what do you see just now? its alive! but only the wings is fluttering, not yet can fly but the wing is open this wide and it appear on this card As a magician I love to perform magic but there is one type of magic that really fascinates me It’s a creation of life Life is very unique same as and deck of cards Every card is different Since I’m here alone and you were there, I want camera to say stop, cameraman to say stop at any card I’m gonna do like that just to make it unique I’m gonna sign it Right there I’m gonna put 17 right there and im gonna put it right there. now, I’m gonna pick one more card in the deck One more card I know because of this is unique, this is definitely not gonna Not gonna be same as that card see It’s a nine of clubs So right now I’m gonna use this to create a life as you all know this is water and life comes from a water so back to the magic So I want you to pick one card inside you say STOP just so, we end up at the random card Simply this one this one. Okay, so i want you to sign the card JOE.. you gonna sign your name on the card your name.. close your hand up So i gonna be important, just hold that card.. i looks flat for now watch… its alive, now I’m gonna catch it and throw it onto your card im gonna blow on this, and its gone! its gone from my card to yours! It looks flat enough for now, it looks flat for now , watch. Okay, one two It’s gone now Remember you pick that card, That’s life. Take a look at your card now.. i show it to you, so I’m gonna bring this to life watch one two I will try to do like that.. This So your card just now.. You feel that the butterfly is gone.. goes to this side of the card & then I’m gonna give it to you WATER creates LIFE

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