Tarot for Beginners: How I Use Tarot Cards for Self Discovery & Guidance

Hey guys! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today I’m talking about tarot for beginners. If you’ve ever been curious about tarot cards
and how to use them, I’m going to show you how I use tarot cards
for self discovery and guidance. With this video, I’m kickstarting a new mini-series
on fun self discovery tools. We’re going to start with tarot, and then I want to talk about astrology, and then MBTI. These are just topics that I thought were
really fun to bring up. They’re things that I’ve been into for a while now but I just haven’t found the right occasion
to talk about it on my channel. But you guys have asked questions about them,
so here is the series. If you listen to the Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast, you know that recently I interviewed
Brigit Esselmont of BiddyTarot.com. Biddy Tarot is the #1 tarot site (I believe) online, and I learned so much about tarot from her:
what it is, how to use it – and if you want more in-depth information
coming from a reliable source, I would listen to that podcast episode, because I am still a beginner at tarot. So I’m just gonna share what I know. Basically, for me, tarot is a fun tool to
get in touch with my intuition. It has nothing to do with telling the future
or anything like that. It really is just a tool to tap into your inner voice, to help guide you to where you should focus on next, the things you should be aware of. What you can see is: The cards are so subjective. It’s so relative and it all depends on how you interpret the cards for yourself
and your own situation. First things first: You’re going to need a tarot deck. This one that I have is called The Fountain Tarot. I got it on Amazon. In choosing a tarot deck, you want to choose
a deck that speaks to you, something that calls out to you in some way. For me, I just browsed a bunch of
different popular decks. There’s some traditional ones,
there’s some newer, modern ones. And there’s minimalist ones,
there’s artsy, meticulous ones. So I just chose this one because
the art really stood out to me. It’s so my style. It’s very pretty, dreamy. It’s modern but it’s not too minimal. It’s pastel-y, watercolor-y. I just really liked it and I actually bought it the night before I did my podcast interview
with Biddy Tarot because I was so excited to get my own tarot deck. Bottom line is: You want to pick a deck
that you’re drawn to, and don’t overthink it. I’m going to first go over the steps I take
when I’m doing a tarot reading for myself. And then later, I’m going to share different
spreads you can do with your tarot cards because it could be as simple as a
one-card spread for the day, to a 12-card spread – a lot of different layouts. So don’t worry about the spreads right now. I’m just going to go through the steps. Step 1) You want to center yourself. Relax, clear your mind, then set an intention
for your tarot card reading. Ways you can do this is: You can meditate, and then do your tarot card reading. Or you could simply take a few deep breaths. I like to take three deep breaths to calm myself and then focus on the intention for my reading, whether I’m asking a question or whether I just
want some guidance for my day. You kind of ask it in your mind. I guess you want to think of it as getting
yourself in that zone where you are tapping into your intuition, tapping into your soul or the universe,
something spiritual, something outside, beyond yourself. Step 2) While you’re holding onto that intention,
shuffle your cards. You can shuffle these cards as you would any
other deck of cards, I believe. Usually I just shuffle it like this. Or sometimes I’ll scramble it on the table
and just mix it around just so I make sure that things are
both right side up and upside down – and you’ll see why that’s important later. Step 3) Pick a card
(or cards if you’re doing a multiple-card spread). Typically I just do a simple one-card spread for the day, and so I just pick one card and look at it. Step 4) Look at your card and see if
you get any immediate, intuitive feelings about your card. If you’re more experienced in tarot, you’ll immediately know what this card is about just based on name and the image. But if you’re a beginner, don’t worry. Just look at the image and just see if
anything comes to mind. And I like to have a notebook where I jot down thoughts or feelings that come up once I pick up this card. Step 5) – this is where I’m going into
my personal experience – I will go to the Fountain Tarot little booklet
that comes with the deck, and I will turn to the page with the card and just read the little excerpt that
they have on that card. And then I will continue to jot whatever sticks out, whether it’s a word or a phrase or just some feelings or thoughts that come out of this reading. Pay attention to whether your card was upright
or reversed when you picked it, because when it’s upright, it holds the
general meaning of the card. But when it’s reversed, it kind of is the
reverse of the meaning. I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically: Reversed means that you have
some work to do in this area. It’s not necessarily a negative connotation, but there is a difference between an
upright card vs. a reversed card. Don’t worry – the next step will help you clarify it further. If you don’t have a booklet that
comes with your tarot deck, you would just skip directly to
Step 6) Look up the meaning of that card on Google. Normally, I just type in the name of the card and Biddy Tarot will be the first website that comes up. So I usually like to read the Biddy Tarot description. And they do a great job of describing
what it means when it’s upright, what it means when it’s reversed or upside down. And I feel like that description is very thorough, enough for me to read through it and then I will continue to jot down notes in my journal. As you’re reading the descriptions,
whether it’s in the pamphlet or online, try to decipher the meaning of that card
