Target Gift Card Deals

Hi. I’m Sam with Grocery Coupon Network and
I want to talk to you today about how to get free gift cards from Target. Now Target will have deals occasionally where,
if you buy something, like two of something or four of something or certain brands, you’ll
get a $5.00 gift card or any amount really. These are all $5.00 gift cards. So that’s
a great way to save some money, have a gift card. You can roll them just like you do with
Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks. The most recent gift card deal that I got was
a Unilever deal at Target for these Q-tips. The deal was to buy four Unilever products
to get a $5.00 gift card. Now it included Q-tips, Vaseline, TRESemme, Dove, a couple
other things, but I really needed Q-tips and I was waiting for a stock up deal like this
to come along. So the Q-tips at my store were on sale for
$2.69 apiece for the 375-count and I had taken coupons for $0.60 off one Q-tip product that
I found on the Unilever website, but when I got to the store, I was pleasantly surprised
to find $0.75 off one peelies on the boxes. So I had took four. I got four boxes, so I
had four peelies and I used those and I ended up paying, after you factor in the $5.00 gift
card, under $3.00 for these four boxes of coupons, so less than $0.76 apiece, which
is a really great deal. Another deal that Target had recently was
for Aveeno and it was if you bought two, you got a $5.00 gift card. So these are the Aveeno
baby lotions. I have two kids and this is actually my preferred sunscreen for them.
So these were on sale for $7.07 at my store, which is kind of an odd number, but it might
have been 6.99 at a regular store and since I’m in Chicago, it’s usually a few cents more.
So 7.07 puts us around $14.00. There was a $2.00 coupon in the inserts awhile back and
there’s a $1.00 printable from Target. So basically, I used two $2.00 coupons, two
$1.00 coupons, so that was a savings of $6.00, so that brought us down to around $8.00 and
the gift card was for $5.00. So that makes the total cost around $3.00 for these two
sunscreens that usually cost at least $7.00 apiece. I was really happy to find that deal. Nivea had a deal at the same time where, if
you bought three products, you got a $5.00 gift card and it included these little tins,
which, at my store were under $1.00. They were close to $1.00 and they range from around
$0.87 up to $1.00. So in total, these three items cost just over $5.00. Now one of the requirements with the gift
card deals at Target is you have to spend more than the value of the gift card to prompt
the gift card at the register. So this ended up being like $5.00 and some change and then
I got the $5.00 gift card back, so I basically got these three items for almost free. So Target gift cards are a really great way
to kind of save some money, have some extra money towards your grocery budget or whatever
or to buy another product that you’re going to receive a gift card on and reduce your
out of pocket spending. So these are some of the recent Target deals that have gift
cards. Be on the lookout for more. We’ll always include them in our Target matchups on Grocery
Coupon Network and it’s a great way to save money.

  1. When you earn those gift cards, can you use them right there and then at the register on your items? Or do you have to wait until your next visit to use them?

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