The Card Shark Revealed :العاب خفة الشرح DMC’s card trick ENG Sub

Hi everyone I Hope you’re doing great So Today we’re going to explain DMC’s card trick First I will show it to you and then we will go back to explain it Welcome back So let’s Reveal this trick It’s a very powerful and an amazing card trick It can be done everywhere You just need to prepare two special cards Double sided cards And put them on top of the deck Now we’re ready to do the trick Like you saw in the video you start by showing the cards to the spectator Then asked him to choose one card For example this one Then you sign it or whatever After that he made the spectator think that he put the card in the middle of the deck But he’s actually doing a break under the first card Then he pushes the cards After that he put the card on the second position And made another break under the two cards After that he shows the both cards and so the card of the spectator is back in the top of the deck Then when he tells the spectator to examine the card He makes a break under the first card He puts the chosen card here And he takes both cards He puts the top card in the middle And he shows to the spectator that the card is back on top of the deck In The second time .he did the same thing That’s the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it If so don’t forget to Like the video , Leave a comment and share it if you want And don’t forget to subscribe and visit our channel for more tricks


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