that’s applicable to your life. Try to see what this card is trying to tell you, because there could be one card, sharing one lesson, but that lesson will apply to different people
in different ways. So it really is very personal, very intuitive, and this is where your intuition comes in because you will have thoughts come up naturally, which I consider your intuitive impulses. And those are the things you want to capture because they’re clues to where you should go, clues to what you should focus on. Eventually, after doing this for a while, you’re going to start to learn all the different
cards and all their meanings. But in general, with tarot, there are major
arcana cards and minor arcana cards. When you pull a major arcana card out, that lesson generally refers to a bigger picture
lesson in your life as a whole. It’s kind of like a bigger theme in your life. And when you pull out a minor arcana card, that usually refers to a smaller theme or
project or goal in your life. It’s more micro and detailed, where the major
arcana cards are more macro, big picture. That can also help you figure out what
these cards are trying to tell you. If you’re a note-taker and you really want to learn tarot, it can help you to just jot down all of the
different cards in your notes and then write 2-3 keywords per card. And once you read the story behind each card, that might help give you more understanding
of the meaning and the lesson behind the card,
because each card holds a story. Anyway, that’s how I’ve been learning to do
tarot readings for myself for the past six months or so,
and I’ve really been enjoying it. I’m not doing it every single day, but whenever I feel lost or need some guidance,
I like to come to my cards. And I also have this book by Brigit Esselmont. She sent me this book,
so this is the Biddy Tarot, tarot book. And in here, there are more elaborate spreads on tarot. I’m not sponsored by Biddy Tarot,
but I love her website so much. It’s such a great resource, so I have to share it. But there are just more spreads that
I’ve learned from this book. But there are actually tons of tarot spreads
that you could find online. I’ll link some down below. I feel like there’s so much information out
there that you just Google it, look it up, and you’ll be able to find what you need. But I hope that this is a good start for you. Alright, so let me move on to some ideas for
spreads that you can start out with. We already talked about the one-card spread. That is pulling one card for your day and
it just kind of guides your day: What do you need today? Another simple spread to do is the three-card spread where the card represents past, present, and future. You pull out three cards in order for past, present, future, and this can help you evaluate any life experience
you’re going through. Maybe you want to see the order of how you’re growing. Maybe get a clue for where you’ve been,
where you are, and where you’re headed. You see how these are so open-ended? You can apply this to any area of your life. Another spread that I like to do sometimes
is the decision-making spread. If you’re having trouble deciding between two options, maybe three or four options,
then you can pull a card for each option, and whatever the card represents is
kind of what will happen or what you’ll have to deal with or
focus on if you choose that option – I hope that makes sense. It’s a way to give you more clarity on how it would feel to go in these different directions of your decisions. I try not to do these spreads too often because
I’m an indecisive person. I don’t want to rely on the cards or anything. I want to learn how to make decisions for myself. If you’re really in a sticky situation,
then this could be helpful. Another spread you can do is the monthly tarot spread. This one is good to do at the beginning of the year, but you can really do it any time of the year. Basically, you just pick one card per month of the year. You lay it all out and then when you flip them over that card kind of guides you with a theme
for each month of the year. This is actually something that I’ve done
many years ago. I didn’t exactly do it with tarot cards. I did it with oracle cards which are similar
but different. But anyway, when I did this for two years
– 2014 and 2015 – it was just really interesting how
my months aligned with what the cards said my month would be about. It was just really strange, so I think it’s a fun exercise. The last spread I’ll share today is the Goals tarot spread. This is one that I just came up with on my own. I’m sure it might be online too, but I just thought of this when I was
mapping out my goals for the year. Just look back at the goals that you’ve set for 2019, or you could look at your goals for the month
or for the quarter. Whatever it is, what you do is: You pick a card for each goal that you set for yourself. And this is really cool because the card will reveal what you need to focus on or maybe the story
of you pursuing that goal. It might give you a clue to something
that might help you. Maybe you pick a card that tells you you have
to work really hard at this goal. Or maybe you pick a card that tells you to
focus on surrendering and letting go. Each card has a different meaning and it’s really cool to see how that can
apply to your goals. So have fun with that one. Alright, so as I mentioned, I will link more spread ideas down below,
whatever I can find. I’m sure you can go on Pinterest
and type in “tarot spreads” and find a bunch of resources. But good luck, have fun with tarot. Let me know if you have any questions down below. And again, make sure you listen to that
podcast with Biddy Tarot, because I cannot explain it as well as she does. But I feel like, after six months of doing tarot for myself, I’m at a pretty good place to be able to
explain it to other people. So that’s why I waited this long to do this video. But anyway, love you guys so much and
I will see you in the next video where I will talk about astrology. Alright, bye!

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