The EASIEST Phone Magic Effect! – Queen Amy FINALLY Here!

– Obviously iPhone’s
here at the Apple Store have this cord on it. Try to do something. If I just shake. Now my phone is with the cord and I got Apple’s phone. What’s going on guys, my name is Alex Pandrea and welcome to Queen Amy. Queen Amy is one of my favorite phone effects ever. It is something you will carry around with you every single day because well you already carry your phone with you. It’s one of the easiest tricks that you’ll ever learn and there’s so many different routines that you can do with this effect, the possibilities are truly endless. So you’re probably
asking, what is Queen Amy? Queen Amy is an effect to where you have the lock screen on your phone change from one image to another. That’s it, it’s that simple. The wallpaper on your lock screen changes and you can do anything from simple ideas like making a playing card change to crazy mind reading effects to even doing insane transpos with the spectator’s phone. We included a bunch of routines in here and ways for you to customize your own routines as well. The first routine is a simple color change of a card. You show one card as your prediction, place it on the spectator’s hands or on the table or just shake it and the card changes
from one to the other. Super visual and we show you a few ways to do this routine. You don’t even have to touch the phone to do this effect. We have included everything that you need. Another card routine that’s one of my favorites that I’ve been doing is the Princess Card Trick. Now traditionally the Princess Card Trick was done by showing five cards and then one of them would vanish. In this version you show five cards on your wallpaper, you ask the spectator
to memorize one of them. Give them the phone to hold face up or place it on the table just for a second and then when you snap your fingers and look down at the phone their card has vanished from the wallpaper and it appears in one of your pockets. We’ve also included a really cool card forest where you show a bunch of cards on the wallpaper but there’s only one specific one that they can see, when you show the other spectator’s there’s a whole bunch of cards because the image changes. So you’re forcing that one card and then you can go into
any routine from there. Speaking of mind reading and messing with people’s minds there’s a very cool routine where you show a blurry word that they can’t read on the wallpaper. With just a wave that word becomes visible and now they can read it. So it’s perfect for making somebody not be able to read or taking away their sense of sight or even just forcing the word. So if you’re into mentalism you’ll love this ESP effect. You show one spectator your wallpaper with a bunch of ESP symbols on there and then you turn the phone
to the rest of the audience showing them the wallpaper and tell them that you’re going to
make that first spectator forget one of the ESP symbols. And sure enough when you ask the first person to name all the symbols they will indeed forget the one that you made them forget. And these are just a few routines that are included with the explanation. This comes with everything
you need to perform but I think the true value lies in the customization of this effect. You can literally do
anything with this effect. Once you know how to build it yourself you’ll be making your own effects and coming up with ideas right away. So sit back, relax and enjoy Queen Amy. How are you? – [Spectator] I’m good. – Very good.
– Yeah. – Okay, I’m going to try to do something a little bit weird. Now I made a prediction but I’m not going to show you it just yet. First you’re going to take one of these cards. So, I need one finger
just like that, yeah. Touch the back of one card. Just touch, yep. Take it out. And you show the camera but don’t show me. Okay, very important. – Okay.
– Good, you happy? – I’m happy.
– In general. – I’m super happy.
– Very good. And happy with the card as well, right? – Hm mmm.
– Good, so look. If I do this now I don’t know exactly where it is but I know it’s
somewhere in the center. I have a prediction and I put it on my phone. And I think it’s seven of hearts. Did I get it?
– No. – No. Okay, not the seven of hearts, all right. Let me try something. Look, if I do this, see
I was going to predict the seven of hearts.
– Oh my God. – But look, tell me what your card was. What was it? – Queen of spades. – Queen of spades yeah? – Oh my gosh! – See, but wait, if the card changes here that means my prediction now should have changed. Take a look. Turn it over. – Oh my God! How you can do that?! Oh my God.
– Weird. – Think I love it. – Okay, so I want to talk about Queen Amy with you guys for a second. What you saw was kind of like the trailer of everything but I want to take you through each of the effects one by one and sort of
talk you through it. Now one thing that I do want to point out that I think is super important because we are in a public platform here I do not want anybody
commenting down below on possible methods or
how they think it’s done. This is really not the place for it. So if you do enjoy this go ahead pick it up from That would mean a lot
to me. It supports me. I’ve been working on this effect for a long time and with the help of my good friend Beau Cremer we came up with these routines. So we did put a lot of work into it but also respect the fact that we don’t want a bunch of methods in the comments. That just ruins the fun for everybody. And trust me, even if you think you know the method, yes the method is simple, and maybe you know, maybe you know half of it but trust me we put a lot of work into every single little detail so you’re going to want
the full explanation so you know the ins and outs. It comes with everything needed to start right away. Now let’s talk about some of the effects that you can do with it. Now the first one is the most simple one, the most straight forward one is the color change of card. When you think to do an effect you always think the first thing is a card change, a card revelation, and even though it’s not the best to do and it’s not as powerful as some of the other ones that you can do I certainly think it has merit if you do it right. Now there’s a bunch of different ways to do this simple one card change. One idea is literally to force a card, show the wallpaper and as your prediction and say, oh, I got it
wrong and then change it. Okay, without doing much there’s an effect right there. Another thing that you
can do is do a transpo. Let’s say you show the seven as your prediction on the wallpaper, place it face down in the spectator’s hand or on the table, then you show the queen in the one hand, use a double lift or top change or any switch to change
to queen to a seven and then when you turn over the phone the queen is now in the phone so a transpo took place. So one of the effects I like on here is the Princess Card Trick. Now if you don’t know
the Princess Card Trick do go look it up. It’s a very powerful effect but the only problem is it lacks an ending in many cases. You show the five cards, one of them disappears, your card disappears, so what I’ve added to this and you’ll see in the explanation is that you get to pull out the card, produce it from one of your pockets. Okay, this is a very interesting one depending on how you present it. So the idea is you make somebody not be able to read a word or have them lose their sense of sight. Basically what we include is a way to show a blurry word that you cannot read and then while shaking or while asking the spectator, this is called to blink
their eyes really fast, the change happens and
it’s very interesting. And it looks so good. It fools when you do
it in front your face. I think one of the coolest things is the one that I did at the Apple Store where it’s a transpo of two phones. Now this I did to a few people, fooled them and fooled them really hard by a very sneaky way of doing this and I teach it in the video. Where you take a spectator’s phone, you take your phone, ideally they have to be the same phone, the same model phone, and literally they switch places from across the room, from in between your hands from putting it in your pocket and having his in his pocket and they switch places. Very cool and if you take the time to do this right this could be one of the strongest things you
do with this principle. I did it in the Apple Store where I took their phone and my phone, switched places and it think that fooled a lot of people, even the people that are watching in the Apple Store, watching me film, it was pretty nuts. I also think the dual reality concept is interesting where you have one spectator on one side, the other spectator or
a bunch of spectators on the other side and
basically what happens is what you show one spectator is different than what
you show the others. Now you use this to
your advantage by having them see something that
they others don’t, right? So think about what you can do with that. Or you can force an
object that’s not there. In the instance of the ESP symbol they’ll forget one of the them that’s there because a spectator sees five and this one only sees four. With the card forest, they see the only one card that’s there but then when you show the rest of the spectators a whole bunch of cards are there so you can
force a card very easily. Basically anything that you want one spectator to see that you don’t want the others to see you can do. Instant stooging is a great example. So I do appreciate you
watching this video, taking the time and interest in my work. I’ve put so many things online for free for you guys here and this is something that I’ve worked a lot on so I am putting it for sale. It’s only 15 bux right now on for the holidays. So this will be available to purchase on on Black Friday 2018. So if you’re watching this and it is past Black Friday well you can go ahead, check the link below and purchase it right away. And besides all of that I just want to say thank you once again for myself, from Beau and just thank you for your constant support. So we will see you very
soon on the next video. Peace. (rock music)

