 2018. It’s literally hard to
like, talk or do anything ’cause I’m having
coughing attacks. I’m falling apart. – [Jordan] It’s my ball. – Okay, okay man. Ball is life, let’s go. – Run up on me.
– All right, now. – I’m game.
– Try to guard me. – What? – Try to guard me. – What is guarding? – [Jordan] Like,
don’t let me score. – [Tana] Oh, so
you take the ball. – Yeah. I would like to consider
myself an athlete. Yeah, I try. I would like to consider
Tana an athlete as well. I would like to. (Tana screaming) – Can you do that? You can hit the ball? (screams) – And I would
continue to like to. Would this help? – What? That would help immensely! Why didn’t we start there? (Tana screaming)
– Good! (Tana laughing)
Good! You missed the entire apparatus. – (coughs) Why is
this also killing me? My lung problems
are really starting to affect every
avenue of my life and it really sucks just
feeling like sh** all the time and not being able to breathe. I should not be 21 and
not able to play, like, a super casual
game of basketball without being out of breath. Dude, you’ve been playing
basketball so much more lately. – [Jordan] I know. I play
basketball one time a week. – [Tana] What about
one date a week? I want you to get out there.
– I’m talking– – [Tana] You’re young. – I’m talking to people. – To people?
– Like, I’m good. – Like, I’m so ready for
you to date, like, a smart, like, successful, like,
boss bitch, like– – I am too.
– Like, you know? I’m just ready for you
to, like, you know, take a step of moving on. – I’m ready. I am ready to move on. I don’t need help. I am recently single. I broke up with a
girl who I was dating for a year and a half
about four months ago. And maybe ready to mingle? I don’t really know. I think. (claps) I don’t like when
the ball is withheld from me. – Okay, man your ball is life. I’m so sorry my G. (laughs) – Okay, what about you? – [Tana] What about me? – Yeah, what’s going on? – I’m married, question mark? Jake and I still
haven’t decided to take the next step and
move in together which I know is really f******
weird because we’re married but we both have
houses and lives and moving in would just
be a lot for us right now. But on top of that, Jake and
I ended up really randomly stumbling across the
opportunity to shoot a TV show together. And now we’re about to
start shooting the pilot. It’s like, it’s crazy ’cause
it’s one of the biggest business opportunities
Jake and I have had. – I think that this show
is going to ultimately be an amazing opportunity for you
guys in both of your careers. I got to tell ya,
of all of the things that you’ve worked on
that I’ve been scared of, this is like one of the least. I am not scared of this at all. – That makes me feel good. And it is just, like,
it is such a dope show. It’s so easy, it’s so fun, it’s crazy.
– It’s really hard to f*** up. – Hopefully we don’t. – The pilot that she’s
working on with MTV, it’s a comedy clip
show hosted by Jake. I think the chemistry,
the relationship, and the fact that they
both want to do it together will turn out to be a
really, really good thing. I would be so cool if
you were good at this. Let’s go!
– Yo, I am. (laughs) – [Jordan] Do it again. (upbeat music) – [Tana] How’s your love life? – My love life? I’ve just
been hooking up with people but it’s, like, cuffing season so now things are, like, weird. – Dude, last year this
time Jordan was literally dating the dumbest,
dizziest bitch. (all laughing)
– Yeah, he was. – I’m almost scared to, like,
let him date on his own. Jordan is one of the
more responsible, morally correct, funny,
good guys I know. And I just feel like
he deserves someone who is equal to him, you know? I think we should set Jordan up on, like, a fire blind date. We have connections that,
he would never be able to be on a date with. Like, it’s going to require
us, like, almost pitching him. – I want to be there.
– It’s just my f****** mom. – [Imari] Oh my God. – [Ashly] That’s like the
first thing that came to mind. (all laughing) – I have a picture of your
mom sitting on Jordan’s lap in an SUV. (all laughing) – Wow, I love my new
stepdad. (laughs) He’d be the f******* worst. My friends have been joking
about my mom and Jordan (laughs) going on a date because my mom said that
she thought Jordan was hot. If it actually happened,
I would just be like no, no, no, no, no! – So then I was thinking,
we just go clout route. – Clout route, I like that. – Paris Hilton. – F***! – They’re both like,
“I like tequila!”. (all laughing) – But I don’t know
if I want to use my Paris Hilton–
– Token? – [Tana] Token on Jordan. – We can’t do that
to Ms. Hilton! If we’re going to use the token, I want the suite
in Beverly Hills! (all laughing) – Okay, so I feel like we have
a lot of options on board. Some he might like a
little more than others. Or, and you’re never
going to believe. I feel like this
needs a drum roll. – [Imari] (laughs) Okay. (dramatic music) I’m, like, nervous. – Riley Reid. (all laughing) – What? What? – Riley Reid, if you don’t know, is the world’s biggest
adult film star. I am sure you’ve ***** to her. Ashly hates porn so
she’s so uncomfortable. – I’ve never met
her so I don’t know. Love having sex
myself, just don’t love watching other people do it. And to have Jordan go on
a date with Riley Reid is just f****** weird to me. – You know I took Jordan with me to that adult film award show? He would literally
turn to me and be like, “She’s right there. “She’s right there.” Dude, she’s so f****** hot. She’s just like so confident. But she also is, this really
professional business woman. – I’m here for it. I’ve met Riley before
and she’s really smart, she’s really pretty,
she’s really nice, and those are honestly
great qualities that I feel like
Jordan needs in a girl. – We’re all in agreeance. We’re setting Jordan
on a blind date? With Riley Reid?
