The Merry Wives of Windsor: ‘His wife’s love’ | Shakespeare’s Globe | Rent or Buy on Globe Player

Here he comes. Bless you, sir! Now, master Brook, you come to know what hath
passed between Ford’s wife and me? That, indeed, Sir John, is my business. Master Brook, I will not tell you a lie: I was at her house the hour she appointed me. And sped you, sir? Very ill-favoredly, Master Brook. How so, sir? Did she change her determination? No, Master Brook; but the peaking Cornuto
her husband, Master Brook, dwelling in a continual
‘larum of jealousy, comes me in the instant of our
encounter, after we had embraced, kissed, protested,
and, as it were, spoke the prologue of our comedy;
and at his heels a rabble of his companions, thither
provoked and instigated by his distemper, and,
forsooth, to search his house for his wife’s love. What, while you were there? While I was there.


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