  1. This is the THIRD TIME UPLOADING THIS VIDEO UGHH!! Anywayyyy lol…THANKS for watching and please remember – no method guessing in the comments – they are most likely all wrong anyway 🙂 – Effect available in a few hours (hopefully) on The Blue Crown! Yayyy

  2. Very nice! Will definitely get this. working in IT full time, I have contemplated creating some coding for effects with phones. Congrats Alex! Im “Geeked” for this 😂😂😂🤓🤓🤓

  3. You said for the transpo of the 2 iPhones they have to have the same model phone, I have a iPhone 7 Plus does this mean the spectator must have a 7plus as well? Or can they have any other iPhone???

  4. Well done. Really nice trick. I support you fully. Your ideas are ingenious. The problem is that I have an android but I truly love your work

  5. This isn't really related to this video, but I had a question about cards. So I have had this deck of Theory 11 Monarchs for about a week using them for a few hours each day, and now they have this sweaty feeling and are getting blocky. And what is most strange is that they have expanded and are difficult to fit into their tuck case. I was wondering if this is the typical life expectancy of cards, or if this is due to humidity. I am upset that a $11 deck lasted such a short amount of time, thoughts?

  6. Loved the effect! I'm not a magician, just a fan but I think magic is never about knowing about the method, but instead the details on what makes the magic most enjoyable to do and see. Gonna buy it to support! Keep up the great work!

  7. So when it’s only for iPhone, I think we get a secret link to the apple Appstore (or something else with an install instruction). Is your App available/usable in Germany anyway?

  8. Is Queen Amy the app Shin Lim used to win AGT? Because if it was, he must have installed it on the spectators phone. When he performed the trick I was surprised he didn't have to unlock the phone to open the camera…but if it was an iPhone you can just swipe it. Dunno. Bloody magicians.

  9. ونعم يا الكس بن بندريا معرب الجدي او مانقلز الجدين لنك تتكلم انجليزي

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