Hi, I’m Abdullah and i design games. Over the past couple of years.. we’ve been working hard on this exciting new card game.. it’s called “THE CRINIMALS” Yup..
CRI – NI – MALS The game is about 4 Crinimals who turn against each other after a heist.. aiming to get the whole loot alone. And this is how it works: The for anonymous players take turns
trying to expose four connected pieces of evidence against each other either by connecting an evidence card NEXT to another.. or by changing the color of the evidence
(by putting it on TOP of it) To manipulate the game flow.. There are action cards.. where you can swap identities.. swap hands.. skip turns.. draw extra cards.. and swap the cards on the table.. Once a 4-card-connection of one color is established.. the player with
that color is exposed and sent to jail. But that is not the end for them. They
can always be bailed out and rejoin the game.. by playing the “YOU WISH” card OR by striking a deal with another player.. and bring them back to the game.. To win.. you have to send all the players to jail.. or FINISH all your cards and run away with the loot. THE CRINIMALS is a game of strategy
alliances and betrayal nothing is unexpected no one is safe. The game is easy to learn, super fun and family-friendly. But we gotta warn you,
it’s pretty addictive. Please back our campaign, be the first to receive it and enjoy playing it. Thank you very much!

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