– Absolutely. – I think Jordan is definitely
going to be as shocked as Ashly, just maybe in
different ways. (chuckles) I guess I’m going
to go beg Riley Reid to go on a date
with f****** Jordan. – Like, all right,
to the vision board. – [Tana] We have a
lot of planning to do. (upbeat music) – [Natalie] Hey! – Hi, how are you? What’s up? – So I have a couple questions
from MTV for the pilot. – Okay. – So, first–
– Why am I nervous? (suspicious music) – Do you know anything
about wardrobe, and hair, and makeup? – I know I want
my makeup artist. Are they making
me wear something or is it, like, you
pick your own outfits? – You get to pick
your own outfit. – Oh, wow, that’s
nerve wreaking. I feel like I need
to go, like, study what I should wear on
national television. There are 1,000 moving parts
for this pilot with Jake. It’s intense as f***. Oh my God, the pressure’s on. – And then, should I
like, get a bag together? Like, what do you think
you’ll do after the pilot? – [Tana] Oh. – Do you think you
and Jake will go? – See, like, that’s so weird. Like, do you want to go on
a date with your husband after the pilot that
you’re shooting? Like, I feel like if anything, we would like, just go
to his house and chill or, like, film. So maybe, like,
sweatpants and sh**. Jake has dedicated
kind of his entire life right now to boxing. We haven’t been able to
spend as much time together as we normally were. So the show is really
cool in the way that I know I will at
least get to see Jake and spend time with
him doing that. – It’s crazy. I think this is going to
change everyone’s life. – I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out. I can’t even deal. Okay, anything else? – No. What? – You’re going to die. You’re going to die! So, we decided we want to
set Jordan up on a date with Riley Reid. – Stop! You’re crazy! You are crazy to him! Does he even know
that you’re, like, trying to set him up on a date? – [Tana] Should we call him? – Yeah, you should let him know. – Yeah, I guess that’s true. (phone ringing) – Hey, bud! – Hi. So, I’m doing something to you. For you. – I hate conversations
that start like that. – We’ve talked a
little bit about you getting out there
in the dating world, and I think that I want to
take a little of the pressure off of you. I’m going to set you
up on a blind date. – [Jordan] You’re not
going to tell me who it is before the date? – Blind date. I’m gifting you this. This isn’t like
you’re being tortured. If anything, she’s
being tortured. – Well I’m in. I’m excited. – And I’ll text you the address. Wow, I love planning
things for you. Roles reversed. So I’ll see you
tomorrow at 5:00. All right, bye
Jordan. (air kisses) (upbeat music) (people chattering) – My frame of mind
when going into dates is to have fun. Be confident, be
cool, be collected. It’s not a big deal. It’s just an
interview for the job of somebody you would spend
the rest of your life with. (funky music) – [Ashly] Hey, sir! – Hey, sir! – Why, why?
– Hi! – What do you mean, why? – You really thought we
weren’t going to come give you good graces? – So embarrassing. – Actually, could I
have a drink of that? I’m just so nervous. (laughs) You know, as much
as I trust Jordan, I don’t trust him enough to
leave him alone on a date with Riley Reid. Like, couldn’t you
just see Jordan, like, awkwardly sitting
across from Riley Reid and being like, “I love
your work”? (laughs) I got you these flowers. – I’m not going to give someone
flowers on a first date. I don’t even know if we’re–
– Or they were just chilling on the table for, like the
ambiance, I don’t know. They’re just there. I know her. You don’t know her. I know she would like them. Bye, Jordan. Good luck. Hope you enjoy the flowers. I’m so, so, so, so, so nervous. You all are about
to be so stoked. Those flowers are mic’ed up. – (laughs) You’re a psychopath. – [Ashly] Like, I
wanted to hear the date but I didn’t think we
were actually going to. – [Tana] I’m, like, ready. (dramatic music) – F***, f***. (saxophone playing) – Hi.
