I would’ve never hand-dialed
that dude in my life, never. -Yeah, we’re very
-I feel like there was too many to-dos. Yeah we’re very automated, so I don’t like, what I’ve learned is the more
you think, the less you do. So, if I can just come in and I can load my new list, send a dialer and just
dial the whole thing, I’m going to be good. But if I got to figure out who
on my new list I need to call, I might call two or three of them and neglect the other 50, so we’re very just robotic. Come in, every morning,
send your news to dialer, call all of them. My hots every Friday, anybody I haven’t talked to that’s hot, and I haven’t talked to
them in the last seven days, I’m calling them every Friday. Anybody whose nurture I
haven’t talked to in two weeks, I’m calling, you know, the
first and the fifteenth. Anybody I haven’t talked to in a month, load it in the dial. Just call everybody. When you get to the point, you’re trying to decide who to call, who are you going to call? You’re going to call the person who’s been in the system six years that you’ve never talked to or are you going to
call your frickin’ mom, who’s been in the system and
is never going to buy a house. Like people call the
easy ones all the time. They call the people they
know are going to answer. When you get to the
point you stop thinking about who to call and you just
get in the habit of calling and you call everybody, it’s powerful. I had, when we started
doing client events, I loaded my past client list up and all of a sudden a name popped up. I was in Mojo dialing and a name popped up and I was like shit, I haven’t talked to that
guy in like six years, like he’s going to be so mad, and like he’s going to
be such an ass to me, and he picks up the phone, I’m like “Don, what’s up? It’s
Kyle Whissel, how are you?” He’s like “Kyle I see you
everywhere, oh my gosh!” I was like, I was so scared to call, like I would have never
hand-dialed that dude in my life. Never. But because it loaded on the dialer, we were going to talk
and it actually turned into a great conversation
and it’ll turn into business. So the more you think, the less you do. Wait, wait. Before you leave, I want
to share some more tips and tricks that we’re
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