The Queens Prison Escape Hello , Guys Welcome to my tutorial . In this tutorial I will teach you the queens prison escape magic trick Its very Interesting Magic Trick The three queens have theft some wealth from the kingdom So, the king commanded the jackal The jackal suggested to prison the three queens in three different jails The First queen locked in one jail The door is locked Second queen is prisoned in the another jail And the door is locked And now the third queen finally the door is locked Now , the three queens escaped from one jail See the magic The door opened One , Two , three three queens are escaped . No Extra card taken REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First take out all the three queens Now , no need of jackal and kings Put one queen in the second last play card Then , place the first queen The door is locked Then , the second queen . The door is locked This is how the three queens meet together And when the door is opened Escape You can scramble the cards from between the cat

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