– Hey. – (giggles) Hello. – When I see Riley,
my first thought is, how did I not think of that? – [Riley] How are you? – Good, how are you? – Good! – Tana and Riley have
been friends for a
couple of years now and we’ve met on a
couple of occasions. So I thought it was funny
that I had known her and that I hadn’t thought
of her as an option. I was trying to
think of who it was for the past, like, three days. – Yeah, I know.
– That’s awesome. – Who did you think it was? – I made a list
of like 20 people and you were not on there.
– Okay, but was I, I wasn’t?
– You were not on it. Tana led by saying you
were really smart, so… – (laughs) Do I not come
up on your smart list? – Oh my God. I hate him. – I get it. It’s like, she **** ****,
and then she’s smart. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s exactly.
– Brain. – First, that’s the–
– Brain to brain. – First thing I
would think of, yeah. It’s great stuff. (dramatic music) – Is this, like,
the cocktail menu? – Yeah, maybe. – I would want a
f****** cocktail too if I was Riley Reid on a
f***** date with Jordan. – How old are you? – 20, no, I was
thinking about you. Oh my God, I’m 32. Sorry. (Riley laughing) You’re 28, right?
– I’m 28, yeah. – Okay. – How tall are you? How big is your d***? – Wow. (Riley laughing) Six feet tall. I don’t think I’ve
ever measured my d****. but, it’s good. It’s good to go. – Oh, he’s so nervous. Listening to Jordan
talk to Riley was like reading a middle
schooler’s text messages trying to hit on,
like, a high schooler. Like, just trying to
be as sexual as her like, “Yeah, how do you
like it?” (clears throat) Like, I’m getting a wrinkle
from cringing so hard. – So am I, my Botox
is like fizzling out of my face because of this. I feel like, it’s
like a car accident where you want to look
away but you can’t. – [Ashly] Yeah. – So maybe we should
just, we should just go. I can’t listen to Jordan, like, sexually flirt with
Riley Reid any longer. Like, this is making
me so uncomfy. I feel like he has it as
handled as he possibly can so I’m going to
go home. (laughs) – I saw Tana leave and I am
much more comfortable now. I’m relieved. I feel like I can
be much more myself. – So, like, did you actually
pick these flowers out? – Yes, I did. I actually really did. – They’re really
pretty, thank you. – Thank you so much for
saying that they’re pretty. Yeah, I picked them
out specifically. – I used to want to be a florist when I was younger.
– Really? – Yeah. – That’s awesome. Why didn’t you do it? – Other things.
– Porn. – I think I could still do
it when I’m old, a old lady, and I’m not selling my body. – You have so much time. – Oh my God, thank you. – Yeah.
(Riley laughing) How’d you get started? – In porn? – Yeah, like what happened? (Riley laughing)
Like, in your whole life? – I was always really,
like, sexually active. – Did people, like,
know you for that? Like, in high school? – If someone insults me, I turn it into comedy
a lot of times, so, like, I would
have not even cared. – You’d make fun of yourself before they could
make fun of you. – Yeah. – Riley surprised me and
is actually really kind, really sweet, and
has a lot more depth than anyone would think. So, I’m excited to
see how it play out. Riley’s great, and we’ll
probably hang out together. – Where are you from? – New York.
– Oh, really? You look like you’re
from New York. – Really?
– Yeah. – Oh my God, I didn’t know
there was a specific look. – Yeah, but it’s a good thing.
– Okay, good. – New York is sexy. (upbeat music) – So do you think Jake’s going
to come in here and see you before you start filming? – I don’t know. How am I looking on timing? – So they just told me
that they’re running ahead of schedule and
you have 25 minutes. – [Tana] Okay. – You were very on time. – Yeah, we should
definitely find out if that’s, like, a
thing that happens a lot in the future where
they’re running ahead of schedule
’cause that’s, like, something that
would then make me inadvertently late, right? I’ve been here for an hour and they already
moved up my call time. That sucks dick
for a girl like me. So now I’m not
sure if Jake and I are going to have time to talk. I’m hoping to just get a second before throwing
ourselves into the chaos. – [Megs] Did you hear them say Chief Kief and Joey
Fatone are on set? – [Tana] Oh my god, Chief
Kief is here right now? – Yeah. – No f******* way. I’m actually trying
not to die right now. – [Jake] So do
you manage me now? – Jake has such
a distinct voice. I hear it and my
ass**** clenches. I’m like, daddy’s
here. (chuckles) Hi. – Hi, you have to be ready
in five minutes, they said. Also, hi, wife. – [Tana] (giggles) Hi. – Hey, it’s 2:00PM. On the dot.
– I know. They told me to be ready by 2:45 and then they were
like, “Oh, just kidding, “we’re running
ahead of schedule.” and I was like–
– No, I’m saying it’s 2:00PM. We’re supposed to have a
huge announcement right now. – Oh, okay, that’s what
I’m thinking about. Wait, sit down. Wow, okay, go off. I’d say we just run it. – [Jake] Just right now? – [Tana] Which one do you
like more of these two? – I feel like you
should post that one and I should post that one. – Jake and I finally get the
time to sit down and talk, and of course the door is open, there’s a million people
coming in and out of the room, there’s cameras everywhere, there’s people everywhere, and the only thing we
really get to talk about is business that day, so. – It’s 2:04, we’re
already four minutes late. – I know (whines) – [Stage Manager] Jake,
we’re already on set. – Wait, so Jake do you want me to just text you–
– That’s fine. – See you out there, tiger. Yo, that was so constructive what he just did right there. I feel like this is just a
quintessential explanation of how everything
has been recently. All I want is like 10
minutes of, like, alone time and, like, I don’t even
get that some days. So, now we’re going
to shoot the show. Best of luck! Fingers crossed. (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – I’m so dead. – I was really proud with Tana how she did the entire day, I think she gave it her all. To be on for six straight hours
when there’s a camera on you judging every single thing
you say, it’s a lot of work. – I’ve never been
this tired in my life. How was your date
with Riley by the way? Did you kiss her? – What? – Oh my god, you kissed
her, I can just tell. I feel like you say
what when you’re lying. – I say what all the time.
– Oh my god, you’re lying. – Watch this, what? We texted after, for a while. (Tana gasping) That’s all you’ll ever know. Sorry. I’m going to hang
out with Riley again. I don’t know if it’s going to
be in a relationship capacity. Thank you for
hooking me up though. I really, seriously,
that was cool. Just the jealousy of
dating a porn star. I could not handle that. – Yo, today was a
really long day. – [Jordan] How do you feel? – I know that 16-year-old
me would be so stoked on it. It’s a television show. It’s an insane opportunity. I’m doing it with someone
that I, like, love. Like, it should just, like, textbook be awesome but
I’m just so miserable. All I can think about is just
why you shouldn’t do business with fucking people
that you, like, date. I don’t know. It definitely puts a lot
of strain on a relationship to have to make a 1,000
business decisions together every single day. And I know this is
definitely not what normal, newly married couples are
having to debate over 24/7. Being with Jake,
everything is one. Like, there’s no separation, there’s no definitive
lines between, like, friends, business, work. It’s all just,
like, this big mess. Shooting a show with
Jake, it’s so awesome, but it’s, like, this
would also be hell if we were fighting. Like my birthday party. That fight that was so bad. – This is probably the top
three most upsetting things that have ever happened
to me in my life. – Are you talking to me like
I wasn’t 100% honest with you? – Yes, you lied. – I didn’t.
– Yes, you did. I was holding it
in for the cameras. – Do you want to go
talk? Without cameras? I would love nothing more. – Okay. – Honey, pose. Now let’s go talk. That night, like, us
having to be like, okay, there’s cameras
everywhere, like, let’s be so happy. That was probably our
worst fight I think, because of that
built-up emotion, because of faking, like, happy. It just, like, sucks, I guess. One of the reasons
that I fell for Jake is because I f***** love doing this sh** with him, you know? It’s always still really hard
and weird mixing everything. I wish I wasn’t
doing it, you know? I guess, I don’t know. I don’t know. (giggles) Like, it’s just getting
harder and harder to balance Jake and
I,like, with our lives. But I really want Jake
and I to, like, succeed, and if, like, anything
were to ever happen badly, I would always want to be,
like, best friends, you know? – Wait, what? I didn’t know that
was your mindset. Nothing that I saw on set today would make me think that
there was an issue at all between Jake and Tana. But she kept talking
as if the relationship was about to end. And I was like, why
are you saying that? Like, where is
that coming from?” – I’m really going through it
today. It’s been a long day. My mind’s in a dark
place, for sure. – I think she is
nervous about the future and I think she is nervous
that something might change. – I don’t know. I don’t know.
(upbeat music) I just want to step out
of my life right now. – [Narrator] On the next
episode of MTV’s No Filter. – Does Tana Mongeau
have tuberca-twerk? The doctor literally
told her that she needs to get tested for tuberculosis. – I think the reason she’s
not going to the doctor is because she’s scared
of actually finding out that she has something. – That’s how people die. – I feel like Jake
has just been slowly transforming into
a different person. Like, I don’t even
f***** know you anymore. – Are you, like, thinking
about ending things with Jake? – I don’t ever want to be
someone’s, like, bitch, or like, doormat. I need to go up to Big
Bear and figure out what we’re going to
do once and for all.

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